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This is a tavern frequented by members of the king's military. Alcohol is cheap here, and many of the serving women don't get enough money and thus are prostitutes. Rooms are available above the tavern for passerbys to stay the night or for nefarious activities.


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Mena thankfully hadn't been too late in her outing, though she'd had to go straight to the tavern to begin working. Mena's outfit was still a bit muddy, but she cleaned it off as best she could with the few supplies available to her. Ignoring the remarks of a few of the tenants, Mena set to work, hoping Varden wouldn't be long.

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Varden was only a few minutes behind schedule as he had been delayed by his brief conversation with Kurtis -- about whom something was certainly off. When he entered the tavern, he immediately looked for Mena and saw her a couple seconds later. He walked over to her. Giving her a peck on the cheek, he said, "Hi, luv. How was you day?"

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Mena looked up, a bit startled at first. Realizing who it was, she smiled a bit. "It's been okay, as far as days go," Mena said. "But it's a bit better now that you're here," she added a bit playfully.

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Varden smiled at her. "Good, glad to hear it. Sit with me?" he asked, motioning to an empty table. "How are the kids?" He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned back against the counter. He waited for Mena to go first to the table.

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Mena walked over to the table with Varden, making a pretense of cleaning. "They're good. A lot of work, though." Mena yawned, allowing her fatigue to show through for a moment. "How are things at the palace?"

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"Decent, but I'd prefer battle," he answered with a shrug. He rubbed his forehead. "I think my father wants to try to force me to marry my cousin before I leave again." He made sure that his displeasure at the prospect was incredibly obvious. His voice dropped into the lowest whisper he could manage that he knew Mena would still be able to hear. "Run away with me." He pouted at her as a means to try to convince her; he head yet to grow out of that childish habit.

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Mena smiled sadly. "Varden, you know I'd love to. But we can't. We'd be at constant risk of ending up on the battlefield, what with the war as crazy as it is right now. Besides," Mena said, "think of what it would do to Alastor and Aislinn."

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He grimaced. He was painfully aware that if they didn't leave he would have no part in his own children's lives. He swallowed. He loved the three of them and he did not want to lose them. In truth, he would rather die in one of the battles he had to fight as captain. He turned away from Mena. "You know what? Nevermind," he snapped, sounding exactly like the prince he was. I'll just go die in a battle and end it all sooner, he mentally added. He wouldn't say that to Mena despite the hurt he was feeling.

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Mena felt tears well in her eyes. "Varden, I don't want to lose you." Her voice trembled, and Mena felt a lump grow in her throat. She was a bit disgusted by her grovelling, but she was having trouble containing all the emotions she'd been feeling.

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"Mena, our love is doomed unless we'll run away together. I'm not here much, and I'm supposed to be marrying my cousin that I don't love." He took a shuddering breath. "And you, you'll meet someone who can stay home with our kids." He clenched his fists. Against his will, tears formed in his eyes. Furiously, he blinked them back. "And you know what? Maybe that is better because we'll be in danger if we run away together and if we're found out here, you'll be executed and our kids killed." His voice cracked. He turned on his heel and walked towards the door.

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Mena grabbed Varden's arm, pulling him towards her. "Varden, I will never find anyone to replace you." Mena looked at the floor, trying to hide the redness of her eyes. "God, maybe we should just elope. We could go to the borderlands. Or maybe somewhere else. Join a tribe. I don't care about the consequences any more. It'll be better than us both leading a lifetime of unhappiness."

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He was about to reply to her earlier statement when his brain caught up with her speech. A wide grin spread across his face when he realized there was actually a chance she would run away with him. "I love you too," he whispered. It saddened them that the statement had to be quiet, but disasters would ensue if he were overheard. "Run away with me?" he reiterated, and this time, perhaps there was even more desperation born from what the consequences of remaining lining his visage. He took a deep yet shaky breath and closed his eyes. He leaned his head onto Mena's shoulder.

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((My mother has the worst timing ever. I had my pinky on the shift bar and was summoned to dinner. Excuse me while I go eat my meal.))

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((Aww . . . . okay))

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Mena turned her head so her mouth was by Varden's ear. "When do we leave?"
Mena knew that even considering such options was extremely dangerous, and as Varden had pointed out, being discovered would mean execution for her and her children. Mena also knew that she really just didn't care. She would take a short time openly together over an eternity in secret any day. No contest.

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Varden turned his head so he could kiss her cheek. He brought his own lips to her ear. He did not immediately whisper his answer to her. First, he kissed his love and fiance's ear. Then, he whispered, "When is your shift here done?" He wanted to leave then. There would be less of a chance of their plan being discovered then. He would not go back to the castle before then. His heart beat in anticipation of the moment when they would leave. He was glad he had brought his sword and a couple of daggers. They would be useful in protecting his family.

((What tribe should they join?))

