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message 1: by Nan (new)

Nan (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments I'm not sure what we are suppose to do with these type of book.
This book is obviously a paperback but it has an ASIN attached to it, but as far as I know ASINs are attached to only kindle editions.
I have an ISBN no. for the paperback version of this book, 067153615X and when I searched it on GR, the ISBN was being used for another book.
And when I searched that ISBN on Amazon this popped up,
I'm really not sure how to resolve this, please help!

message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7029 comments Remove the ASIN from the book, ASIN's are only for Kindles and Audiable editions.

You could add a note to the book indicating the ISBN is being re used on another book

message 3: by Nan (new)

Nan (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments Thanks Paula!

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