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message 1: by Feliks, Moderator (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
Karl, I see you're reading 'The Dossier of Solar Pons'.

You're first on the hot seat, Karl. Tell us about it.

What made you choose this work?

What's it about?

Are you enjoying it?

What are you getting out of it?

Who wrote it?

Would you read more from this author?

message 2: by Feliks, Moderator (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
Hello Ka-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r-r-l

Come in, Karl.

Paging Karl.

message 3: by Karl (new)

Karl Øen | 8 comments Sorry for beeing so late in answering this nice request.

I chose the book (The Dossier of Solar Pons) due to my life-long interest in Sherlock Holmes ( Oh yes, I'm one of those...). The Solar Pons books are a series of stories by the american horror and science fiction writer August Derleth. The series is closely modeled on Doyle's work and started when Derleth asked Doyle's permission to use the Sherlock Holmes caracther. Luckily for Derleth, Doyle declined the request and Derleth went on to write some sixty-odd stories about the famous sleuth, Solar Pons, of 7 Praed Street, London, where he cohabits with his friend and collegue, Dr. Lyndon Parker. The titles of the stories tend to be takes on Doyle's originals (, like The Tottenham Werewolf to match The Sussex Vampire). The Solar Pons series was later expanded further by stories of a British writer, aptly named Basil Copper - and The Dossier of Solar Pons is one of Copper's outings. While Derleth's stories tend to be short, Copper's stories are longer, and so on and so on.

Why do I read this book? There is a regular Sherlock Holmes-pastiche-industry out there ("The marked is flooded with cheap fiction."), most of it rather bad. The Solar Pons series are written ( long ago, I'll admit) with a certain reverence for Doyle's work as well a a flair that I find lacking in the hum-drum industrial Holmes-pastische. So I will probably read another Pons book, if I can lay my hands on one. They are scarce in Norway....

message 4: by Feliks, Moderator (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
Yay Karl! Great answer!

I admit I was well-familiar with August Derleth when I asked you to sit in the hot-seat. I had hoped I would get a meaty report just as you have given us. Good job!

August Derleth was a weir-r-r-r-r-d character. He wasn't just a Holmes imitator. He was heavily into ghost stories, paganism, and the occult. And numerous other topics. What do you think of all that?

message 5: by Doubledf99.99 (new)

Doubledf99.99 | 123 comments I learned something new here today, will have to look into a Derleth or Copper book.

message 6: by Karl (new)

Karl Øen | 8 comments Felix: I have read some of Derleth's Cthulhu-stories, but not very many, and one collection of Pons-stories. I'm looking for more of them, but they are hard to come by. I know I can get them on eBay, but that somehow takes the thrill out of the search, and I prefer garagesales and secondhand shops to the keyboard.

message 7: by Feliks, Moderator (last edited Feb 20, 2015 09:19AM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
I take a less dim view than Karl of Holmes fan-fiction. There may be a glut of workmanlike pastiches out there lately but when Nick Meyer released his novel 'Seven Per Cent Solution'--and then directed the accompanying movie of the same name--it struck like a thunderbolt. Really grand.

The Solar Pons stories have always been well-regarded; in one episode Pons and his aide actually confront Holmes/Watson --and in others, both Raffles and Lupin! This is brilliant.

message 8: by Karl (new)

Karl Øen | 8 comments I quite agree about Nicholas Meyer, and although his second and third attempts are not as good as his first.

message 9: by Karl (new)

Karl Øen | 8 comments Note to self: Never post comments on Goodreads while riding a bus...

message 10: by Feliks, Moderator (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
Time to select the next group-member for the hot seat..h'mmm

message 11: by Steven (new)

Steven (stevenwsjohnson) Espionage, you bastards! How dare you lure me to a discussion on ... on... Pah!

message 12: by Feliks, Moderator (last edited Jan 25, 2015 07:31PM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 727 comments Mod
I gotta resume with this group feature. Its a good one.

Steve, these gaslight crime stories are an early form of international intrigue tales later developed by Buchan and Ambler. No need to sniff! :p

message 13: by Dax (new)

Dax | 1 comments Also there is Necropolis by the same author epub.

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