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Mallory here we are

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Ryker Graham Evans, not the typical teenage boy. Ryker Graham Evans is from a middle class family, never truly wanting for anything physically, emotionally yes, physically no. Ryker wasn't alone in the Evans household though, at least not in the beginning. He had a twin sister, Rain, she was blonde haired and blue eyed, she could catch anyones attention easily. She would have been a knock out in high school, if she'd lived that long. A complication at eight years old sent Rain away, leaving Ryker to feeling only half full. It was a very hard thing to lose a sister, let alone a twin and only sibling. Through the years Ryker underwent many emotional problems and walls, and also overcame many of them. He became stronger because of everything that happened to him, and even managed to come out to his parents when he was barely a teenager. As the years passed Ryker grew in many ways and started making a life for himself. The 18 year old shook his head as his past crept up on him, Ryker didn't have time to dwindle on his childhood, he had class to get to. He shoved his AP Calculus book into his locker along with his notebooks, then pulled out his English textbook along with the book they were reading in class. Char, his best friend, was nowhere to be seen, she was supposed to meet him at his locker and then they would walk to class together. It would seem she was running late though, perhaps with her boyfriend. Ryker sighed and walked quickly through the crowded hall where other students were trying to make their way to class as well. Ryker squeezed through a doorway where a couple were making out and managed to enter his English class, he scoped the room and decided on the back row. There was practically no one in the back so he figured he'd be safe from any bullying or other antics that the jocks might have up their sleeves. Plus it would mean an empty seat for Char whenever she decided to show up, Ryker sat at a desk and shrugged his book bag off his shoulder. He pulled out a composition notebook, a No. 2 pencil, and his books needed for the class, he set them neatly on his desk before pulling out his phone and glancing through his Tumblr feed. It wasn't like the teacher was there yet anyway, so why not make a few posts for his followers?

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Mallory Bo Reynolds was desperately trying to detach himself from his clingy girlfriend, Camilla, yet nothing seemed to be working. They were in an old classroom - one that's rarely ever used - so that no one would happen to walk in on them. He knew what she wished for, knew what he should have been wishing for, but none of it lined up. They both had to be in class within two minutes and his own classroom was all the way at the other end of the school. Besides, he didn't swing that way, anyway. Of course Camilla didn't know of this, but it was his own personal thoughts and this wasn't something he wanted to do. She had him pressed up against a desk, her hands roaming across his chest and back, fingers picking at the tight cloth of his football jersey. "Camilla, stop," Bo breathed out, settling his hands on her hips to push her away. She let out a giggle and proceeded to ignore his protests. It got agitating when the one person who was supposed to 'love' you wouldn't listen to you at all. "Stop." Bo exclaimed, practically shoving her back. The bell rang. "We shouldn't do this now, not with only one class left." he gave her a flirty look, something that disgusted him down to the core. Camilla nodded, her eyes meeting his before she smoothed out the skirt of her cheer uniform. Bo smirked before sliding out of the classroom, leaving his girlfriend alone so he could make his way to class. On time wouldn't be an option right now, but he could at least try to make his punishment less terrible. It would be against his rep if he ran to class, though, if he tried to seem as if he wanted to make it on time. But if he was breathless and late to class, maybe it wouldn't be that bad if people made assumptions.... It was a split decision, but it lead to him sprinting down the hallways, his lengthy legs carrying him as fast as he would go. Colorful flyers and banners whipped by him on the sides, his focus on getting to his locker and sitting down in class. It was moments before Bo reached his locker, his fingers turning the combination code so he could grab his backpack and textbook. His heart was beating against his chest so loud that it almost overpowered his hearing. Breathing hard, he continued to class, dragging and hand through his hair to straighten it from the wind of running. He was outside the classroom door, now, and could hear that class had already started. Well this was going to be interesting. Pulling the door open, he stepped inside, still trying to control his breathing and get his heart rate under control. The teacher stopped talking, turning her gaze onto him. "Problem with the passing period, Mr. Reynolds?" she asked, raising and eyebrow. He shook his head, but desperately tried to think of something to say back, "Only a problem with my girlfriend." There were a few ooo's from the students, but the teacher nodded to an empty seat, signalling for him to sit. Bo swallowed and walked over to where the only open seat was.... In the back.... Next to a boy that he honestly didn't treat rightly in the past. What was his name again? Ryan? Rickey? R-R... Ryker. Never once did he intentionally speak to the kid with a kind word, and if right now he had to be generous and nice, he wasn't sure how that would go down. He was silent as he sat down, silent as he opened up his book, and hopefully he would stay silent in the fear that he would end up saying something terrible.

