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The north wing contains all of the personal and leisure chambers of the royals. Ornate tapestries hang down on the walls, and across the stone floor is a burgundy-colored carpet. Guards are stationed only at every entrance to the wing, but not withing the wing itself. Music may often be heard through here. Only royals and their guests are allowed in.


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Elena (anele99) Moira got out of her room. She was bored so she decided to go walk through the caste. She saw Lyonesse entering the wing. She called after her "Nesse!"

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Elena (anele99) "I'm in foul mood. I need to something more intresting than spending time in court. What are you up to, little sister?" She said smiling. Even though Lyonesse was on the Royals side she couldn't stop caring for the sister, she'd helped grow up, after their mother's death.

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Elena (anele99) "Marvelous! What about going riding in the forest and then shooting with bow. I'm in desperate need of getting away from the boring court etiquette. What do you say?"

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Elena (anele99) ((I posted on the Forest disscusion))

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