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((I'm not entirely certain.))

"Another couple of hours," Mena answered quietly. "The twins are still at my aunt's, though." A knot of anticipation began to form in Mena's stomach. She was excited for the journey in store for them, but also a bit scared.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments ((Cool!))

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((Who's Caitria being held captive by again? Was it the Ten or some other miscellaneous group that was never specified?))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments ((The ten.))

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((Maybe the Tribe of Intelligence or Courage?))

Varden nodded. "I'll at least need a different name. What do you think of Vare Winters?" he asked. He nuzzled her neck. and ran a hand through her hair. He was excited to elope with the woman he loved. Sure, he had proposed to her in secret, but there was no hope for their relationship unless they left the citadel. He loved being a prince and a captain, but that meant nothing without Mena. And if he had to change his name in order to have a life with Mena and his kids, then he would do it without hesitation.

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((I didn't see this. Sorry! Intelligence sounds good))

Mena grabbed the hand Varden was running through her hair, giving it a quick peck. "It sounds perfect," Mena answered. "I love you, Vare," she said, trying out the new name. It wasn't quite the same, but, "a rose by any other name is just as sweet," as the saying goes.

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A smile lit up Vare's face. "Good," he said in a matter-of-fact manner, "I love you too, Mena." He smiled. He wrapped his other arm around her and drew her into a long, slow kiss. It was euphoric, this feeling was. He would be able to spend the rest of his life with his love and their kids, something that would otherwise be denied to him.

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Mena pulled away from Vare after a moment. "As much as I hate having to end this so quickly, I've got to get back to work," Mena said, gesturing to the somewhat impatient looks of her co-workers.

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Vare sighed heavily. "Fine. Luv, would you mind bringing me a drink?" He smiled at her and waved as he properly sat down at on of the tables and propped his legs up. As she started to go, Vare tried to send a wink in her direction.

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Mena rolled her eyes at Vare's theatrics. She returned to the bar and poured him the drink he usually requested. Making her way back to the table where Vare was, she set the glass down. Mena quirked an eyebrow at the sight of Vare's feet on the table. "You feeling comfortable?"

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"Of course," Vare replied with a broad grin. "When am I not?" He waggled his eyebrows at her. "I'd feel even more comfortable if you were curled up next to me though." The flirting was bold, and to anyone but the pair of them, it would have sounded like the usual comments from a soldier to a barmaid.

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"You're not the only one."
Mena sighed, looking wistfully out one of the bar's windows. She enjoyed her job and all, but wished she could be finished. Mena was eager to get the hell out of the village and to somewhere her and Varden - Vare, she mentally corrected herself - wouldn't have to hide.

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((Perhaps Tribe of Pride instead? We have more people for it . . . .))

Vare nodded and smiled at her. He was looking forward to being able to be with Mena properly. It was all he really wanted, after all. "I'm counting on getting it later." He couldn't wait to live with his fiance (who he decided he wanted to marry the second they arrived) and his two kids he saw far less than he wanted.

((Time skip until it's time for them to leave?))

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((I don't really care about what tribe they choose, and sure.))

One of Mena's coworkers tapped her on the shoulder. "Time to close." Mena assisted in easing the remaining patrons to the street, or (if they had any) to their rooms above. After she had finished, she returned to the table where Vare was seated. "Let's go," she breathed excitedly, grabbing Vare's hand and pulling him to his feet.

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Vare was more than happy at the prospect -- he was ecstatic. He grinned. He let Mena pull him to his feet. "Oh yes," he said. Though Mena had been the one to pull him to his feet, he was the one to pull her to the door. "So, we get the kids," he whispered, "and then we escape through the Citadel's gates." He opened the door and stepped out onto the cold, dark street. He suppressed a shiver but only barely.

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Mena nodded, smiling broadly. "Sounds like a plan," she said breathlessly, allowing Vare to drag her to the home she shared with her aunt. The older woman was asleep on a cot nearby the door. Mena scrawled a quick note, vaguely explaining that she was leaving as Vare grabbed Alastor and Ailinn. Mena kissed her aunt gently on the forehead, drawing the blankets around her. She set the note on a nearby dresser, and her and Vare reentered the cool night air.

((Thread change, since they're out of the tavern?))

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((The streets are occupied though. . . . What should we do?))

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((Well, didn't you say earlier that "Caitria" and Varden would have a run-in? Maybe Eliza would have to preemptively have to begin playing the part because they ran into each other? Other than that, I'm not sure...))

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((Well, she isn't actually impersonating Caitria yet and doesn't have the clothes even. . . .))

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((That's what I thought. Okay. Well...))

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((So . . . . now what?))

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((We could always just skip to The Roads on their way to the Tribe of Pride...))

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((I post there when I post?))

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((Please do.))

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((Okay. Borderlands or Wilderness?))

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