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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon) Hi everyone!

As an author, blogger and book & social media I was wondering what YOUR favorite book promoting tool us love to use to get books noticed?

Well one of my favorite and fun communities, and is a must for all my author clients I represent is having a beautiful Author/Book page at ...

They have a huge following of authors, writers, bloggers and readers! And, it's Global. You can meet readers looking for new reads from around the world. I had a reader from Brazil find my book there and bought my book. I get great results for my clients too!

And to make it fun & FREE to come make your page, use my Invite link and come get more exposure for what ever you do.

Would love to know what you think about my page?

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

message 2: by Jim (last edited Nov 07, 2014 05:02PM) (new)

Jim Vuksic Most reference books and literary periodicals agree that utilization of a combination of time-tested/proven promotional methods is the most effective strategy. They include:

Website - dedicated to a particular book and its author.

Author Appearances at literary festivals/conventions, book clubs, and book stores prepared to deliver a well-rehearsed presentation with book signing pen in-hand.

Push cards, business cards, and thank-you cards, custom designed to promote a specific book and its author.

Literary Websites - Active partipation in as many discussion groups and threads as is practical; not just those dedicated to self-promotion.

Timely followup on all leads provided by a marketing rep., publicist, and/or agent.

Press Releases - Specifically designed to address the unique tastes and preferences of each targeted audience.

message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon) Well Jim,

Your absolutely right on all points! And there are a few more that could be added to your list. But my favorite of yours is "target your audience" of genre specific readers.

Since my book is about gambling addiction an alcohol abuse, living with mental health challenges, and a trauma & abuse survivor, I have a wide readership to target in many areas. Sometimes authors don't take that approach. Not every book is going to be appropriate for all readers.

message 4: by Darin (last edited Nov 24, 2014 11:39AM) (new)

Darin Preston (sequence77) | 16 comments I also agree with Jim on this. In addition, I've had success with facebook. No, I don't pay them for likes, but what I did do was personally contact some of my facebook friends and let them know how much I depend on word of mouth to advertise my book, asking them to each personally contact a few friends to help be part of the book's growth. I've found that when you do this with a personal touch, that there is a ripple effect that is much greater than if you just splash your book information up on your homepage.

message 5: by Amber (new)

Amber (unchangeling) | 39 comments Catherine wrote: "Hi everyone!

Well one of my favorite and fun communities,..."

When I went to the site, even the About section didn't say what the site is about, it just prompts for sign up.

Where can I find out more about it and how it works?

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon)

Hello Amber,
You can click on my Invite Link and get a free page for yourself. It is a global community of people that use a page to show their brand, or what they do.

I have 2 pages, one to showcase my Recovery Blog and the work I do to help others, and also my Book & Media promoting I do for new authors and their books.

I also use my Author Bio as my "About Me" page on my blog too! You'll love seeing all who come compliment your page and they share it through social media. You can even link your blog or website to your page, and each new post will automatically be shared on your page! ENJOY!

Author, Catherine Lyon :-)

message 7: by MaryLee (new)

MaryLee Robinson, Author, The Widow or Widower Next Door (maryleerobinsonauthor) | 3 comments The Widow or Widower Next Door 25 Widows & Widowers Answer 25 Questions about Losing a Mate by MaryLee Robinson

As a newbie author, I'm intrigued by your comments. I've developed a pretty substantial FB following, but they aren't buying much. I'll tweak my efforts, add some others and keep moving forward. Thanks for the tips.

message 8: by Keair (new)

Keair Snyder | 1 comments Catherine wrote: "

Hello Amber,
You can click on my Invite Link and get a free page for yourself. It is a global community of people that use a page to s..."

Hello, Catherine. I saw your posts about and I made a page of my own. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to best utilize the site. Thanks so much.

message 9: by Sever (last edited Dec 10, 2014 11:20AM) (new)

Sever Bronny (severbronny) Hmm, book promotion is a tricky thing. Here are the methods that have worked for some writers, including myself (though mind you I have not tried all of them yet):

- Bookbub ad (you have to apply to get in, and it can be pricey, but has been known to work)

- Netgalley review services (very pricey, and it's just to garner industry reviews, but it too has been known to work for certain authors)

- Google Adwords (you have to really know what you're doing to make this one work though, or hire someone who does)

- Blog tours

- In-person events (book signings, forums, etc.)

