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If there are any books That start with an N-Z you can talk about them here. As well as these books that I easily thought of. All books N-Z are welcome here.

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Kageyama Tobio (kageyamatobio) Hmm. There's alot of N-Z books to talk about considering most books began with "The..."

So... I'm about to read The Selection (eventually).
Doesn't seem very interesting...seems like another "Matched" to me (which I didn't like) and it seems all clique...

The Maze Runner- <4 this book.
4 the rest of the series... >.> #sorrynotsorry

(don't you hate when people ask you a question and all of a sudden your mind blanks out...)

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The Selection is a MUST READ!

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yes. yes i hate it.

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Kageyama Tobio (kageyamatobio) I'll read it... Eventually
*looks away*

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Amara the Adorable (starfirespark1) | 675 comments Mod
i love The Selection its really good read Matched too

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Kageyama Tobio (kageyamatobio) You know...
I despised didn't like The Selection..


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