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Ryker finished up his scrolling when he heard the classroom door close, he slid his phone into his pocket and looked toward the front. Their teacher had arrived, and there was still no sign of Char, where the hell was that girl? Sure this was one of the classes she could ace in her sleep, but it was one of her favorites as well, she would hardly dare to miss it. Ryker swallowed down the jealous feelings that threatened to overtake his sensible thinking. He wasn't jealous in a romantic way, but he was jealous that her boyfriend was stealing their friend time. He respected the romance time, why couldn't Char's useless boyfriend respect the friend time? He tried to take a deep breath and pay attention to the days assignments from Ms. Hennigan. Not that it was easy, his hands itched to send a text to his best friend, instead he picked up his pencil and started jotting down notes. Apparently they had an essay due in a week, and a test coming up just after that, so it would be writing and studying for the next night or two for the senior. Well there went movie night, and any other activities he had planned, besides Theater. He had that every other night no matter what kind of homework he had on his plate, good thing he had a free period to do as he pleased as well. Ryker glanced up with the rest of the class when the door swung open, he was hoping it would be Char since the back row had filled up and there was but one seat left beside him. No such luck though, it was the jock Bo Reynolds. He looked like he was kind of out of it, and irritated, not that Ryker cared. The jerk had never been nice to Ryker, so he couldn't care less if he was having a hard time. Ryker inwardly groaned when the teacher assigned Bo to the seat right next to him. The day just wasn't going his way apparently, Ryker kept his gaze on his own desk and tried his best to ignore the chiseled jaw and perfect haired Bo. Wait, what? Ryker blinked, since when did he have thoughts on Bo's hair or jaw? Ryker tried to push the thoughts away and concentrate on finding the notes he would need to make a study packet for the upcoming test.

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Mallory Bo took in a deep breath, shaking his head slightly as he opened his notebook to tear out a sheet of paper. Only a few minutes were missed while he was in the hallway, but from all the writing on the board, it seemed as if he had been gone for days. They had an assignment already, something due within the next week, and a test the day after the essay was due. Due dates, topics, and the like were scribbled across the board, and he knew that he should be writing all of his down, but he didn't have a pen at hand. Usually, he took one from his friend Danny - or at least to him, he wished they were more than friends - but that wasn't an option today, seeing how they were two rows apart. Bo turned his head to the side, watching as Ryker wrote down bits and pieces of information. He could always ask him for something to write with, but he wasn't exactly sure if that would be considered okay. Michael, one of his friends, would rough Bo up just for thinking about borrowing something from the gay boy, but maybe he would be the one to change things around here. Nah, definitely not, but borrowing a pen wouldn't change anything, right? "Hey," he whispered, leaning over slightly into the isle to get a hold of Ryker's attention, "got a pen?" It seemed like a decent question, something that shouldn't send the kid off on a rampage, and the eighteen year old football played honestly hoped that he wouldn't have to deal with a hot-headed theater freak in the middle of an English class.

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Ryker was paying little attention to the boy beside him, he had a song going through his head as he filed through notes and meticulously picked out the ones that would help him the most for the upcoming test. He would type up a well planned out study guide later that night with the notes he had compiled, and then study it for the rest of the week to prepare. He jerked slightly when a body got close to his and the clean smell of male reached Rykers senses, the voice that spoke was low and nervous. Ryker turned his face toward Bo, they were inches apart, Ryker tried not to breath too much. "Um," Ryker blinked into the eyes of the star football player of the school, then finally got his shit together. "Yeah, yeah of course," He replied in a quiet voice. He leaned away from Bo to rifle through his backpack, he came up with a black ink pen , he offered it to Bo. No one else was paying any attention to the two boys it seemed, so Ryker tried to act as casual as possible. He was honestly surprised that Bo was even being normal or nice even to him, this was the guy that helped dump Ryker into a trash can freshman year, just because he was gay. Huh, maybe people change? Ryker doubted it though, he was just needing something and Ryker was the closest person to him, or that was what he figured at least.

