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message 1: by Mal (last edited Nov 08, 2014 07:35AM) (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Soooo ... I don't wanna come off as blunt with this or anything, but I'm just gonna throw the plot out here and you can tell me if you hate it or not :P

(view spoiler)

message 2: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) :D this is a really good plot. Wanna hear my kinda sorta idea? Maybe we can blend them together?

message 3: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Of course ^^
If you don't want to do this it's fine too :P
I'm not going to get mad if someone doesn't like my plot XD

message 4: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) haha I like it, don't get me wrong, it wasn't quite what I was anticipating haha XD I was thinking something like um.....actually idk to be honest. my brain is going on overdrive with info on the group I'm working on. I'll have to get back to you if you do not mind too terribly?

message 5: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Nah, no problem.

message 6: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ thank you for understanding lol I am ten flavors of excited about doing this~

message 7: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) So I was thinking about perhaps doing a kind of twisted fairy tale version of Red Riding Hood. Like perhaps the wolf is not evil like they think he is, and he had actually been trying to protect Red and warn her away from her granny's as she turns out to be the real baddy.

Or maybe they could not have memories of their past and wake up in a town with other fairy tail peeps and they have to figure out what happened?

message 8: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments The second one sounds like OUAT :p
Uh. Um. Alright. We can do that, I guess, ha.

message 9: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) What's OUAT??

message 10: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Once Upon A Time :P
But if we're doing one of those I think the first one is better ..

message 11: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) Is that a show or something?? *is oblivious as I read more often then watch tv*

I like the first one cause I wanna be da wolf and have him not be evil lol

message 12: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Okay. Then we'll do the first one.

Yeah, it's a show.
I don't watch much tv outside of my weekly shows. And even then I never watch them on time, so yeah. But it's good.

message 13: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ah okay XD I generally read or write rather than watch tv and when I do watch its usually the magic school bus cause the 4 year old I watch is like obsessed with the show thanks to me XD which is good cause at least she's learning something from this show.

But as for the idea~ I agree I likes it. Definitely needs to be fleshed out a little more though.

message 14: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments I actually never watched that. So ... yeah.

I'll delete mine later.
Just - if you have an idea you wanted to do, next time just tell me before I post mind up? Cause I don't want it to be a waste >_>
So. Why is he protecting Red? I mean. Nevermind. Why is granny bad?

message 15: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) sorry I didn't know if I had an idea or not til after you posted yours cause yours actually gave me the idea for mine >~< All I knew when you first mentioned fairy tail was wanting to do something with Red and Wolf.

I was contemplating perhaps Granny is a member of a secret cult that awakens the beast within people and that Wolf is a werewolf whom she created by awakening like his spirit animal or something and he was supposed to be under her control but he escaped her and lived on the run.

Red could be like, a special person. She doesn't realize it yet but she has the potential to be able to do what her Granny does, or to use it for good and tend to the mythical creatures that already exist rather than force people into becoming a different creature? And her granny feigned being sick knowing her daughter would send Red and was going to use Red as a blood sacrifice to increase her own abilities and become stronger and stuff and be able to unleash true forms, which without the proper being to tame them, will reap untold destruction upon everyone that crosses their path?

idk that just popped into my head >~<

message 16: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Oh. Well. Glad to have helped then.

That sounds good to me if that's what you wanna do.

message 17: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Oh. Well. Glad to have helped then.

That sounds good to me if that's what you wanna do.

message 18: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ cool, any other things that should be added first?

message 19: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments No.

message 20: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) shall we start characters then?

message 21: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Yup. Have mine up soon as I can.

message 22: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ okay~ sorry again btw >~< I really do like your idea, my biggest concern is not being able to do a good job rping the plot and I would hate to mess it up

message 23: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments It's fine. I'm not angry about it *shrug*
Oh .. Who's being the grandmother..? Me?

message 24: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) okay~ I just felt bad cause its a good plot and stuff.

