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Virginia Woolf: A Writer's Life
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message 1: by Phill (new) - added it

Phill | 271 comments Hi,

This book is missing a cover. can you work your magic to add the attached cover to goodreads please.

Virginia Woolf: A Writers Life by Lyndall Gordon
Oxford, paperpack, 1986 pp341.
ISBN: 0192819070

message 2: by Bea (new)

Bea I was unsure of the source for the cover you requested. I found this ISBN on Amazon, an accepted site, but the cover is slightly different. It also lists the pages as 352, not 341. Worldcat lists the pages as 342.

Perhaps another librarian will look at this and correct what I have done.

message 3: by Phill (new) - added it

Phill | 271 comments The cover was scanned from my edition of the book. So ideally you should create a new edition with this cover.


message 4: by Phill (new) - added it

Phill | 271 comments The current edition is an Oxford university, USA edition. My edition (with the scanned cover), is the Oxford University UK edition. So that should be incorporated in the new edition.

message 5: by Bea (last edited Nov 07, 2014 05:50AM) (new)

Bea OK. Thanks for clarifying for me. Will correct my changes.


message 6: by Phill (new) - added it

Phill | 271 comments Thanks.

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