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Renee M | 1933 comments Mod
November 8-14

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Renee M | 1933 comments Mod
Ferdinand Lopez is an interesting character. Don't know yet if he'll be a genuine bad guy, a charming snaky guy (male version of Lizzie), or a misunderstood good guy. Certainly there are several prejudices against him.

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Bharathi (bharathi14) | 158 comments Renee, I read the first 10 or so chapters as soon as I finished Phineas redux. I will glance through it soon. For now enjoy the story.

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Renee M | 1933 comments Mod
Arthur Fletcher certainly seems like a decent fellow and like someone who loves Emily Wharton very much. Trollope has not repeated his couples so far but Mr. Fletcher reminds me of John Grey from Can You Forgive Her? Let's hope that Ferdinand Lopez does not turn out to be another George Vavasor!

I'm kinda freaked out by the references to Lopez as a greasy foreigner. I'm not sure if Trollope is using that term to show the characters using it to be of a certain sort. Or if that was acceptable description in the 1800s. Similar language was used in describing the Rev. Emilius. And Ive never fully decided if it was done to underscore character prejudice, rather than writer's prejudice.

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Bharathi (bharathi14) | 158 comments It is rather disagreeable to call Ferdinand Lopez a greasy foreigner and such terms. I don't think that Trollope thinks that way. Only that Mr. Wharton is not able to exactly explain his objection to Lopez that he takes the easy way out and condemns him for being a disgusting Jew etc. In fact at one point he (Mr. Wharton) is able to justify Emily's partiality for Lopez.

Actually the entire scene with Arthur Fletcher reminded me of another Trollopian heroine. Lily Dale and John Eames of the "Small House in Allington".

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Renee M | 1933 comments Mod
So far I'm enjoying the two story lines. I like they way Trollope is setting the stage with the Love Triangle between Lopez-Wharton-Fletcher. And the way things are being laid out with the Omniums.

Poor Plantagenet! He's such a behind-the-scenes guy and so unhappy in the spotlight. Trollope is a masterful writer. One minute I'm siding with Lady Glen as she thanklessly handless all the details of supporting her husband in his political career. Then next, I'm siding with Planty and his aversion to fuss.

It was fun to see John Gray appear again as a politician of stellar reputation, as you would expect.

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