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The east wing contains the personal chambers of more important officials and the guest chambers. The throne room is also contained in this wing. The decor is not as elegant as in the north wing. The tapestries are older or of lower quality. The furniture is not as plush. Instead of having guard stationed at the entrance, guards traverse the corridors.


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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments The moon shone brightly through the tall windows of the great stone building, casting a long lonely shadow as Zuldarnak walked swiftly and silently about the corridors. The man who had contacted him told him it was of the utmost importance that the castles connection to what must be done should be hidden as best as possible. It was for this reason that he found himself being detained by every guard he met for wandering the castle corridors in the dead of night, but that was the price to pay when you looked as menacing as he did to others who looked upon him.

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Asha straightened her long dress as she strode down the hallway and her heels clopped on the stone floors. She sighed, glancing at one of the more ragged tapestries when she ran into a figure she had not seen previously. "Sorry," she muttered as she prepared to go on her way.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments Zula looked up from the floor his white eyes catching the moonlight and shining bright. his hands clenched. Wishing to leave as little a trace as possible he nodded curtly and stepped to the side and with a slight bow swept his arm to let her pass. The last thing he needed was people talking about some freak roaming the castle at night.

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((If he's one of the Ten, then she knows him already))

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments ((Oh see I didnt realize that, I thought that it was like something that was being formed as the rp went on I didnt realize it was like already in full swing :P))

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments He took a second glance and realized who stood before him and realized who it was. "Ah, Hello Asha, My mind was elsewhere I did not know you at first glance." he said stiffly returning his eyes to the floor.

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((Well, it's early in the plan, but the Ten has already been formed))

"Greetings," Asha returned, dipping her head offering him a slight smile. "What brings you to the Castle then?" She glanced at the tapestry. "My apologies for bumping into you, as I said."

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments ((okay :D))

"It is already forgotten, think nothing of it, And my skulking about would be because A certain noble looks to have some business taken care of that the nobles do not want traceable back to them. I come to discuss the specifics, target, location, price, plans for the remains and such" he said flatly picking at the fringing cuffs of his jacket.

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"Ah, " Asha said as she took a deep breath. "And what poor, unfortunate soul do you mean to dispose of this time then? " She gritted her teeth, and she stood poosed, ready to snatch a concealed weapon if the person were one she cared about. She looked up to stare Zula in the eyes.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments ((sorry for late response, snow storms up here are messing with power lol))

"Of that I do not know yet, I was simply contacted by some errand boy in a tavern last night and told that I was to report to the castle this evening to discuss a matter of disposal. No specifics were given." he said returning her stare coolly, his milky white eyes gleaming menacingly in the moonlight.

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((It's fine. I'd like snow))

"Ah," Asha said, "then do you know to whom the noble pledges his allegiance, or is that something you don't know?" She raised her eyebrows and gave a half smile, but she was still prepared to grab a weapon.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments (( we got 7inches of it last night, winter storm coming in tomorrow and Tuesday projected between 15 and 25 inches of it over the next 2 days lol))

"I do not, and I doubt I will come to know, As I said the nobles wish to have as little to do with this as possible and want no links, likely the man I am meeting with is not even the person who wishes harm to whatever poor fool I shall descend on. He most likely is the one to tell me simply to protect whoever really wants this man dead" he said with a stern expression "Not really how I like to do things but thats the life of a hired killer"

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((Wow! You must be further north than I am! A lot further north!))

Asha made a face. "There's too much needless death in this world." She did not approve of Zula's profession at all. She took a deep breath. "I decide if you make the kill or you fake it," she decided.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments ((Im in the U.P. of michigan lol))

"Oh is that so?" he said with a small laugh "I did not know I was in your employ, Your highness" he said with a mock bow.

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((Definitely north then))

"I know who in the Castle is most beneficial to our cause and which are the most against us," Asha replied calmly. Her eyebrows slid up her forehead. And she did, and in her mind, both those and many of the people loyal to the king were not disposable.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments "This is true, though what it the target is not someone in the castle? Then do you still chose his fate?" Zula answered as he crossed his arms across his chest.

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"If the person is a member of the Tribe of Pride, then the answer is yes," Asha returned with a furrowed brow. She swallowed and clenched her fists. She knew quite a few people in the Tribe of Pride as she herself was descended from them. Some of them the tribe needed, and she needed to make sure they would not be killed. She sighed. She needed to get down to the dungeons to help one of their comrades, Sage, out. "I must be on my way." She nodded slightly and strode away down the corridor.

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((I have ended the RP because I need Asha for another RP.))

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine strolled down the hallway, her pale blue, tattered apron barely held together by the seams. The undyed wool dress she wore under itched her legs and made her sweat, but it was a relieving kind of sweat. The air was icy and cold, stabbing at her exposed fingers, the chill reaching all the way up her arms. she would have liked her hair compeletely down, over her face and shoulders, but it was tied back so she could better see. Namine ran a broom over uneven cobbling, dust flying.

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gabbu | 853 comments Mod
Ayden reentered the castle, hastily pulling her hair back. It was a bit chilly, but some of the warmth from outside still clung to her. She noticed one of the other servant girls - Nadine, or something like that - sweeping up a storm. She coughed, the dust clogging up her airway.
"Not quite sure that's how you're supposed to do it," Ayden teased, the corner of her mouth going up in a smirk.

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Shichi sat on a stone bench, his head down, facing the floor. He had been sitting there for a while, no thoughts entering his mind, but he still sat in silence.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine jumped at Ayden's remark, just as she was about to burst into song, thinking she was completely alone. "I- er- The cobbles kick the dust up some." Her face was flushed and she stumbled back a little bit, tripping over those darned uneven cobbles and falling back onto Shichi's feet.

