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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
This is where I will be posting updates on new releases, as they are released or prior to them being released.
First up will be a book released today, the first in a trilogy of epic clown horror, edited by Alex Johnson and John Ledger.
This book is packed full of brilliant authors with their own unique spins on clowns in horror.
For my tale, 'Under A Clown Moon', after subduing things and taking the visceral elements down a notch or ten in my dark love story in Autumn Burning, I have ramped up the grindhouse ultra violent elements in clownish technicolor.
It's a little bit Dusk Til Dawn, a little bit Rob Zomie-esque, a little bit Laymon and a whole lot of clowns.
Check it out.

It's time to meet the Mangler and a whole clown car full of other evil, sick, twisted, demented grease-painted lunatics.
The Floppy Shoes Apocalypse is upon us...


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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Out now. Seven new pieces from the author of Plebs. There is a whole lot of gruesome death and violence inflicted within this collection of macabre tales, but the majority of it contains one common element. Weapons and tools are not utilised here, bloody havoc is caused, with tooth and claw.

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
The teeming terrors are here, ready to swarm and invade! You have been warned...
http://smarturl.it/teemingterrorsTeeming Terrors

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Axes of Evil II is now available. Get in there and bang your head! Or you might lose it...
http://smarturl.it/AxesofEvil2Axes of Evil II: Rise of the Metal Gods

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Serial killers, strippers, perverted priests, cannibals, nature gone insane, demons, freaks of all kinds, both human and otherwise. This is a place where horrors are extreme and often ultraviolent, a place where sex is not taboo.
These are bedtime stories for the depraved; tales with every reason to be rejected for content.
Rejected For Content 2: Aberrant Menagerie

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