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Mallory Bo took his lower lip in between his teeth while he waited for the boy to respond. It seemed like Ryker needed a few minutes to register the question, which was odd, but he looked him in the eyes until he returned with a "yeah". He sat back into his chair, watching Ryker out of the corner of his eye while he dug through his backpack. Stretching out his arm, he reached for the pen, the tips of his fingers brushing against the other boy's hand. It was a simple, unintentional, move, but still sent an awkward chill down his spine. Why would something so small effect him differently then when the guys in football practically dog-piled on one another? It didn't make sense, but Bo pushed it out of his mind, swallowing to clear his thoughts. "Thanks," he whispered out, quickly jotting down the notes he needed for the upcoming assignment. Slouching down into the desk, he whipped his head backwards, straining his neck to look up at the ceiling tiles. There was so much better things he could be doing as of now, and sitting in an English class wasn't one of them. Bo let out a mmm sound when the teacher started to explain the works of Dickinson. He could hear the low laughs of the other jocks up at the front, knowing exactly what they were chuckling at, but it didn't seem right to laugh at the same thing when away from your friends. Rolling his eyes, he looked straight ahead again, forcing his mind to stay alert and awake. This definitely wasn't the class to fall asleep in, and he knew that from experience.

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The class went by agonizingly slow, Ryker had to force himself to pay attention to the teacher. Usually he had no problem in class but Bo had thrown him off, and he wasn't sure of how to react. Was it a trick? Probably. The teacher announced class was over just as the bell rang, Ryker quickly gathered up his things and started shoving them into his bag. It was a mess by the time he was done, because he hadn't taken his time. Ryker put his bag on his shoulder and did his best to hurry out of the class, everyone was clogging up the exit though so it went a lot slower than he wanted. "People need to learn to file out," he muttered beneath his breath. Finally he reached the doorway and slipped out, he headed to his locker, he needed to put his books up and then decide what he was going to do with the rest of his afternoon. He could go straight home and start studying right away, but honestly that didn't sound appetizing, so he wondered if a bout of ice cream or shopping would be better. Then he could really relax and get to work on other things. Char hadn't even bothered showing up for class so he didn't even want to talk to her or think about her until later, because at that moment he was very upset with her for not showing up on time. If she had shown up then Bo wouldn't have sat by him and screwed up his whole day. Yep it was completely Char's fault, that was his mindset as he walked toward his locker with his head down.

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Mallory Bo's face twitched when the bell rang, snapping him back into reality. He must have drifted away with his thoughts somewhere during the class period, which wasn't necessarily a good thing, yet it did happen often. He looked down at the items scattered across his desk and then began to place them into his backpack. After a few moments, he lifted his head, looking for that Ryker kid to give him his pen back, but he was already out the door. It was just him, and one of the other football guys left in the classroom, so Bo stood up and slung his backpack over his shoulder.
"What were you doing talking to him?" the other guy asked once they were out in the hallway. His name was Jake, and they talked often, but you wouldn't necessarily call the two friends. "Talking to who?" Bo asked, raising a brow as he made his way toward his locker. Jake didn't miss a beat, instantly replying with, "That kid in the back, you know, the fag." It took all of his strength for Bo not to go crazy at the sound of that word. He'd never liked it, but of course that was kept secret and he was forced to throw it around daily. His hands reached for the combination lock, turning it a few times until his locker opened. He pulled out one book, then shoved a few more in to take its place. "I just needed to borrow a pen." he replied, shutting his locker and watching as unfamiliar faces of juniors and seniors rushed by. Jake kept pressing on him, the other boy's mind filled with questions that nearly no one would have an answer to. "Yeah, but what'd he say to you?" Bo was frustrated and honestly just wanted to leave. He couldn't have just one conversation with someone other than a jock, could he? The social structure was absolutely confusing, but he knew if he stepped out of bounds one more time he'd be committing social suicide. "I don't know," he responded, his tone sounding as if he wished to continue, although he wasn't exactly sure. A face caught his eye, one that he had seen before on multiple occasions, and one that was the topic of conversation right now. "he kept saying he wanted to fuck me." Bo spoke out a little louder than he was talking before, making sure that Ryker heard fully what he had said. He stared at the misfit, his own blue eyes trying their hardest to burn into the skin of the boy. Jake added another comment, but whatever was said, Bo didn't register it. All he could think about was how he had to tell yet another lie to get through the day at this school, and how Ryker must've felt after the years of abuse he had caused... and how damn good that kid's ass looked in those jeans.

