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Allison | 679 comments So I was playing around with there. In my Big Fat Poetry Notebook it was different colors. Tell me if you like it or not.


I thought I'm his best friend.
I try not to laugh at what she just said.
She's the girl that called him ugly.
She told me he was weird.
She told me he wasn't worth my time.
O-kay then. Come on, just give him his
Clarinet back.


She turns on her heels and
Walks off, leaving the clarinet case on the bookshelf.
I take it carefully in my hands.
This is his passion;
I don't want to break it.

His expression is perplexed. He's
Looking on the floor for
His passion.
I hold it out. Here.
Where was it?
She took it.
Thanks. For bringing it back.
No problem.
He smiles at me, and I look up at him to
Savor it, to
Lock it in my memory.

She told me to ignore him.
She told me to forget him.
She told me to find another guy to
Trip over my feet for.
She told me...
She told me...
She told me....

Look in those big chocolate brown eyes.
Study them.
Tell me they're worthless. Tell me they're ugly.
Listen to him play his clarinet--his passion--
And try to tell me to ignore that.
Tell me to forget that.

He encompasses my thoughts.
He's the only music I hear when
It's dead silent; when it's
Unbearably loud.

He is all I know.
Tell me to forget my brain.

hE mAkES Me cRaZy.

I'm falling for him; just like
You have.
I just fell for him faster and didn't
Take my time like
You did.

MAkEs Me gO iNsAnE.

I've loved him and now I can't stop.
I'd do anything to allow him to
Achieve his goals and dreams,
Even if he drives me nuts half the time.
I can't stand him,
Yet I need him.

He makes me feel beautiful
When others don't.

i sometimes stay up at night, Just
thinking of him. i imaginE his eyes,
those times when he Forgets and lets go around his Friends,
when he can wRestle out his dEepest thoughts without
telling anYone, when he
talks to me about
i can teLl him abOut me,
my fear that he will Vanish at any givEn time,
and how the boY-crazy girls gOt
an infinite Universe ago.

I understand him.
No, you don't. You just want to. There's
A difference.

I feel giddy when he's around.
Pompeii relives itself in my heart, except
It is beautiful and nothing is destroyed.

I can't stop saying his name.
Jeffrey, I've never felt this way before.
Jeffrey, how do you make me laugh when I'm sad?
Jeffrey, I need to talk to you now or I think
I will explode.
Jeffrey, I wish you were here.




If I could only say
One word for the rest of my life,
I hope it would be

I don't want to stop talking to you.
I can't stop talking to you, Jeff.
We talk a lot.
But I keep finding things to say.
He laughs. True. But I need to go now.
Me too.
I smile. Always.

Where were you yesterday?
Talking to Jeff.
Why do you guys talk so much?
Because we want to, and we can.
He's so weird though.
Why don't you try to at least respect him?

I frown as she tells me her new feelings.
I love him.
He's kinda cute.

What about Jordan?
Well, I like them both.

Well, at least she respects him now.

Maybe she'll change her mind.

She always does, anyway.

What's up with you?
You're spending too much time with him.

Maybe because I feel safe and
With him.

I turn on my heels and walk away, to where
He's waiting for me.

She'll never understand.

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Allison | 679 comments Phew, that formatting took forever to type.

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