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message 1: by Ernest (new)

Ernest | 15 comments I recently finished reading The Awakening by Bevan McGuiness which I borrowed from Cambridge Library. I happened to flick to the cover page and noticed it was signed by the author, who I understand is a local Perth author.

I was just curious whether the library had any specific goals/aims to have books by Perth/WA authors or whether this was just a happy coincidence?

message 2: by Darren (new)

Darren Ellis | 24 comments Mod
Hi Ernest, what did you think of the Awakening? I would like to give it a read myself at some stage!

We do aim to collect and make available books by local authors and set aside funds each year for this cause. We think it is important to provide not only a range of material but also material by local (Perth/WA) authors. These books often have local significance and can help promote the art of writing locally. We do not have every single book by a local author, though we do try to assess most of the ones available.

Thanks for your question!

message 3: by Ernest (new)

Ernest | 15 comments I thought it was a very solid book – nothing spectacular and while a more concise book might have also worked, it is a very reasonable read. See my full review at

It is really good to hear about funds being set aside for local authors - kudos to Cambridge Library for this!

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