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gabbu | 853 comments Mod
Ayden's eyes widened as Namine tumbled backwards. She made a move to catch her, but by the time she'd gotten out of her shock, Namine had already fallen - and almost right on top of a guard.

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Shichi looked at her with a solemn face, ignoring her completely.

"Klutz," he whispered.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine got up immediately, shamed by the insult, and lowered her head respectfully at this person she'd messed with.
"My apologies, Lord." Well, everybody was a lord to her. She gripped the broom tightly, like it would stop the awkwardness and the weird Shichi guy from glaring soullessly.

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Ayden, however, didn't appreciated Shichi's attitude very much. At all. "Pardon me if I speak out of turn-" which Ayden, of course, knew she was, "but it isn't her fault that she happened to fall. She looks embarrassed enough; there was no reason to insult her," she said hotly, infuriated that anyone should feel it was okay to insult people just because they were in a lower caste.

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Elena (anele99) Moira Walked through the hallway trying to clear her thoughts. She wanted to see Sage in the dungeon and talk to her. She stumbled on the hallways only to see a guard insulting one of the servants.

"What is the meaning of this, Guard?!"

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"I'm sorry, but I forgot to care," he retorted to Ayden. "Your personal opinions are irrelevant to me."

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments ((Sorry!))

"I apologize!" she said quickly, bowing to the princess. "It was nothing, truly! I- I should have watched my footing." Namine gripped the broom.

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Ayden bit the inside of her cheek, averting her eyes and bowing deeply. She chose not to say anything, not wanting to get into any more trouble than she probably would be. She glared reproachfully at Shichi, still pissed off about how he'd treated Namine. Ayden knew neither of them personally, but that fact was irrelevant when it came to most things for her.

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Shichi could see Ayden biting back her anger, and he internally chuckled. He loved watching the scum get mad at him.

"Yes, you should have," he said to Namine.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine carefully pushed her hair over one shoulder, running her fingers through it nervously, looking at the princess's feet. "Please forgive me, my Lord, my Lady..."

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"Begging your pardon, Princess, but it was through no fault of her own that she fell to the guard's feet," Ayden said, her tone measured. She hated how the rest of the castle servants were so willing to blame themselves for every little thing that went wrong, especially since it always put her in a very precarious position.

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Elena (anele99) "I wasn't talking to her. I was talking to the Guard" Moira said in a cold voice turning to Shichi." If you think you are better than a servant, then Why aren't you at your post? Where were you when His Majesty, the king was attacked?"

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"I am no guard. And if you want impeach me of my actions with your annoying nagging, then go ahead. However, do know that I care not."

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments "The king was attacked!?" Her face was full of blank shock, but maybe, in the very depths of her voice, a twinge of hope shone out. "Is he all right? Is he safe?"

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Ayden was unsure of what to say; the King had been attacked? She wondered what the strange man was doing in the castle, and if he, perhaps, had something to do with said attack.

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Elena (anele99) ((Sorry I'm late I had a hard week at school I also thought it was someone else's turn...))

Moira turned to the stranger. "Then I'd suggest you leave. A stranger shouldn't be in a castle all by himself, at any time, even more so when his Majesty was attacked. I'll ask you to leave before I call the guards."

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"And you can leave me alone," he said to Isolde, "because I care not what threats you give me. Go ahead, call the guards, and watch ... them ... fall."

He stared at her with a fiery look in his eyes.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine ducked her head. "Please, sir," she said, terrified of the bloodshed he threatened, "Please come with me to the kitchens. We can- we can feed you," she offered. And while that was happening, they could figure out if he'd made the attempt and come at him with more caution, if necessary.

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"I believe," Ayden said, a bit pointedly, "the decision is entirely that of Her Majesty's." Ayden loosely gestured to the princess, awaiting her view on the matter. Ayden wasn't too certain about Shichi - maybe he was some sort of mercenary. Either way, his speech to Moira was just as out of turn as Ayden's earlier commentary.

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Elena (anele99) "I will ask you to leave. Now. Unless you want to end up in the dungeon." Moira said coldly. She wanted to use her powers so bad it almost hurt, but she needed to restrain herself.

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He appeared behind her with blinding speed, grabbing her by the arm and twisting it so far it would almost break a bone.

"Try me, bitch."

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments "Stop it!" Namine shouted, stomping one foot. "Sir, you could be arrested and executed for assaulting her royal highness! I implore you to go- please!" Her face was panicy, but she held the broom like she was about to hit him over the head if he hurt that girl.

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Elena (anele99) Moira kicked him in the shins, and turned to face him. With a fast motion of her hand she pushed him in the wall with her magic. Then she binded him with her magic. She then turned to Ayden "Call the Guards, now! And get her out now!" She shouted gesturing to Namine.

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Ayden grabbed Namine by the wrist and ran off in the general direction of the closest guard's post. They'd gone a little ways before Ayden realized there was no one to be seen. She turned to Namine, wondering if she had any clue where to look. "Do you...do you know where all the guards went?"

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) | 617 comments Namine shook her head frantically as she was torn away from the princess, unable to do anything to protect her. "I- I don't know! There was an attempt on the life of the king, perhaps they've gathered there! We have to protect our Lady!" Her voice squeaked, very mousy, but there was some fierce loyalty behind her fear.

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Shichi's eyes changed color briefly, the binding magic stopping immediately.

"Your meddling with your own kind, you know that?"

He punched her straight in the face.

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((Would it be okay with you all if I deleted the extraneous comments so we could make the roleplay easier to follow?))

Ayden grabbed the other girl by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. "Hey. It's okay. She asked us to find the guards, so that's what we're going to do," she said firmly. She released Namine's shoulders, hoping that she'd be a bit more calm now.

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