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Home Room for Year 3 Students

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Aden McCloud walked through the hall holding hands with his girlfriend, Persephone. He had his bag on his shoulder, and his head was high as he walked past first years. They looked timid, poor little things, Aden smirked, he could make their lives so much more difficult by filling their heads with lies and legends. Instead though he redirected his attention to Phe, she was looking extra hot that day, and he could barely restrain himself from kissing her. His da and mum didn't know that they were dating yet though, so he didn't exactly want to risk getting sent to the office for PDA just yet. Aden opened the door to Home room for Phe and entered behind her, there were a few students already in their seats. An older woman was behind the desk engrossed in a novel of some sort. Heh, well it looked like it would be an easy year so far. "Where do you want to sit?" He asked Phe.

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Phe walked down the hallways with him and looked around at the other students. She wanted to tell them all that it was going to be okay, and make them feel better about the new school that they were in. But then again, nah, she'd rather just hang out with Aden, and go to home room like a normal person. Normal. She smiled at Aden and pushed aside just a bit of hair that was in her face. She walked through the door and into the room with him, "Back here," she said, dragging him to the back of the room by his hand. She picked two seats in the back center of the room and sat down "Babe wanna know what I've been wondering?? What musical we're doing this year. I'm thinking Footloose. But I don't know what mrs. Lee will pick. So maybe if I suggest footloose to her she'll let us, because I really want to play Ariel. I think I am kind of the Ariel of our town, ya know?" She asked, not even considering that her boyfriend didn't know much about musical theater. She was just leaning against his arm, stroking the side of his hand with her thumb.

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