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Ryker was having a hard time with his locker combination, the damn thing just wouldn't work for him for some unknown reason. He almost slammed his fist against the metal piece of rectangle, instead though he took a deep breath and tried again, and again, and again. Finally the thing popped open, by that time Bo and his goons were gathered nearby while Bo apparently rummaged around in his own locker. Ryker did his best to ignore them as he shoved some books in, took some notebooks out, and searched for the script to the latest play he was a part of for Theater. They were performing Alice in Wonderland, Ryker was the Mad Hatter, a part that he was quite proud of really. He found the script and had a sort of an 'AHAH' moment and closed his locker. HE was about to wonder off when he heard Bo's words, 'He kept saying he wanted to fuck me.' Bo almost dropped his books, he barely managed to keep ahold of them as his head slowly turned to stare at Bo in disbelief. He had said no such thing, nor had he ever, in his entire young life hit on the QB. Ryker felt anger and hurt well up inside of him as his eyes met Bo's, he shook his head and gave Bo his best You son of a bitch stare just before running off down the hallway toward the big double doors that would serve as his exit, he had to get out of there as fast as possible.

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Mallory "Dude, did you just see his face?" Jake asked, slightly pushing Bo's shoulder. Of course he saw his face, how could he not? Every ounce of him was crawling to chase after the kid, but he forced himself to stay put, knowing that he couldn't just leave after what just happened. Right, so what was he going to do? Twinges of guilt were building up inside of him, and he wondered why this was the first time he was feeling like this, like other people actually mattered. Bo adjusted his backpack strap, turning around to face Jake, "Gimmie some time? I wanna find Camilla." Jake nodded knowingly and backed away, leaving Bo to his own advices. Right, like he really wanted to find his girlfriend. He didn't even love her, and much less like her as a friend. He broke away from the lockers, winding his way through the hallways to exit through the same doors that Ryker had. The sunlight forced him to squint, but that wasn't the only thing that took him by surprise. Hands latched onto his right arm, taking him off guard and away from his thoughts. He looked down, the smiling face of Camilla staring back at him. Bo detached himself from her grip, reuniting them by holding her hand. Even after years of doing this, today just felt wrong. Perhaps it was the fact that he treated someone like they were human and was now trying to get over that, or maybe it was just that his whole body was catching up with he didn't love her. "How was last period?" Camilla asked him, her voice having a tone that she really cared. He shrugged, not wanting to go into full detail, "It was alright, there's just someone who I've really got to beat down." Camilla frowned. He knew that she didn't like violence that much, especially when it was outside of sports, but she kept quiet, letting her boyfriend do his thing. Bo scanned the outside pavilion, looking at the edges for the boy that didn't deserve what he was about to get. There. The small frame of an underdog caught his eye, the boy clutching his books and backpack and most likely sanity at the same time. "HEY!" Bo yelled, letting go of Camilla's hand to chase after Ryker. He dropped his backpack, not caring for his belongings at the moment and only wishing to get closer to the boy. He hoped that there wasn't staff around, knowing that what he was about to do would be broken up within seconds. Although, maybe it would be the best for everyone if this little quarrel was to be ripped apart. "Look at me when I'm fucking talking to you!" Bo reached out, his hand touching Ryker's shoulder to spin him around. Well he was definitely in too deep to back out now, so there was no amount of guilt or conscience left in him. No matter what Ryker had really done to him, that didn't matter anymore, for Bo was about to show him to his rightful place, and it wasn't anywhere next to him.... Right?

