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An anomaly among the Citadel's markets, the Zinervan market was started one score years ago by the late Queen Zinerva. The market, unlike the others, is twice monthly. It is highly prosperous, and many local merchants and artisans attend each time.


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Sasha Merrill walked down the streets of the market, careful to keep his head down. If he kept his head down, he would be that much less likely to be noticed. He'd learned years back that attention was very often not a good thing. He could almost imagine the hot breath at the nobleman if he tried. It took much of his will-power to suppress a shudder. He glanced around at the stalls while biting the inside of his lip. He needed to get something for one of his sisters -- her birthday was coming up, and he would much rather find her something from here than conjure it up himself.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar let flames dance across her fingertips, amusing a small group of children. She glanced around and curled her fingers. A light breeze blew a tiny feather across the square and straight into her hand. The flame jumped between her palms, engulfing the feather and Cedar's hands. The flame died suddenly revealing a miniature white and gold phoenix in place of the feather. She handed it one of the children and they all ran off exclaiming over their new toy.

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Sasha glanced around another time before shaking his head. No, nothing from any of these stalls would work. He huffed a sigh and tried to force the gnawing sensation of disappointment from his stomach. His sister would be very disappointed if he didn't get her something. There was one more market before then, but he didn't want to risk it. There is always another option, a voice in his head taunted, but Sasha decided that he was better off ignoring it. He knew what option it meant, and he would not even consider it if it were the last bit of air in a drowning world. So entrapped in his mind was he that he accidentally crashed into a girl.

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Abigail | 26 comments "Watch it!" Cedar struggled to keep her feet under herself. "Are you blind or something?"

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Looking almost sheepish, Sasha looked her up and down. "Um no, sorry to disappoint. Just clumsy." He shrugged and stretched out a hand to steady her, though it might have already been too late to actually help with that. "And, um, sorry, again." He grimaced. "Really, I'm usually not this bad. . .just stress." He was well aware that he was babbling, but he could not truly bring himself to care.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar laughed a little, her anger disappearing. She couldn't stay mad at him. "Don't worry about it." She self-consciously brushed herself off a little despite not being dirty. "What are you stressed about?" she asked without thinking, immediately wishing to take back the words after she said them. If he was stressed, talking to a stranger was probably at the bottom of his list.

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Sasha tensed and shrugged tightly. Hands, hands slipping down his back and down even lower -- no, he was not about to think of that. He squeezed his eyes shut as if a physical gesture could purge his wandered thoughts. He opened his eyes. "U-uh, nothing, nothing really," he answered. "I, uh, just need to get something for my sister, Kana. She'll kill me if I don't get something decent, and I'm lost." That much was true. It had been so much easier to shop before Adele had taken off. He didn't want to think of Adele and how she had abandoned him either.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar squinted at him, trying to understand, but she brushed it off. "Well, if she's prone to homicidal rages, I'd better help you find something. I wouldn't want your death on my conscience." Cedar smiled, desperately wanting to cheer him up. "What does she like?"

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Sasha almost smiled and shrugged. "Uh, girl things, I guess. I don't really know." Really, there were reasons he struggled so much with the shopping. "She's a girl. A year younger than me. Uh, girly, I think. Damn, why is this so hard? I'm supposed to actually know my family!" This was good. So long as he didn't think about why he didn't know these things, he could be happy.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar rolled her eyes and huffed in mock exasperation, "You're worse than my brothers! I asked for a doll when I was eight and they brought me back a half-dead squirrel!" Cedar grinned at the memory, but her smile slid off her face. "Anyway," she brightened, "It's the thought that counts! I'll always remember that poor squirrel."

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Sasha burst out laughing. "That, sounds like us. Vasya's like that. He put a live frog in Robbie's soup once. Fey freaked." Robin was Sasha's younger sibling (one of the many), and one of the only others that also worked as a servant. He might be wrong, but he was sure fey was part of the kitchen staff. He almost wondered if Robin knew Ad -- no, wait, he was not thinking about Adele. He was here. Adele, and the (he wasn't going to say it), would not be able to hurt him here.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar laughed, "Oh goodness. A frog. I'm glad your brother didn't know mine. That would be disastrous!" She caught her breath, practically glowing with happiness at making him laugh. "Now, you were here for a reason and I will not rest until we find your sister the perfect gift. Besides occaisonal and frightening amphibious creatures, does—Robin is it?—like animals? Or wait, you have more than one sister, don't you."

