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The throne room is fifty feet tall. Many of the walls have stained glass windows, and the room has a vaulted ceiling. At the far end from the elegantly carved oak door is a dais with five stairs leading up to it.

A rug with details from the king's life runs from the door all the way to the two thrones that sit on the dais. One throne is only to be occupied by the king. It is plush, but it is too small for the king's comfort in order to make the king look like a more imposing figure. The other throne is the dead queen's. No one is allowed to sit in it. The throne is elegant and kept in a good condition by the servants.


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Elena (anele99) Moira used her magic to open the doors. She and Sage entered the empty Throne Room. She was relieved to see that the king wasn't here yet. " So What's your magical speciality, Miss Sage ?" She asked Sage turning to her.

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((I'm getting close to finishing King Eion))

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((I have now finished him!))

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((I know. She's at school, I do believe.))

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((Let's just wait. . . .))

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Elena (anele99) ((Hi I'm on my way home. I just finished school))

"Would you be so kind to give more details on the not basic magic part?" Moira asked her. It was a first, to see a woman like her skilled in both magic and weapons.

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King Eion strode into the throne room and threw the door open with a loud thunk. His feet hit the floor with sharp clicks as he strode over to the throne and sat down. He scowled as he waited for the two females to bow before him.

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Elena (anele99) Moira bowed, all the while she tried not to look like she wanted to strangle him. "Your Majesty." She said in an annoyed tone." If you allow me, I'll leave the room, your Majesty."

((Elf? Where are thou?))

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((Elvina wrote: "King Eion strode into the throne room and threw the door open with a loud thunk. His feet hit the floor with sharp clicks as he strode over to the throne and sat down. He scowled as he waited for t..."

"The two females" idk why but I started giggling))

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Elena (anele99) ((Gabu wanna roleplay after I finish here?))

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Elena wrote: "((Gabu wanna roleplay after I finish here?))"


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Elena (anele99) ((Elf?))

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((It's Thanksgiving in America. She's probably busy with family stuff.))

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((She was. She will henceforth be busy with sleep.))

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Elena (anele99) ((Is anyone on?))

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((I am, but I'm not roleplaying here and I'm at a craft fair))

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Elena (anele99) ((Oh, you Americans have lots of fun, anywhere you, I wish there cool things like this here. Oh well our national day is coming.))

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((I'm here. I just came back from getting my hair done))

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The King nodded at Moira. He was going to ask her to leave anyway; the things he wished to discuss with Sage concerned her not. "Yes, leave us." He turned to Sage, but he was going to wait for Moira to leave ere he spoke.

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Elena (anele99) "As you wish, your Majesty." Moira said bowing. She left the room, with a small wave of her hand, her kaftan flowing behind her.

Unknown to the king and Sage, a small bug, stayed in the room, listening to their conversation.
((Gabu where do you wanna go to meet with Ash.))

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((West Wing corridors?))

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Elena (anele99) ((Ok))

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((Can you post first?))

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Elena (anele99) ((Ok!))

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"I did," the King agreed, his voice scratchy as it had been for the last decade and a half. "I suspect you are aware of the reason I called you here." His blue eyes bored into Sage, and his eyebrows lowered themselves as if they possessed their own free will. His lips twisted themselves into a smirk.

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((Okay, do you have thoughts on why the king called her here?))

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((Uh, like he's found her out. He'd be likely to have her executed if he knew, so the others would have to rescue her. . . .))

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((True, but she'd really have to watch her back afterwards. There is another member of the Ten in the castle if you want her to have help))

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"Dimly aware," he snapped. His voice boomed across the room and echoed. "Dimly aware? I have it on multiple sources that you are conspiring with nine other to overthrow me, and you're only 'dimly aware'?" If it were possible, his voice grew louder, and his scowl etched itself further into his forehead.

((He is Peter Capaldi. ATTACK EYEBROWS!))

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((You're entirely welcome, Gabbu))

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((I was just sitting in my room, looking over all the RPs I saw going on, when lo and behold! Elf made me almost knock over my freaking trash can and I ended up giggling on the floor like 3 feet away from me ridiculously hard))

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((*slow clap*))

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"Guards, restrain her!" King Eion shouted. When the guards had obeyed, he backhanded Sage, and his ring left a cut on her face. He had done this to his own children. Elsha still had a scar from it. He smirked menacingly at her. "Who are your co-conspirators?"

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"Disarm her immediately," he demanded, turning to a couple more guards. "And be thorough unless you want the same fate to befall you." His smirk didn't wither when his guards had been sliced. He'd done worse to innocent people himself and enjoyed torturing people. "You should consider it."

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"Clearly the guards are incompetent and need better training. I'll have whoever's currently in charge of that flogged," he decided. That was the most concern he showed for how easily Sage defeated his guards. He nodded towards the man who had once been the head mage before his daughter had usurped the position. The mage used a binding spell, a form of cursing, on Sage, and Eion the Terrible grinned as he found Sage to be stuck.

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((Also, would you please get on the mod chat for this group? Gratias tibi ago!))

The mage was able to feel the bonds loosening around Sage and began to reweave the binding spell and added a lock to it that would prevent the person onto which it was cast from being able to undo it. He nodded to the King when he had finished. Satisfied, King Eion called for some of his guards to take Sage to the dungeons.

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The king actually laughed, not aware of the fate that would eventually befall him and his family. "Good luck with that," he said. He thought that his fall would be utterly impossible. "Guards, flog her before taking her to the dungeons."

((Continue in the dungeons with Asha and Sage?))

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Jordan entered the room making his limp a little more obvious and bowed waiting to hear the king

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King Eion flared his nostrils at the man's arrival. He may have summoned Jordan here, but that was not a guarantee of his approval. For instance, he had earlier summoned a member of one of the Resistance groups here. Jordan had only been summoned because the king had heard say that Jordan had some interesting information, and he thought that said information would be of some use to him. After staring at Jordan's prostrate form for a couple minutes with his eyebrows lifted, the king was satisfied that Jordan had to be quaking in his boots. Such a lengthy stare from one's king was known to have such an effect. Enunciating clearly, Eion the Terrible spoke. "You may rise."

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Jordan rose and lifted his head "What do you want from me, king eion?" Jordan asked

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The king's nose wrinkled, and his lip curled. "Don't think for one moment you may play me for a fool!" His voice was no more than a snarl. It was menacing, but it was also something some baser animal would use. But such a noise was enough to let anyone know that he was not messing around, that he would tolerate no resistance, and that he knew no mercy. The king stood on his feet, and with the height of the stairs added to his own, he would tower over any man.

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"I am not playing any games with you, I will help you anyway I can" Jordan said calmly

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"If you are so certain of that," the king said; his voice still boomed and echoed through the throne room, and smirking, Eion continued, "then why was I not the first person to know of your discovery?! Why did I have to call you hear today?! Why is rumor of it on the streets ere your arrival?!" The king's eyes were dark, and it would take no genius to know from his stance and countenance that King Eion was barely reigning in his violent temper.

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Jordan didn't even flinch "What discovery are you talking about, sire? I make a lot and most are not of your interest and I haven't made any which I can remember that would interest you" He said

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((Can you please post?))

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The king's eyebrows rose up. Attack eyebrows, they could even be called. Of his whole face, the eyebrows conveyed Eion's wroth nature better than anything else. "You have had numerous discoveries. You are my subject, no more than a common peasant! If you find something even remotely interesting, you tell me court mages lest you wish to find your head on a pike outside the Citadel's gates!"

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"I Tell your mages what I have discovered of course" Jordan said
((I saw you are stop rping, so should we just delete all of this and what is happening to your characters?))

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