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Ryker pushed through the double doors and tried to calm down, his heart was racing, his cheeks felt like they were flushed as hell, and his hands itched to hit something. A girl was standing next to the doors, and it took Ryker a moment to realize this as he tried to calm down some, once he realized she was there though he moved on, walking at a quick pace. He pulled out his phone as he walked, and texted Char, Where the hell are you? I need you right now... -Ry he hit send and tried not to think about how much of a baby it made him sound like. He needed his best friend, was there really a crime in that? No. Not in his mind at least, she always made the situation better, not matter what was going on and he hadn't seen her at all. Unusual for the two of them for sure. He heard someone yell out, Bo. Ryker ducked his head and tried to walk a little bit faster. There was no way that he wanted to talk to that dick wad right then, if anything he could have a nice long vacation from him and be just fine. Then a hand reached forward and turned him around, Ryker's brows knit together as he gazed up at the boy in front of him, broad shoulders, square cut jaw, eyes that could easily distract a person. Ryker blinked. "What else do you want?!" Ryker replied in a loud voice, no fear in it, just annoyance and anger. He was pissed, this guy thought he could just spread lies about him, yeah well that wasn't okay. "You already told your buddies I'm pining for you, don't you think you've done enough damage for one day? For Gods sake you're the Quarter back and have the head cheerleader as your girlfriend, why do you find it necessary to spread lies and beat up kids that aren't like you? You have fucking everything!" Ryker was ranting, he knew he was ranting, but he couldn't seem to stop, his nerves were on edge and he was kind of getting scared, because if Bo decided to fist fight with him, well Ryker would surely lose.

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Mallory Bo's eye twitched once, listening to what the theater junkie had to say to him. Fighting back for once, huh? It was odd, really, that someone as fragile as Ryker even wanted to defend himself against the 6'0" football player. If it wouldn't have been for the words that were spoken, he might have just left the boy with a simple shove, but once he started in with how since he was the quarter back, had a cheerleader for a girlfriend, and that he had everything he wanted, Bo knew that this wasn't going to end every lightly. "Look," he hissed out, grabbing a fistful of Ryker's shirt and pulling him close, "you have no idea what I have and don't have, and just because I'm on the football team and have a girlfriend doesn't mean that I own the world." Bo flattened his hand against the boy's chest, violently shoving him away. He would have continued, would have kept pestering Ryker but there wasn't much left he could do. A threat, yeah, but honestly he thought that he'd done enough for today. Bo noticed that a few people were watching them and waiting anxiously for what was to come next, but as of now, there wouldn't really be a fist fight unless the boy before him edged him on. "I can make your life a living hell," he took a few steps toward Ryker, shaking his head with a small smirk on his lips. "and if you think that your life is hell right now, then you don't know the half of what you're getting into."

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Ryker swallowed, hard, the football player looked rather pissed at Ryker for opening his mouth. And hey maybe Ryker should have just kept his mouth shut and continued being the little rag doll he always was, but for some reason this guy was really grating on his last nerve. Maybe it was the lies that came out of his mouth, maybe not, he couldn't tell. Then Bo grabbed a hold of Rykers shirt and brought them practically nose to nose, sweat broke out on Ryker's forehead as Bo spoke to him, just before shoving him hard in the chest, sending the smaller boy sprawling on the grass. Ryker's chest felt like a ton of bricks had just been slammed into it. He looked up towards Bo as he tried to catch his breath, his hands were probably scraped from the fall as well. Ryker wasn't paying attention to that right then though, "Yeah? Go ahead and try, at least I don't have to make up lies to get friends." Ryker had tears in his eyes, but they were from anger, not because he was sad. He didn't notice but his friend Char was walking up on the crowd to see what all the fuss was about, she was crossing her fingers that it had nothing to do with her best friend.

