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Opinions on this book becoming a movie.

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I heard a few weeks ago that this book was being optioned for a movie however when I did some research on it I noticed that the optioning for filming was in 2012. I wanted to know if anyone had heard anything official or what you think of this book being filmed for big screen. Me personally I LOVED this series and I would love to see it go to the big screen as long as the producers stick to the book.

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Courtney I haven't heard anything, but it would be really amazing if this whole series was made into movies. I think if this series were to be made into movies, then I would definitely be in the cinemas for the entire time it was out.

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I completely agree! I finished this whole series in less than two weeks just because I was unable to put it down. I loved Jackal! I think if they made a movie(s) then Russel Brand would be perfect for his character.

Courtney Who do you think should play Zeke???
I would love Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play him, but Zeke doesn't have a British accent.

When I first read this series, it took me about a year to finish it because The Forever Song hadn't been out then. It annoyed me so much.

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Courtney Does Alexander Pettyfer currently have floppy hair, becuase that is how I have always imagined Zeke.

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I think so I'm not sure. the last movie I saw him in was beastly

Brittney The last scene of the first book, while I read it I could see the movie scene playing in my head. I could just see Allie's hair blowing in the wind, and the rabids slowly crawling toward her. And like a rock song playing in the background and then the camera turns back around on Allie's face and then all you see is her grin, and then black and credits.

I've totally not wanted this to be a movie since the day I put the book down... or... anything. >.>

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lol that's how I imagined it too.

Tanie Hi Crocodile! I also heard about it as well. I was super excited because I loved this series. I felt like I was watching a movie while I was reading the books which is awesome. When you're reading a good book, you shouldn't feel like you're reading. :)

Back to the movie, some of my favorite series were being optioned for movies but never really happen. But who knows? The Maze Runner was published back in 2009, and the movie came out recently.

I...imagine Zeke looking like Landon Liboiron?

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I agree, I have envisioned many books as movies while reading and I can only hope they actually do come true! The Maze Runner was wonderful! I'm ashamed to admit though I've never read the books but then I've yet to read Hunger Games (gasp) I know!

I like your idea for Zeke too he would also work.

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