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Letters from Father Christmas
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Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5462 comments Mod
The discussion thread is now open. Spoilers are allowed on this thread. Don't read on if you haven't finished the book. Can you also unclick the 'Add to my update feed' people don't see your comments in their home screen. Things to consider:

1. Did you like the book?
2. Do you think that the author covers the subject adequately?
3. Do you like the tone and language of the book?
4. Was there any part of the book that was important or significant to you?
5. Have you learnt anything from the book?
6. Has reading this encouraged you to look for other books on the subject?

Sandy | 458 comments I'm just taking a peek at these letters. I really want to read them nearer to Christmas.

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5462 comments Mod
Finished yesterday, thought that this was a great book, full of Christmas magic, and Tolkien's imagination. Review here

Serf | 100 comments Really enjoying this, as a parent I found myself laughing when santa left a note on stephen's day about the present bear forgot to deliver.
The mischief and predicaments bear finds himself in make me smile.

Charlotte (charley_100) | 322 comments I too really enjoyed this. What a gift for your children! I would love to do something similar for my wee boy though on a smaller scale as who could imitate Tolkien!! The war references stood to explain to little ones that Christmas is sparse through the war years.......I know, a goblin war in Lapland. Genius!

Cathy | 553 comments Loved this. Such beautiful illustrations. And all the North Polar Bear's mishaps, and all the other creatures too. Wonderful!

Jason (jasondenness) | 1877 comments Fantastic book, he put some much effort into making this for his kids. Really liked how he was also helping his daughter handle WW2.

It would have been nice to see what his kids were writing to father Christmas too.

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5462 comments Mod
I loved the way that all the stories link year after year

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