Um....we could either chose someone to be one or like share her between us? Like, if there are moments where she is interacting solely between one of our charries, the other person plays her?

message 25: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments It happens. I'll just store it away.

Ha, okay. I have a feeling one of us will just end up being her in the end- always happens that way, but we can do that nonetheless.

message 26: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ okay.

true, that probably will happen lol, but maybe this will make it so we can both have a chance to test her out, so to speak, so if maybe one of us wants to do it more than the other they can or whatever XD

message 27: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) that made like no sense lawl

message 28: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments It made sense. And that's fine, we can do that.

message 29: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ^_^ okay~

message 30: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments
☾ Maisie | Amalia | Piper ☽

◖|▯ ɴɪɴᴇᴛᴇᴇɴ ▯ ʟᴏʏᴀʟ ▯ ɪɴᴛᴇʟʟɪɢᴇɴᴛ ▯ ǫᴜɪᴄᴋ-ᴡɪᴛᴛᴇᴅ ▯|◗
◖|▮ ғɪᴠᴇ' ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ ▮ ʙʀᴏᴡɴ ᴇʏᴇs ▮ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ʙʀᴏᴡɴ ʜᴀɪʀ ▮ ʟɪɢʜᴛ sᴋɪɴ ▮|◗

Maisie lives with her mother and her father, and will occasionally go and see her grandmother just through the woods. The old woman refuses to leave her cabin home and come live in the village, but no one makes her in the end because she can be ... quiet the handful. If she want's to stay there than it's up to her. Maisie lives a simple life with tidbits of romance here and there, though she doesn't have the hots for anyone really. She's a good girl more or less, rarely having a reason to be reckless, as there was really nothing to do around her anyway.

message 31: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) I'll be posting mine in a bit, I'm kinda multi-tasking with like 20 tabs open on the computer.

she's cute though ^_^ I like the name Maisie.

message 32: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Haha, don't worry about that :P
It only took me forever because I couldn't decide what photo I wanted to use; Im the worst about that XD
And thanks! I thought it was cute :3

message 33: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD haha I'm the same way. Like, my biggest obstacle will be his werewolf form lol

I just figured I'd let you know so you weren't wondering why it was taking me ages to post my guy lolz

message 34: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Oh dude, I don't even bother to go there when I have supernaturals XD I'm like- yeah no. Not happening, and just end up describing it when it happens because I've already taken up my time finding the human form XD

message 35: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD haha I have an idea for his form this time, its just a matter of finding the picture online again that is my problem

message 36: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments That's always my problem XD
I see it in my head but it's not something I can find online? So I spend so long looking for something and being all stressed about it.

message 37: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) lol The only upside is that I did see the pic online this time, but idk if I can find it again >~< but usually I have the same problem as you

message 38: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Ah! I hope you do, because oh my gosh it's so freaking frustrating when you know you've seen it and you can't find it again. Ugh, the worst.

message 39: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) >~< it really is that's why I miss having my own laptop cause all my bookmarked images are there and I'm pretty sure the pic is bookmarked

message 40: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Oh good! Yay :D

message 41: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ah well I'm not on my laptop so none of my bookmarks are here >~< and my laptop is currently in a million pieces so it can be fixed...

look what I did find though~

message 42: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Aw, it's so kawaii o3o

message 43: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD I found it searching for my other pic hehe

message 44: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments The wolf is really cool :P

message 45: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) he is~ He looks like he's protecting her as she walks through the forest rather than trying to eat her, like a giant guard dog XD

message 46: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) I might just use that pic instead lol I like it a lot

message 47: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Bhaha, okay XD

message 48: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD it might even suit him more than the other one lol

message 49: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) | 721 comments Well that's lucky :P

message 50: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) ugh.......Knieka has a headache .-. *rolls around clutching my head* too much thinking....I need to take a break from working on that group before my mind explodes....

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