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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Bailey | 3 comments Hi everyone
I'm new to this group so if I'm posting in the wrong place please let me know!

We have a monthly book club and we're trying to come up with suggestions for festive reads for our December meeting. I have looked on the 'shelves' and in a few discussions but the majority of the books recommended are romancey chick lit types. Those that aren't don't seem to be available in all formats.

So, I was hoping you well-read people might be able to recommend some Christmas novels that are available in paperback/kindle/googleplay etc and that might appeal to all types. I'm not saying that Romance is totally out, but other options would be great.

So far, we have two to choose from
The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote

Any suggestions are appreciated - and thanks in advance.

message 4: by Louise (new)

Louise we did The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey a few years ago.
still talked about and enjoyed by nearly everyone.

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma Bailey | 3 comments Thank you! I'll have a look at both of those.

message 6: by Linda (last edited Nov 07, 2014 02:50PM) (new)

Linda Dobinson (baspoet) | 500 comments Well I'm a chick lit fan so I recommend 'I heart Christmas' by Lindsey Kelk - it was the first novel by her that I read, now I have read them all!

message 7: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Don't think you'll find The Snowman is very festive. It's a great read but it is brutal and very bloody scandi crime.

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma Bailey | 3 comments I've read I heart Christmas. Lovely book.

We went for The Snow Child. Looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

message 9: by Donna (new)

Donna | 8 comments The Office Party
Carole Matthews

Loved it you won't be disappointed.


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