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This surrounds the Citadel. There is one entrance and exit. It is made entirely of stone, and some parts have crumbled. Peasants who cannot pay their taxes are often forced to work on rebuilding the wall no matter the condition they are in. There is only one gate in and out, and it closes at dusk and opens at dawn


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It was approaching dusk when Kurtis finally made his way down to the wall. He'd had too many people interrupt him and was looking forward to finally getting home. There were only a few streets between him and the Blacksmith's shop he worked at and lived it.

Kurtis stared at a spot further down the path he was on, outside the citadel wall. Once he got to that spot, no one else could interrupt him. He could be free to take off at a sprint home and he wouldn't have to interact with any more nobles or rich, arrogant brats. It was his destination, and he silently prayed no one else would get in his way.

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Even the Oracle was not entirely sure why she had ended up here of all places. Here. Why was she here? Everything was a haze, and the future was her beacon. She remembered the heat of the fire and the smell of the incense of her own lair. She remembered the haziness that had come with her opium. The opium had left her system, she knew that. She had thrown a tantrum, which may have resulted in the injury of one of her subordinates. She had gotten more opium, and that was why her head was so foggy and her limbs so heavy. She leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Her eyelids drooped. She needed to get back to her den quickly so that she knew she would be safe. So immersed in her fog was she that she did not immediately notice when she ran into Kurtis.

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The spot Kurtis was aiming for was within reach, just a few more steps. He walked a bit faster, lengthened his stride, and stumbled slightly as he felt something hit his side. Cursing his bad luck, he caught his balance and straightened himself, noticing the cause of his troubles to his side. What could this one want? He narrowed his eyes at this dazed-looking woman, with an ill-tempered, "Excuse me?"

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The Oracle jumped and pressed her back against the wall. She panted slightly. Feeling her magic crackling beneath her skin in anticipation of self-defense, the one-who-had-once-been-Shybeel looked Kurtis up and down. And then, whatever short rush of adrenaline, of fear, seemed to dissipate. The heavy lids of her eyes began to droop again, and she drifted into the numbing fog. Her words slurred, she said, "Wha' is it? D'you wan' your fortune told?" Though she was out of her usual den, she was still the Oracle.

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Reese walked several paces behind Jordan, scanning the crowd. It was a habit they had picked up whilst searching for their sister - although, with all the time that had passed, they weren't sure how this was supposed to help at all. Still, Reese figured they were better safe than sorry. Even if this wasn't the most effective way of locating Shybeel, it paid to know what was going on in the area around you, especially in an unknown area.

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((Sorry, been doing exams at school))
Jordan looked around, he felt all the memories of everyone around him and had to slow down so he could concentrate on keeping him sane, he was looking for someone inparticular, he heard stories of her and he wanted to see if the stories were true

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((It's fine))

Shybeel, a.k.a. the Oracle, continued her stroll beside the wall. She scrunched her face together and leapt against the wall in alarm as she heard two sets of footsteps approaching. Her eyes, heavily lidded though they were, opened slightly in her alarm. "Who there?" she hissed, her voice low. She felt her magic crackle around her skin. Her nostrils flared. The adrenaline and fear temporarily lifted the usual fog from her mind, though why she was still here, away from her den, still was a mystery. It almost felt like something had called her, though even in her not-fully-aware state she was able to acknowledge the thought of ludicrous. "S'ay ba'!"

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Reese definitely wasn't expecting the sudden noise and as such they nearly jumped out of their skin. They turned toward where they thought the voice had come from, wondering if this was the person Jordan had been seeking. "Uh, J-Jordan - "

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Jordan looked at her, pity in his eyes "So, you are the person I have heard so much about" He said, he could feel the pain she has gone through, almost as intense as his own and looked at her

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The Oracle made a face -- one droopy eyebrow half-raised, the other immobile, her jaw halfway slack. Her half-dread-knotted and incredibly messy hair hung down in her face. "Why'd ya wan' meh? I coul' tell yer fortunes." She grinned, her eyelids drooping and her cheeks pushed up just a little too high. She couldn't quite tell what the people in front of her looked like. One she thought might have a beard but she couldn't tell. Fuck, that could probably have been hair. She couldn't tell. She thought that one might be a bit shorter than she was. The other was definitely taller than she was. The only other thing she could tell about that one was that they looked kind of pointy. The Oracle frowned. "Shou' I know yeh?"

