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The armory is located in the south wing. Weapons of varying size, type, and grandeur are all displayed here in cases. Guards guard against theft here.


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Varden walked along the wall, running his hand along the cases. He glanced at the weapons contained within wistfully. His gaze caught on one sword in particular, one with fine gems in its hilt and a blade with an ornate design on it.

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Kurtis had a very keen eye for good craftsmanship of weapons and armour - he was a blacksmith after all - so he found himself drawn to the displays. He casually brushed a piece of dust off his nobleman's clothes, though he'd usually be covered in it back in the village.

He glanced sideways, noticing Prince Varden not too far away and cursing internally. Kurtis had just seen the Prince's sister, and he now had to be extra careful about what he did, so not to arouse suspicion. Kurtis looked back to the nearest display case, inspecting the dagger within as if he hadn't seen the Prince.

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Out of his peripheral vision, Varden noticed Kurtis standing there. At first, he didn't find anything wrong. Then he realized that he had seen the other man before, but he didn't know where. He turned subtly to observe Kurtis instead of the sword he so desperately wanted. Finally, deciding he didn't actually recognize Kurtis, he said, "You're supposed to bow." He raised his eyebrows and turned to more fully face the other man.

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Ass, Kurtis growled internally, plastering a shocked expression on his face as he turned to the Prince. "Oh - my apologies, my lord." He bowed, "My mind was elsewhere so I didn't see you." What a pompous brat. Kurtis smiled politely, masking his disdain.

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Varden chuckled at how Kurtis scrambled to bow. He didn't really care about the bowing. Hell, it even irritated him on most days. He leaned back against the case, casting a longing look at the weapon inside. He looked back at Kurtis. "Aren't you going to tell me your name, or am I supposed to pluck it out of thin air?" He made a tsking sound.

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The Prince wasn't too bad-looking, but Kurtis thought he'd look much better with a fist planted firmly in his cheek. And Kurtis could've made that improvement - if not for his relationship with the Princess. He gritted his teeth slightly, "My apologies, again." He forced out, "My name is Kurtis Whitlock." He glanced to the exit of the armoury, hoping for an opportunity to escape.

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Varden could clearly hear the stiffness in Kurtis's voice and the glance towards the door. Varden let the smirk grow slightly before making it disappear entirely. Not really caring if the other man was okay with it, he clapped him on the shoulder. It amused him how seriously Kurtis seemed to be taking this. He had just been messing with the man like he did with the soldiers beneath him. Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, he said, "Lighten up a bit, mate. I'm teasing you."

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Kurtis felt like he was a mouse, and the Prince was a snobby cat with a full stomach, toying with him just for fun. One bad move could land him in some serious trouble, so he just had to play along and hope the cat loses interest. Kurtis smiled as the Prince clapped him on the shoulder, and nodded, "Of course." He didn't say anything further - he'd heard people shouldn't initiate a conversation with royalty unless they start it first. He'd also heard that he can't leave a conversation with royalty unless they dismiss him. He sighed internally, summoning up all the patience his father had passed on to him.

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Varden frowned. Why was this man so uneasy? He was used to working with the soldiers under him, the ones that he lead into battle and the ones he fought side by side with when he was just a common foot soldier after he had first joined the army. The discomfort Kurtis was showing to him was alien. His soldiers usually jested right back at him even. "I'm not going to turn you into a Whitlock kabob if you upset me, I assure you," Varden said with a teasing smile. He was trying to set Kurtis at ease because the other man's worry was beginning to be infectious, and that bothered him because he was usually a fairly easy-going guy (well, that only applied to him usually as a captain, and that was the role he was currently in).

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What kind of Prince jokes around with strangers like this? Kurtis gave an internal sigh as Varden teased him. He didn't understand what kind of response he was supposed to give. He'd tried being respectful and noble and that didn't satisfy the Prince, so Kurtis aimed to try a little more of a casual demeanor.

He nodded, and gave a light chuckle, "That's good to hear - I'm not sure I'd be a meal of the kind of quality that befits you, anyway." Kurtis smiled and relaxed his shoulders a little, though his weight was still evenly balanced on both feet. That would be suspicious if he became too relaxed - after all, he'd just met the Prince a few minutes ago.

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The fact Kurtis had relaxed just a smidgen still made him feel more at ease. "Yes, I'm not going to invite you anywhere as dinner. Cannibalism really is not my style," Varden said while he wrinkled his nose in distaste. The second sentence was said in the way some ladies talked about their dresses. A moment later, a snort pushed its way past his lips as the corners of his mouth quirked up in a smile.

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Hilarious, Kurtis thought dryly as he gave a friendly laugh. The Prince's humour is truly a wonder. In another circumstance, Kurtis would've probably found Varden's statement amusing, but his hatred of the rich and his first impression of the Prince had made him biased. "Glad to hear. But with the way the kitchens prepare the quail here, it's not surprising." He held a small smile. Not that he'd properly eaten a quail in the palace, but the Princess Lyonesse had offered him some of the bird's meat before. The morsel he'd had was delicious.

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"Hmmm," Varden said as his lips quirked up in a slight smile. "It's been far too long since I've had that, far too long indeed." He had yet to have it since he had returned from the last expedition. He sighed, and his gaze turned to the window. The sun was setting, and this was his usual time to go see Mena. "You're dismissed," Varden told Kurtis. "I have places to go." He took one last longing look at the sword behind him and exited the armory.

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Kurtis bowed again, "Until next time, m'lord." He watched as the Prince disappeared around the corner, before leaning back on the glass case, releasing a relieved sigh. He was glad that awkward conversation was over. It was stressful enough trying to get out of the citadel unquestioned, and he'd just had to bump into a bratty royal.
Shaking his head a little, Kurtis left the armory.

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