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message 1: by Andréa (new)

Andréa (fernandie) | 152 comments I was able to create a book, Скільки? / How Many? (a bilingual Ukrainian/English book), and the edits show up in my Librarian Edits, but the book isn't showing up on the site. It should be at, but when I click through to it from my Librarian Edits page, I get the following error:
page unavailable

An unexpected error occurred. We will investigate this problem as soon as possible — please check back soon!

Any idea why this might be happening? I thought it might be because the title has Cyrillic characters, but other titles with Cyrillic characters are working fine.

message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Sounds like a bug. Try pposting in the feedback group if it doesn't resolve itself by tomorrow.

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43545 comments Mod
Not sure what the issue was, but it appears to have resolved itself.

message 4: by Andréa (new)

Andréa (fernandie) | 152 comments Strange! Thanks. I'm glad it resolved itself, and I'm glad the issue wasn't due to a mistake on my part or a problem with Cyrillic characters.

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