King Tomb (Forever Evermore, #3) King Tomb question

Did anyone see Antonio and Cahal Happening?
Amara Rivera Amara Nov 06, 2014 08:16PM
I honestly was so caught off guard by this, but i admit they are cute. lol. i can't wait for the next book!

No ..... i never saw that one. But i think its nice and in truth we probably should have seen how they reacted to each other. Take for instance when Lily and Ezra went to find their prodigies and Antonio got that massive vision; remember it was Cahal who was with him. Cahal was always in-tune with Antonio as well, so in truth we should have picked it up. Now that the books is completed we can see that all of what we saw with them was a relationship shining through. So NICE!!!

Nope nope Not in a million years lol, but I do love it. I'd love to hear more about their past. Could probably write a whole book just based on their love story.


I so did not see that coming. I loved that I didn't see coming thought, b/c I love to be mind blown. All I thought from previous conversations from them that they were old friends, which they were obviously b/c that was said at some point I believe and since they are both elders. But in this book when Lily told Antonio to dance with Cahal for their deal, and too when he was going up to Cahal to do it, he looked nervous and I thought it was b/c Cahal might deck him for such riduculous. lol

But laughed when that whole scene enfolded with them seriously dancing together. Though I seriously wanna know what Antonio said to the woman Cahal was talking to before. But them in bed together. AHHHHHHHHH! I loved that whole scene. I seriously wish we could get like a short novella with them. I feel when I find gay couple as side characters in books like these and maybe YA too that I end up liking them too much, but we only get short stuff on them.

But Cahal and Antonio was probably like my favorite thing in the book, with them dancing to being in bed to Lily and Ezra catching them to the car talk. Ooooooohhhh! Love it!

i was shocked too but when i was looking into some parts of the previous books i started noticing that are several hints about it. they always had a extra tension between each other. and when in king cave, Antonio, Merrick, Jacobs and Cahal see Lily discuss with Ezra, Lily realize that Cahal has experience in this kind of situation when she realizes his pain and also Merrick comments with Cahal that he should have appreciate his discrition.

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