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Mallory Bo was about to turn around, about to let all of this slip through his fingers and stand next to Camilla once more. That was when the boy on the ground spoke again and he knew that if he walked away now then nothing would ever be settled. Damn it, could this kid not learn to keep his mouth shut? A fairly healthy crowd had started to gather around the two of them, eyes anxiously waiting for what would come next. The football player took in a deep breath. Where was the facility at the school? "Get up," he demanded, looking down at Ryker and kicking him in the side with the heel of his foot. "You want a fight, we're going to fuckin' have one. Get up!" Bo didn't want to do this. Oh man he really didn't want to do this. It had to be done though. He had to keep his rep, had to remain at the top. It sucked, but if it was what had to happen, then it was going to.

(Ayo is Char coming in because wow what a time right now)

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Char got onto her tip toes, trying to see over the sea of students that were in the way of whatever was going on. That didn't help her in the least, so she started pushing and pulling people so that she could weave through them to get closer to the front. That was when she heard his voice. Ryker what are you doing, you stupid fool? Char thought to herself and began shoving people aside to get through, tears threatening to break through as she hurried. She heard Bo threatening Ryker and finally burst through the throng of people that had been blocking the way. "Leave him alone Bo," She told the football player with a glare, she stalked over and pulled Ryker to his feet, she put one of his arms over her shoulders, then took a moment to glare at the people behind her, "You should all be ashamed of yourselves, not stepping in. Fuck all of you," Char turned and ignored Rykers protests, "You're an idiot too," She told him harshly and made a slow trek away from the crowd and towards the parking lot. Ryker winced, Char was mad, really mad, and he felt shame pass through him. Sometimes he really was stupid, but for some reason he felt rage towards Bo, and wanted to hit him at least once. Ryker took a deep breath and tried to keep some of his weight off his best friends shoulders.

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Mallory Bo turned his head when he heard his name from the crowd, a girl stepping out of the mass to stand between the two boys. He breathed out a laugh, shaking his head in disbelief. Even if this was broken up now, it wasn't like it wouldn't continue the next day, or even the day after that. He knew how to hold a grudge, and that's what it looked like was about to happen. Bo had began to take off after him, but his chest hit a solid object, sending him to take a few steps backward. An arm had been hooked around his body, one of another football player, and was holding him back from beating the shit out of a much smaller boy. "Get him tomorrow, dude." the voice had said in his ear, but Bo just thrashed around for a bit, lurching forward in attempt to escape the grasp. "You're not going to like this outcome!" Bo barked into the air, his body beginning to ease up. There were still arms restraining him, but he shoved them away, breaking himself away from the other body. He just wanted to go home, to get away from this setting and try to brush it off. That wouldn't be happening, though. There was so much that he needed to get done, and he knew that Camilla wasn't going to leave him alone after what just happened.

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Ryker let Char get him into her jeep, he hurt, all over. Damn, what was he thinking? Egging Bo on like that? Was he wanting a death wish? He was thankful that Char had come along when she did, not that he told her that. Because when she got into the car she gave him the evil eye and that meant it was best to keep his mouth shut and let her blare her punk music as she peeled out of the parking lot and headed presumably home. Ryker was itching to tell her thank you, and to apologize for even getting into that situation, but he knew that she wouldn't believe him just then so he stared out the window a the passing scenery instead. He knew that Bo wasn't done with him, that he would be waiting the next day to finish what they'd started. Was it too late to be homeschooled? Never going back to the school sounded like the only plan that would allow him to live out to be old and grumpy. Ryker let out a long, soft sigh, his life had just gotten ten times more complicated than before. Just what he'd needed, yeah. The vehicle jolted to a stop, making Ryker yelp slightly, Char muttered an apology and jumped out of her side, then ran around and helped him out of the car. It was a slow process into his house, thankfully no one was home. She got him into bed, brought him some pain medicine and water, then left without a word. Ryker curled up into a ball and had himself a good, long cry.

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Mallory _________________________________________________
Bo stepped out onto the field, his helmet tucked underneath his right arm as he waited for the exact moment that he needed to put it on. He never felt comfortable wearing his football gear, even during an actual game, but he pushed through it despite how tight and bulky everything was against his body. Bo pushed the thoughts away from his mind as he continued to walk towards the bleachers where everyone normally waited before practice. He wasn't the first one to arrive, but he sat opposite of the two guys that were already there, not wanting to make much conversation after what had happened at the end of that school day. He had done something awful to another student, Ryker, and he knew that it wasn't going to be easily cleaned up. He wished that he could have just apologized to the kid and explained that he only said what he did because he needed to save his face. He couldn't have said that he found the guy the slightest bit attractive. That wasn't how it worked, especially not for him. Bo shook his head, his hair tossing slighting as he brought his helmet into his lap. It had been a strange day, and he had a gut feeling that it was just going to get worse.

