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What would happen if all the characters from all of Rick's series (including Magnus Chase) all grouped together against something for an epic battle?

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Sophia Personally I have been thinking about this after I read The Blood of Olympus, and what would happen if they all grouped together for one epic battle? And who would it be against?

Challis That would be so amazing; my head would probably explode with its amaingness.

Although I don't think Magnus is an evil mastermind or anything. From the stuff that I've read, he's like the Nordic version of a Greek demigod.

I'm not sure there is a villain powerful enough to go against that awesomeness and challenge it even remotely,like the earth (goddess) has been destroyed. The freaking earth! Any other villain just seems to pale in comparison

Challis Well that's no fun, Percy and Annabeth already outsmarted her.

Shiah Leah wrote: "Well obviously the Greeks and Romans will be on one side
The Kanes will most likely team up with Greeks and Romans
Magnus Chase sounds evil so I assume he has some sort of evil army so he will pro..."

That sounds really awesome I would read a book about that for sure. I also think that even if he didn't do that idea Magnus Chase being a bad guy would be really cool. Although unlikely reading from the bad guys point of view would be super cool and Rick could totally write from a bad guy point of view.

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Raul Maestre Maybe will unite to fight the Judeo-Christian God, the guilty that their religions did not have more believers.

Will Solace Okay if that happened:

1. I would die.
2. Nico would resurrect me because I have to write this freaking comment.
3. They all stand together to fight...
4. Atheists.

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Nat it would be awesome and it would be like tiphoon rises again and the gods dont help, that my frend would be pretty frekin awesome!

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