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Reese could be wrong, but they were almost one hundred percent certain that whoever this person was, they were high out of their mind. This didn't help Reese's nervousness in the slightest, as they knew what an effect drugs could have on one's ability to think rationally. People from parts of the kingdom like this were terrifying enough for Reese, but the fact that this one was cognitively impaired only served to increase their anxiety.

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Jordan looked at her "Shall I wait for the drugs to where off?" He asked ((Can I force a bad memory to the surface so it shocks her awake?))

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((What sort of bad memory? From which part of her life?))

The Oracle took out a pipe and blew on it. She didn't exactly register what Jordan said. Her heavy eyelids fluttered as the plume of smoke rose up in front of her. "G' 'way. Wha' yeh wan'?!" She glared as best she could, but with the state her mind was in, she couldn't glare very well. She made a sort of hissing sound. "S' yer fortunes 'en?"

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Reese was growing increasingly uncomfortable with their present situation. "Jordan, who is this? Why are we here?" they demanded, managing not to stammer this go-round. They vaguely recognized some of the features of the strange and extremely drugged individual in front of them, but they didn't know how they'd have any connection to an opium addict in a place they'd never been.

((if Jordan is able to see both Reese and Shybeel's memories, isn't it feasible he'd be able to put two and two together and figure out they're related))

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((Maybe, he would probably know))
Jordan looked at Resse, he would need her awake and up before he would tell them so he forced the memory of her best friend betraying her to the captain

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-------"Aedi, I wan' 'o go. I'm scared." Light eyes looked pleadingly up at dark ones through a tangle of hair.

"Wha' the fu's wrong wit' yeh, Shy? Deh cap'n takes ca' of us!" Betrayal, whywhywhywhywhywhy--.

The Oracle shuddered, her upper lip curling of its own volition. Her stare didn't focus, and her skin and the air around her crackled with power. With a guttural roar, she launched herself at Jordan. Her broken and chipped nails clawed at his face, drawing blood from his cheeks. Her magic funneled into her fingers and burned. Suddenly, there was a stabbing pain in her mind.

-------Painpainpainpain. She could feel the stick hitting her over and over again, the blood running down her body, but she couldn't really feel it feel it. It was only a vague awareness. Her vision was blurred, the shapes of the deck past recognition.

The Oracle gasped, her magic flaring even more, the stones around her turning red. Her lips curled up in a snarl, her fists clenching and unclenching. She seemed for feral beast than human being.

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Reese froze out of a mixture of shock and terror. They weighed their options. Jordan was an older man and probably not as physically capable as the woman attacking him, but Reese had no idea what the extent of Jordan's powers were. However, Reese didn't think they could just sit by and hope Jordan wasn't clawed to death. Reese risking themself by going into the fray wouldn't be a good idea either with their tendency to panic, but at the moment they didn't know what else to do.

Reese pulled the woman back from Jordan and attempted to restrain her. They weren't sure this was necessarily their best option, but at the moment it was all they had. "Jordan, what the fuck did you do?" One moment the woman had been perfectly fine and the next she was launching herself at the older man, so Reese assumed that whatever happened Jordan was most likely at fault.

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((Deaths Coming, your turn))

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Jordan looked at reese "I just showed her a memory" He said turning off his power and smiling at her "So, calm down will you, I have come to talk to you" he said, once she was out of the influence of drugs he will tell them

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Opium didn't work the way Jordan wanted them to work. The Oracle's mind had started collapsing in on itself long before the drugs, and the opium had only accelerated the process. Even if she were to come off them, she would not be all there now. Adrenaline and hate would not remove the cloud from her mind, and even if it had much effect, it would not be positive. She'd start shaking; sweat would run down her; and there'd be this craving, so intense that it'd be crippling. She was not feeling that way; she was still on her current dose.

She took a step forward with her heavy feet, her eyes suddenly wide, feverish even. Her breath came quickly, just as it always did. Her mouth stuck together slightly from how dry it was, how dry it felt, as she hissed, "Ge' th' fu' away from me! Ge' away!" She turned and pushed Reese off of her. She could feel an old panic running through her, a fear of being restrained and beaten over and over again until she could scarcely move for the pain. "Azahaed? Azahaed?" Her voice was a whimper now, and she curled into a shaking ball on the ground, her magic crackling in a protective bubble around her. When she looked up, her eyes were red, and her lips were a snarl, feral and so very not human and so very full of hate.

