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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Book written in the child's perspective re: her Asian family living in California, the daughter (I believe) asked why her mom was the only person on the street that would sweep her front porch, talked about feng shui, traditional meals, etc.

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message 1: by Lily (new)

Lily | 4 comments We were required to read this book in Elementary or Middle School and little things about it always stayed in my mind. I really enjoyed reading it and I'd like to re-read it and have a copy at home for my kids to read. What's in the topic is mainly all I remember about it except for one part where they sit down to eat a meal and she picks a crab, or something of that sort, that is missing a leg and someone tells her it'll bring bad luck to her in the coming year. I believe it was their new year meal. I really wish I could remember more but I hope so bad someone knows what book that is.

message 2: by Kaylee (new)

Kaylee Griswold | 3 comments Is It just the mom and daughter living in their home or is another person living there?

message 3: by Lily (new)

Lily | 4 comments Kaylee wrote: "Is It just the mom and daughter living in their home or is another person living there?"

I cant remember...I know family comes over, like during the new years dinner, but they did mainly talk about the mom and daughter.

message 4: by Cynthia (last edited Nov 07, 2014 05:10PM) (new)

Cynthia | 186 comments The Year of the Rat by Grace Lin The Year of the Rat It sounds sort of like this series. I only read a few chapters of it when I was in middle school and it seems sort of similar.

Link to the series: https://www.goodreads.com/series/1385...

message 5: by Lily (new)

Lily | 4 comments I read the reviews for The Year of the Dog & The Year of the Rat and most of them dont sound like the book I read but I'll look for them and read them to make sure. Thank you.

message 6: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4873 comments How many year ago did you read this?
Time period story takes place?
Anything about the cover?
Was the tone funny, serious, reflective, etc?
Part of a series?

message 7: by Wailana (new)

Wailana | 12 comments Is it perhaps Starfisher, by Laurence Yep? It sounds similar to something he might write...I don't have it on hand to check the setting, though.

message 8: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
The Star Fisher for Wailana's click.

message 9: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia | 186 comments Maybe something by Lensey Namioka??? I remember reading a short story of hers that was similar.

message 10: by Arielle (new)

Arielle Masters | 252 comments bumping - Lily, have you found the right one?

message 12: by Emily (new)

Emily Maybe it's Kira-Kira? Sorry I don't know how to link.

message 13: by Kris (last edited Jun 11, 2017 06:33AM) (new)

Kris | 33315 comments Mod
Emily, here's the link -- Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata

If you're on the full desktop site, click "add book/author" just above the Comment box. A popup will open, you search by Book title or Author, then click "Add" to insert a link.

If you're on the mobile site or mobile app, the "add..." link doesn't appear. One option is to go to the book's page, copy the URL/web address, then paste it into the Comment box.

message 14: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 37757 comments Mod
Lily, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 15: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 16151 comments Could also be something by Yoshiko Uchida.

message 16: by Lily (new)

Lily | 4 comments Definitely not Kira Kira since that takes place in Iowa and Georgia.
The Joy Luck Club may be it but I have no recollection of the moms playing mahjong. I feel like I would remember that.
The Year of the Rat is definitely not it.
The search continues.

message 18: by Ky (new)

Ky | 126 comments Child of the Owl is about a daughter, a father, and a grandmother, no mother though, and nobody sweeps or eats crab.

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