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Somehow, someway, Ryker had forgotten that he'd signed up for water boy for the football team, volunteer credits. The coach calling him shortly after he got home, and kindly reminding him, kicked his butt into gear, and he'd had to shower and change quickly so that he could get back to the school field to start loading Gatorade up for the team that night. Ryker had a school jersey on, it was loose, almost baggy on the smaller boy, and a pair of basketball shorts. He was carrying the last Gatorade jug up to the table, which was actually filled with water, when Bo sat down on the bleachers. Ryker's body froze at seeing the other boy, their afternoon had been very eventful, Ryker's side still hurt like hell, and he hadn't forgotten all the words the two had exchanged. If it hadn't been for Char, well Ryker probably would have ended up a lot more beat than he was. Ryker sighed, it was going to be a long, long, long night. The two would be seeing each other frequently, which would make the air all the more tense than it might have been before the fight. Ryker kind of hoped that Bo wouldn't notice him, and slinked off to the side, maybe if he didn't call attention to himself then it would be a quiet night after all.

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Mallory Bo heard his name being called from behind him, and he turned his head around to see who it was. One of his best friends - as well as one of the team's defensive linemens - Michael, was walking over to him, his helmet already on and ready for the short practice before the game. It made him wonder what he could need, or what the team could need, because normally everyone had it under control. Standing, Bo walked over to meet Michael halfway. "What's up, man?" he asked, tucking his helmet under his arm as he waited for a response. Michael nodded to his left, signalling to look behind him. "Isn't that the guy you had beef with earlier today?" Bo moved his head to look around his friend, and clenched his jaw tightly when he locked eyes with the small body. "What's he doing here?" he asked, his eyes flickering back up to his friend before sidestepping slightly in order to keep Ryker in his line of sight. "Coach said we got a new water boy. I guess that's him." Taking in a shaky breath, Bo nodded, silently saying that he understood what he was just told. Pushing past Michael, he began to make his way over to the boy he previously had shoved around. "What'd you think you're doing here?" he spit out once he was in a close enough distance to hear. "You think you can just walk onto my turf? Because that's not how it works around here."

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Ryker was doing his best to stay out of line of sight of Bo, but apparently his nosy friend wasn't going to let his presence slide. With a sigh Ryker nudged his chin up a bit, glaring upwards at Bo, "I'm the new water boy. Have a problem with it? Take it up with your coach," Ryker wasn't going to back down from Bo, he had just as much right to be there as Bo did. "Is your name stamped on this field? Do you own the property personally?" He was moving closer and closer to Bo as he spoke, closing the distance between them unknowingly. His blood was already boiling once again, and he wasn't sure what he'd do if Bo set him off all over again. The two probably shouldn't have bene on the same field together, true, but it was what it was. They would have to deal with each other, whether either one of them liked it or not. Though it was obvious that Bo liked it a lot less than Ryker did. The two looked very much the opposite as they stood toe to toe with one another. Bo was tall, broad shouldered, muscled, while Ryker had more of a lanky, athletic form, he was shorter, and his clothes didn't cling to him like they did to Bo, Rykers looked too big on his slight form.

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Mallory Bo scoffed when the boy before him said that if he had an issue, then he needed to take it up with the coach. He had been on the team since freshman year, and this guy had just joined today, so who did he really think would win that battle? Besides, the coach didn't care about personal buisness - none of them did. Your personal life stayed off of the field, along with any drama it dragged along, and if Ryker was his drama, then there wasn't a doubt in his mind that he would be able to get the theater junkie removed from the water boy position. Bo took a step towards Ryker when he noticed that he was coming closer to him. "I don't need to own anything for you to know that you don't belong here." He hesitated to raise his arm upward. He wanted to shove him. God, he wanted to shove him. Bo brought his right hand into a fist, his fingernails digging into the palm of his hand as he tried to calm himself down. He knew that if he started anything before practice, before the game, that it wouldn't end well for him, but he wanted to shove him. He wanted to hit him. He wanted to press his hands against Ryker's chest, to just feel his small bone structure underneath his hands. It shouldn't happen, he knew that, but one more snide comment from this kid and Bo wasn't keeping any promises.