- ACX Audiobook (pricey but has been known to give consistent returns)

- Post on your blog consistently (I still struggle with this one) and with quality content

- Do a Goodreads book giveaway (mine is here, for example: ) With almost zero promotion, my book has garnered 177 requests in one week.

- Rafflecopter promos (you have to be clever with these, but they're amazing for getting author signups and stuff).

- Have a webpage with all your social media links at the top (check out mine for an example - - Notice how easy it is to connect? People are lazy, so make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you on their favored platform.)

- Kindle Select adverts (you get two promotions per three month signup. These are the best possible promos you can do, from what I hear.)

- Whatever you do, DO NOT PAY FOR FACEBOOK LIKES. There's already plenty of evidence out there indicating the likes come from places like India or other click-farms, and they actually reduce your exposure to your true followers because those fake likes do not actually pay attention to your page post-liking it.

- Having a KILLER blurb and cover. If yours isn't amazing, start with this first, immediately. Post the blurb and cover in critique forums (like kboards / goodreads, etc). Take a whoopin', make it better, THEN promote.


Honestly, interacting with people works best, from my experience at least. Being interested in their lives and what they're up to is key. You ever go to a party and there's that one guy who just talks about himself? It gets tedious really quick. Communication is a two-way street, and the more you ask about the other person the better off you'll be.

How do I know this? I used to have a music career, selling digital music all over the world. The fans that I interacted with honestly were the ones that were the most interested, and oddly enough, they were the ones that went out of their way to help me succeed. Some of them have now begun following my author career even.

Yes, it can be tiring sometimes, but people are actually interesting, if you take the time to listen to them. Too many authors (and especially musicians) make it about themselves, and it just gets in the way of their success.

Anyway, this is just my two cents, but if anyone reading has any more questions, feel free to message me or whatever :)

message 10: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Brown | 24 comments Your advice was worth a bit more than 2 cents. Thanks for sharing.

message 11: by Sever (new)

Sever Bronny (severbronny) My pleasure, S.J. And thanks ;)

message 12: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon) Hello Sever,

WOW! Thanks for your awesome share of ideas and advice. Many listed is to what I do and use. Your are SO right about a blog to interact and engage with your readers, and to post at LEAST one or twice a week is what I recommend to my book promoting authors I work for.

I use a Mail Signature along with a page that has all my Social Media sites, and the list is long, but many connect with me. I do use Twitter as I have all 100% Organic Followers!! Like you said, DON'T pay for FB followers, same goes for Twitter.

Part of building trust with your book promoting clients is them seeing you engage, talk, and interact with REAL PEOPLE who may by their book and help find their readership.
A couple others I enjoy are:
And I'm currently building a Book & Social Media Tips to help Authors promote their books on my Book & Social Media blog http://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wo...

I also recommend as The Best Blog/Web Hosting Site too. I just love them. They make blogging easy.
Thank you again for all who have helped SHARE what works for your book & social media promoting.

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of "Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions" :-)

message 13: by Sever (new)

Sever Bronny (severbronny) My pleasure, Catherine! :)

And yes, totally agreed about wordpress--I use it too :)

message 14: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon) Great Choice!!
Happy Holidays!

message 15: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Brown | 24 comments I am a member of a blogging group. This takes some of the pressure off and gives the followers a variety of voices.

message 16: by Sever (new)

Sever Bronny (severbronny) Some of what I preached seems to be working :)
My book hit the Amazon bestseller list in three subgenres:

message 17: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Townsend-Lyon (authorcatherine-townsend_lyon) Big Congrats!! That is awesome. *Catherine*

message 18: by Sever (new)

Sever Bronny (severbronny) Thank you, Catherine :)
It happened about five years ahead of schedule, so it's a bit of a surprise. Doing a bit of scrambling over here ;)

message 19: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany Shand (tiffanyshand) | 3 comments Join me for an exciting launch party celebrating my debut novel Denai Touch and have a chance to win some goodies

message 20: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 785 comments I didn't know this thread existed. Making a note to check out some of the whites recommended and listed above.

message 21: by Jason (new)

Jason Chapman | 25 comments do be honest the best tool tp promote your book is you. We all rely on social network to get the word out about our books. However I am planning to attend a few book fairs this year including the Hay Festival which is huge in the UK. I'll be giving out free book marks and engaging people. Social networking isn't cracked up to what its meant to be.

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