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I know this has nothing to do with the book, but which one do you prefer, A movie tie-in or the original cover?
Chaca Chaca Nov 06, 2014 06:52PM
Movie tie-in or original cover?

Original cover. Nothing annoys me more when they change it to the people in the movie.

Original cover

While movie covers can be cool visually, I prefer original covers -- they usually give you the freedom (responsibility) to imagine the characters yourself. Example, even though the copy I read was original cover, by the time I read "Twilight" I already couldn't *not* picture Kristen Stewart in the Bella/narrator role because the movie and updated-cover versions of the book were everywhere. A lot of books, it seems, keep the image of the main character(s) not super-clear, and even when it is clear it's an illustration, so there's still some work to imagining the character(s) as real-life types. Books with updated covers for movies pretty much always destroy that and prominently display the movie stars from the feature film version.


I always like the original covers best. I hate when a book is made into a show or a movie and they change the cover.


Original! the only time I buy a movie cover is when I am at the thrift store or sifting through the bargain bin. It kind of ruins my imagination when I get the movie cover. I keep closing the book to look at the actors in order to compare them to the description the author made.

I usually go with the original cover instead of the movie adaption of the cover.

Absolutely the original cover.

Usually I prefer the the original cover, but sometimes - if the movie cover actually looks good - then I might buy it.

i really liked the original cover. :)

Original cover. Forever. It's really irritating when the book covers are changed just because of a silly movie! And most of the time, they have the most inappropriate cast and they put them on the cover of these awesome books. Whenever that happens, I really want to kill those publishers and movie directors!

Original cover

Original cover, definitely.

Usually the original cover.

depends on which looks better


Original cover!!

I always buy the original cover but with the Spectacular Now I had to buy the movie cover but it was actually really pretty and didn't look like a movie cover at all to me

Original covers- all too often the movie covers look a bit cheap or sort of more like a DVD cover image than a book cover, which doesn't really work. Plus it can let you imagine the characters by yourself.

Original cover

I would say the most of the time I prefer the original, unless the movie cover blows me away.

original cover! plz and thank you

J Nov 07, 2014 10:24AM   0 votes
I always prefer the original cover to the point where I won't buy a copy of the book if it has a movie cover.

Original cover for sure!


The original cover, no doubt about it.

I prefer original covers typically, however, some I like equally or better than the original depending on how great or wonderful the actors/movie/movie line was. But for this book, the original.

deleted member Nov 12, 2014 08:14AM   0 votes
Usually I prefer original covers

deleted member Nov 12, 2014 08:01AM   0 votes
I prefer original covers best

Original cover

deleted member Nov 08, 2014 11:08PM   0 votes
I perfer the original covers. Though, I do have a few movie versions (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Last Song in trade paperback, Something Borrowed in trade paperback, Water for Elephants in trade paperback, and City of Bones because they didn't have the original.)

normally the original but some movie covers are amazing!

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