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"Robin isn't a sister; fey is a sibling. Kana is the sister in question. There's Tacey, Lyssie, and Raban, too. Raban's the only other boy," Sasha explaining, forgetting that Cedar might not realize that "fey" was a pronoun referring to Robin. "Kana is the epitome of freakishly girly, I promise you. She wants to be part of the court." Even he could not quite keep the bitterness out of his voice when speaking about the court.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar nodded, silently noting his tone, but ignoring the mention of court. Honestly, it was something she would rather not think about. After all, she had no connection to it and no power to dispute its actions. "What a large family. You must love them very much. Are you the oldest?"

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"Yeah, I am. I'm nineteen. The youngest, Vas, is thirteen. He's still a bit of a menace," Sasha replied with a simple shrug and a smile. "My family's pretty close and all." He liked talking about his family. Family was a safe topic. His family had not abandoned him the way Adele had. "So, is your family close at all, or no?" He fiddled nervously with his fingers and stared at the ground. A blush rose to his cheeks.

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar shuffled her feet, "Not really. I haven't seen my family in...two years." She muttered the last part quietly, then continued, almost to herself, "I mean, it's not really their fault. I left without a goodbye...and never came back."

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"Oh," Sasha whispered, studying his shoes more intently. "I shouldn't have brought it up." He coughed and rubbed the back of his neck. He tried not to think of Adele, and how she had betrayed him by leaving. It took some effort not to say something along the lines of, I don't leave anyone even when they all have left me. "So, do you have any suggestions of gifts?"

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Abigail | 26 comments Cedar's lips pursed as she racked her memory, "I think... I saw something over this way..." She smiled, "I know it'll be perfect." Cedar headed across the marketplace towards a tiny corner booth. "And it's okay that you brought it up. When I left home I traveled far and never really let myself think about what I was leaving behind. After all, my brothers had already been gone for almost two years. And my father... well he wasn't much of a father. Mari's the only person I was really leaving."

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"And what, what was Mari like?" he whispered, his words half for his benefit alone. Maybe Cedar is like Adele, he half thought. He dismissed the thought. At least most the family had left her first. Adele had had no reason to abandon him. He cleared his throat. "Anyway, what did you find?" He followed her, realizing he was definitely a few paces behind. At last, he finally caught sight of the booth and stared. It was interesting, and it was definitely awe-inspiring too.

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Abigail | 26 comments "Come on," Cedar waved him closer to the booth. Piles of objects adorned the table in such variety that it was impossible to categorize. Behind the table, an ancient woman haggled with a customer over what appeared to be a pink flowered vase, "That" the old woman wrenched the vase out of the customer's hands, "is not for sale!" "But you just said-" "I said, it is not for sale. Now get out of my sight before I turn you into a newt!"

"You don't haggle with Elyse," Cedar muttered to the boy, "Anyone knows that." She stepped closer to the table, shifting through the contents of the table, finally holding up a small carved wood box. "It's a music box, see?"

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Sasha paled, a little alarmed by the shopkeeper's attitude. He was sure his eyes widened, and he stood dumbly for a moment. "Madame Elise is terrifying." Fortunately, she was terrifying in ways that Sasha was okay with, ways that did not remind him of that nobleman at all. He wished he'd never have to face the kind of terror that the nobleman brought with him ever, but he knew it was a vein hope. He'd see it again, he knew, and so terribly soon. He suppressed a shudder and realized his lips had pointed themselves down in a frown. He shook himself from his thoughts and glanced down at what Cedar was holding. The music box, as Cedar had called it, was very pretty, and he was pretty sure that she was right and that Kana would love it. "It shall do marvelously!" He was sure that he had even smiled.

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Abigail | 26 comments ((I'm so sorry I haven't replied!!!! I feel terrible!!! I'll try to reply this afternoon. I just have so much Psychology homework! I'm so so sorry!!!!))

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