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(What did you decide to name your Jack fan? Ella is totally in btw)

The thought of being sprawled on the field, bloodied up, well that did pass through Ryker's mind more than once as he spoke, but it didn't stop him from being bold. However it made no good impression on the football player in front of him, as a matter of fact he was pretty sure he'd only made his situation worse. Bo's hands were curled into fists, and he looked like he might just lay Ryker out then and there. Ryker swallowed, hard, trying to keep his courage that he'd had just moments before. "I belong here just like any other student, if you're," Ryker poked Bo in the chest, "So uncomfortable with my presence, then you get the hell off the field and make the game easier for everyone." Ryker dropped his hand, realizing his mistake a little too late, touching Bo was probably not the smartest move he'd made that day. When would he learn to think before he acted? Wasn't his mom always saying that? Ryker would have to actually remember some of the advise he was given now and again.

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The moment that Ryker pressed his finger against his chest, Bo knew that was it. That was all it took to make him want to lay into this kid. The thin finger wasn't even directly touching him, only touching the hard plastic of his uniform, but it was still enough to set him off. He had an urge to grab Ryker's hand and shove it hard into his chest, potentially shoving the kid himself backwards, but he didn't act upon it. To some degree, he was right. He shouldn't have had an issue with being on the same field as him. He shouldn't have had an issue with him at all, but he did, and he didn't want to admit to himself why he hated the boy so much. It wasn't exactly hate, but rather a developing love that he didn't know how to deal with. Bo was disgusted by just thinking about him that way. It was bad enough that he liked one of his best friends, but now he had to go and have a crush on a guy that he had made fun of for years? Now not only would he have to see him in classes, but he would have to look at him after school as well. Could Ryker not just leave him alone? Bo decided that shoving wasn't the best idea, especially since the act would he noticeable and hard to pass off as something else, so he took a different route. Reaching forward, he grabbed the boy's jersey, pulling him close so that they were nearly nose-to-nose. Bo looked directly into his eyes, regretting what he was about to do, but knowing that it had to be done if he wanted to keep his reputation. "You don't make me uncomfortable," he hissed out through clenched teeth. "but don't forget that you're just the fucking water boy." Bo extended his arm, pushing Ryker back a couple of steps, but keeping him close enough to spit on his face before releasing his grip and turning around, beginning to make his way back to the bleachers.

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The thought of flying across the field repeated over and over in Ryker's mind as he waited for the other boys reaction. Bo's hand lunged out, it wrapped up in the fabric of Ryker's oversized jersey, pulling the smaller boy forward. Bo's breath fell on Ryker's face as he stared up, the words were harsh, and filled with venom as he spoke to Ryker, making his stomach feel like it was dropping straight down to his toes, his face visibly paled. Then he was back in his place, with a wet substance on his face. Ryker was stunned, Bo had actually spit on him, like he was just a speck of dirt. What the fucking hell? It took a few moments for Ryker to remember to breathe, and by the time he did, well Bo was out of earshot. Ryker, shakily, raised his shirt up and wiped his face with it, taking the spittle from his skin. Tears pricked his doe brown eyes, the color was all but gone from his cheeks, making him almost translucent like. Bo was over with the other boys from the team, making it next to impossible for Ryker to retaliate. His hands itched to do something though, Ryker glanced at one of the big Gatorade bottles full of water, he was tempted to just pour over the idiots head. But it would be obvious that he was only stirring up trouble if he did it right then, of course if he did it after Bo scored a touchdown, well everyone would just think Ryker was having a celebratory moment with Bo, and it the football player wouldn't be able to complain. With a plan in mind, Ryker went to the end of the bench that the players were sitting on and sat as far away from them as possible, keeping his distance from Bo and his mates.

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