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The west wing of the castle contains the dungeons, armory, and fortifications. Nobles and diplomats enter through this door in an attempt to intimidate them. This is also where the drawbridge to cross the moat is located, so it is the most likely to be attacked.


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Elena (anele99) Moira passed through the hallways Dressed in her tutor outfit: black pants, leather boots and a blue-green kaftan. She was expecting some women who had bussines with the king.

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((If I don't mind what?))

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Elena (anele99) Moira saw a woman with red hair and a bright Red aura. She senses that she had passed through some hard trials so she decided to be less cold with her. "Greetings, are you the one the king summoned?" She asked in a warm voice.

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((It's fine. I'll just need to finish creating the king))

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Elena (anele99) "I'd ask you not to call me your Highness if we are not in the company of other people. You can call me Moira or Aoife whichever you like." Moira said smiling. " Now I think we should hurry, not to keep the king waiting."

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Elena (anele99) ((Where would they go now?))
"So what brings you to the Citadel, if I may ask?Also if I also may ask what is your name? " Moira said. Now that she was closer she could see more things about her. One was that she had had a violent past and the other was that se was kind, she was also as fiery on the inside as on the outside.

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Elena (anele99) ((Ok see you there! Also Elvina can you use the king in the Throne room?))

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((No, I can't. I have not finished making him yet, and I'm not going to be done with him quite yet, so perhaps they can do something for a bit before meeting the king? I need to do a couple RP posts before I can finish him, but I have most of his history in mind))

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Elena (anele99) ((Can I leave Sage in the Throne Room, and go rp with Gabu?))

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Elena (anele99) ((GO to the Throne Room discussion))

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Elena (anele99) Moira was walking in the West Hall after changing in one of her court gown, since she was supposed to attend Court after finishing the business with her father. She was worried about what her father was planning. In the past years she had managed to avoid some critical situations but she couldn't suffer her father anymore, and the Crown Prince was even worse.

She didn't observe when stumbled into an aquaintance.

(view spoiler)

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"Oh! I am so sorry. I didn't see you there," Ash said, feeling embarrassed at not noticing Moira walking down the hall.

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Elena (anele99) "Oh Duke Burne, I must express my deepest apologizes on not seeing you. Would you like to join me on walk. If it doesn't indisposs you of course..." Moira said almost blushing.

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"The fault is mine, Princess," Ash gushed, "and it would be my pleasure to join you in your walk." Ash held out his hand, a bit uncertain. He was fairly new to the world of romance, and hoped he wasn't acting as stupid as he perceived himself to be.

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Elena (anele99) Moira took his arm and started walking. She would never admit it but she did have a crush on Ashton, with his lovely blue eyes and dark hair he reminded her of a Fae prince from the tales she used to read to her siblings. " I was wondering if your Grace and his Royal Majesty have decided on the wedding date." Moira asked.

She never knew what to think of Asthon. He was charming and had half the Court swooning after him, and not all were woman. Even her lady-in-waiting had a crush on him.

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((That she does her absolute best to hide and would never act upon))

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"I haven't had a chance to speak with his Majesty as of yet. Forgive me if I speak out of turn, but I do find his Lordship to be quite intimidating," Ash admitted. King Eion, what with his piercing stare and cold demeanor, didn't exactly promote Ash's openness.

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Elena (anele99) "Ah yes that's quite true, his Majesty can be pretty intimidating. Nevertheless he's too busy with the whores to care about me or my siblings." She said in an acid tone. She leaned slightly on Ash. She didn't know a lot about this stranger to whom she was Engaged.

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Ash noticed the acidity in Moira's voice with her last remark. "Well... when we do get married, I'll make sure that isn't me," he said, his cheeks turning a bit pink. Ash knew he definitely hadn't made a very "macho" move, but he wanted his fiancée to know the truth about how he felt.

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Elena (anele99) Moira laughed. Ash was a strange man for sure, but she knew he was kind and he'd never act like her father. She only wished she'd know what he felt for her, yet she refused to divine his future.

"Duke Burne, I would be most grateful if you'd join me in my drawing room for a tea." Moira said in a casual tone. "I'm rather bored and your presence is rather intresting, if I may say."

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((Yeah, sorry I just got up and had to get dressed. I'm working on it, though.))

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Elena (anele99) Gabbu the Cricket Whisperer wrote: "((Yeah, sorry I just got up and had to get dressed. I'm working on it, though.))"
((Okay sorry.))

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Ash gulped nervously. "Tea? In your drawing room? I -I'd love to, Princess."

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Elena (anele99) "If you have important business to attend you shoud go." Moira said. She tried not to show her dissapointment. Being the elder sister, the most powerfull mage in all the land and a young girl forced into an arranged marriage meant she was pretty lonely most of the time.

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Ash shook his head. "No, it's fine. I really would like to have a tea with you," he said. He wanted to get used to spending time with his future wife, and the best way to do it would probably be to take tea together.

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Elena (anele99) "Well then, shall we go?" Moira asked her voice taking a pleasant tone. While she was walking she revised in her mind what had happend in the Throne Room.

If Sage was one of the ten conspirators she was the key to her plans. If she could get in touche with them and convinced them to help her, then she'd be able to overthrow the king.

((Shall we go to Moira's chambers?))

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"Lead the way, my lady," Ash said.


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