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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Ushe | 65 comments Mod
1. What page are you in your book?
2. What are some things you find interesting about your book?
3. What are some things you dislike about your book?
4. How much will you and your group read this week (i.e. how many chapters)?

message 2: by arsemaa (new)

arsemaa | 5 comments We are on page 133 and we are on track with our goals. It's interesting to learn about the process of making the atomic bomb because I never knew that it took so long of a process and so much manpower. I dislike how the chapters are so lengthy. We will read 19 more pages this week.

message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Sedgwick | 5 comments I am currently on page 132 of "Bomb". I think that the construction of the atomic bomb was very interesting to read about, it took a lot of man-power to help construct it. I dislike that the chapters are so lengthy, so its difficult to stop in the middle of the chapter because so much might be going on. I'll will try to read 19 pages more this week.

message 4: by Abby :P (new)

Abby :P Vázquez | 6 comments I'm on page 133. It's interesting that so many people were involved in the Manhatten Project were they tried to make the bomb like Neil Bohr who i found out also had Bohrium named after! Even though I like people there are so many in this story it gets confusing and its like who's the protaghonist again? I also dont like that i couldnt take it on the plane with me when i was traveling because its called bomb. We will read 19 pages.

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