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The moat is deep and contains no dangerous animals. There is a drawbridge leading from the rest of the Citadel to the Castle. People sometimes sit on the edge of the moat. Noble and royal teens may sometimes try to swim here after dark and bribe the guards into letting them.


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After his chat with Varden, Kurtis picked up his pace, eager to be out of the castle and back to his home. He nodded to the guards stationed at the castle entrance as he passed them, then dropped his friendly smile when he continued over the drawbridge. He couldn't wait to shed his layers of noble clothing and return to simple-but-comfortable peasant clothes.

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Ayden sat by the edge of the moat, taking a bit of a break from her chores.

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A figure on horseback caught Kurtis' attention, and he recognised the rider almost instantly. The voice that called his name only confirmed it. He smiled and walked toward the Princess to meet her halfway across the drawbridge. The sight of her after so long brightened his spirits.

"Princess Lyonesse, " Kurtis gave a bow, in case the guards were watching. He looked up at her, "Lovely to see you again." He knew the formal tone wasn't necessary with this princess, but he did it as a joke.

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Ayden looked up, hearing voices. The scene that greeted her was not an uncommon one - Princess Lyonesse and one of the nobleman who went by the name Kurtis. She noticed something glistening in the grass near the pair, and quietly went to pick it up. It looked like a trinket of Lyonesse's. She approached Lyonesse and the nobleman and bowed deeply, as was customary of her position. "Excuse me, miss," Ayden said, eyes averted - the royalty generally appreciated any appearance of weakness - then continued, "but is this yours?" Ayden held out the object she'd picked up, what appeared to be the tip of an arrow.

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Kurtis gave a fond smile, taking the reins of the horse and stroking its mane as he looked up at the woman seated on its back. His eyes softened, and he skimmed his free hand over to place it over Lyonesse's, "Here and there, Nesse." He wanted to pull her off the horse and wrap her in his arms, but that was something he had to save for an area with more privacy. "I missed you."

At the sound of approaching footsteps, he released the Princess' hand and pretended to be adjusting the horse's saddle, before stepping back. He examined the woman who'd appeared - probably a maid - and watched as she bowed and actively avoided eye contact.

He had to fight the urge to tell the maid not to bow and to stand straight and proud. He hated how the maids and servants had to act so... weak in front of royals and nobles. But he bit his cheek and let Lyonesse reply to the maid.

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Ayden rose from her bow, posture erect. She met Lyonesse's gaze with her own; a bold move for someone of her stature. "My name is Ayden, miss." She returned the tip of the bow to the princess. Lyonesse was one of the kinder royals, Ayden knew, but she wished kindness didn't entail being treated like she were a child.

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Kurtis watched in silence as the maid spoke. He kept a respectful distance between him and Lyonesse's horse - he had to be cautious when in public with the Princess. Their relationship was a secret he could not afford to have out in the open. One of many secrets.

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"Pleasure to be of service...Nesse," Ayden said. She looked to the nobleman, curious as to what him and the princess had been doing before she'd arrived. Ayden inwardly shrugged; the royals all had their own secrets - especially Lyonesse - so she figured it was probably one of many things that King Eion wouldn't be too pleased to find out. But, Ayden reminded herself, it was none of her business who the princess chose to be around.

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When the maid looked over at him, Kurtis' heart picked up slightly. Did Ayden suspect something was going on? He had just been adjusting the saddle - not like he'd been holding Lyonesse's hand or anything. He kept his appearance formal, nonchalant - hoping he wasn't giving anything away.

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"Yes, miss." Ayden bobbed her head in place of a bow. "I'll be off now, I've chores to do," Ayden said, figuring her break was about up.
Ayden walked back to the castle without being properly dismissed; she really was in a hurry to return to her work before she got into trouble.
She glanced momentarily over her shoulder and sighed, a bit jealous of Lyonesse; she shared a father with the princesses, but would never be of equal ground. ((This is me extracting my character. Feel free to continue in her absence))

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Kurtis slowly released a sigh as the maid returned to the castle. He approached the Princess once again, looking up at her, "Do you want to... find somewhere a bit safer?" He said to her. Kurtis had missed Lyonesse's company a lot, and was eager to have some time alone with her.

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"Of course," Kurtis said, smiling. He wondered if the guards would think it strange that he had left the castle, simply to return just a few minutes later. He shrugged internally, Lyonesse's authority would most likely keep him safe. "Lead the way, Nesse," He said.

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((Where to now?))

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((She's disappeared and hasn't replied to mine with her in a while either))

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((Aww, I had a few ideas for Lyonesse and Kurtis :/ Should I find a new RP partner or keep waiting?))

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((Whichever you'd prefer.))

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((Okay, I'll wait for tomorrow then find a new partner. :) ))

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