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Reese let go the second the woman started to move again, and stood still for a moment afterwards, nervous that they'd spooked her somehow. At the mention of Azahaed, Reese furrowed their eyebrows. They recognized that name from somewhere, and it wasn't like it was a terribly common name either. "Azahaed? Where have I -"

Azahaed. The girl from a village near their old village that was inducted into the Sisterhood. The one that would've been in the same building as Shybeel. If this girl knew Azahaed, could she know Shybeel? Or - and Reese knew this was a long shot - could the powerful but heavily drugged woman sitting in front of her be Shybeel?

"Are you - do you - Shybeel?"

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Jordan looked forward "Yes, I saw her memories, and yes she is your sister, I was thinking that we would get her coherent then talk however as you can see that wouldn't happy" He said looking down at her, she was hurt, he hoped he could help with the healing of her heart but he wasn't sure

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The Oracle didn't hear anything that Jordan said too focused on the name Shybeel as she was. She hissed, the vibration causing her head to buzz. ShybeelShybeelShybeelShybeelShybeelShybeelShybeelpainanddarknesspainpainpainstopitstopitstopitstooooooooop. She clutched at her head, her magic lashing out at both Reese and Jordan. "Stooo'! Plea' sto' it! Jus' sto'!" She clutched at her brown hair, pulling at it, a couple locks coming out in her grip. She sobbed, no actual tears coming out. She made a choking noise -- something that was supposed to be a sob but not quite making it there. "Sto'!"

((Okay, I don't want her to get better. FYI))

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((Doesn't stop him from trying doesn't it?))

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"I'm- I'm sorry. Oh-oh, please don't freak out. I - a-are you okay? What's your, um... what do you go by?" Reese shook like a leaf and their throat was completely dry.

This was their sister. Shybeel. The one they'd been searching for practically since she disappeared. Reese should've been happy, but seeing the pain their sister was in, they wondered if it wouldn't have been better if Shybeel had died all those years ago.

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((Sorry, thought I did))
Jordan sighed, there was not much he can do at the moment, he used his good hand to grab Reese "Just leave it for a few minutes, let her calm down a bit" He said, leaning against a wall

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"I am th' Or'cle," the Oracle declared dramatically with a bow through which her eyes never leaving Reese's face. She smiled, half a baring of teeth and half a mockery. Reese, well they looked familiar to the Oracle. The Oracle thought the face was almost hateful, loathsome like an inedible bug. It never crossed the Oracle's mind that it was because of Reese's face's similarities to her own. She barely knew what she looked like these days. "N' d'ya wan' yehr fort'nes tol'?"

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"The...Oracle," Reese repeated, slowly and carefully. "Like, with a capital O?" They moistened their dry lips with their tongue and wondered what else they could really say. After Shybeel - the Oracle, Reese reminded themself - had freaked the way she had, Reese couldn't help but be curious as to what all had happened in the Oracle's time away. But, they also knew that it was best to leave well enough alone.

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Jordan sighed and sat down, this would take a while "Lets lead her back to her place, I already know where it is" he said

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"Cap'tal?" The Oracle tilted her head to the side and made a face halfway between confused and disgusted. Something about the way Jordan said his words made the Oracle look at him in fear. She shook her head violently, repeatedly, her often-hooded eyes were wide. Her lip curled. "Nononononononononononononono!" She hissed and tried to scurry away from the pair.

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Reese supposed it must have been a while since the Oracle had been in a position to read anything and probably had forgotten everything anyways. When the Oracle began running away, Reese immediately pressed themself against the wall, startled. "M-maybe," they began, "we sh-should j-just leave her alone."

Whatever was left of Shybeel was more or less gone at this point, and Reese had no interest in messing the Oracle up any more than they already were.

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Jordan looked at Reese "You can go if you wish but I am going after her" He said following after her, trying to grab her, she has been damaged however in his eyes nothing is unfixable, he would try and try again

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((I want to leave this rp.))

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