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Alicia Dean (alicia_dean) Feel free to list your book

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Hot For The Uniform, #1 Arroyo Firehouse #3 by Layla Chase

Hot For The Uniform by Layla Chase


When their attraction flames from sparks to 3-alarm lust, can fire captain Conor convince Rikki they have more than a sexy combustion?

Rikka Brendan accepts a teaching position in small town Arroyo, Texas, hoping the new location will help her fight her attraction to men in uniforms. Her logic? She’ll get to know the guys as people and the fetish will lessen. But accidents keep occurring that require calling in the fire department, and then she just has to watch those buff men in action.
Enter newly installed Captain Conor Malloy to investigate three rescue calls in less than eight weeks. He observes Rikka as being a bit klutzy, but is there more?

The captain’s starched shirt and stern expression excite Rikka into action and, acting on pure impulse, she seduces him and comic interruptions intervene.

After another interaction ends similarly, Conor makes plans to explore their feelings. But can he convince Rikka the sparks between them are more than her fetish?

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Up And Coming by Layla Chase

Up And Coming by Layla Chase

Headed toward a Mexican vacation full of sun, tropical drinks and sexy men, Carina Torkel is ordered to substitute for a colleague at a Dallas training session. The last-minute schedule change is annoying enough, but she doesn’t have a reservation and the hotel is packed with conference attendees. Now, she’s snagged the interest of a much-younger stranger whose dark-eyed gaze sends shivers down her spine.

Rico Quinton makes decisions with confidence...and he’s usually right. The moment he connects gazes with the trim blonde woman across the hotel lobby, he knows they will be fabulous together. Patience proves him right as he waits for her to accept the challenge. In the light of day, will their differences pull them apart?

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Twin Delights by Layla Chase

Twin Delights by Layla Chase

At an initial meeting to oversee a day spa design, Michelene Didier’s lust is aroused first by the spectacular body of a carpenter and then by Whit Barron, the handsome contractor she’s known only through emails and phone calls. Maybe this month-long stay in Reno will be her chance to kick up the excitement in her social life.

Whit is just as attracted to Michelene and he invites her to a dinner that will be her opportunity to sway him into increasing the spa’s square footage. After the details are discussed, they share a dance that turns surprisingly seductive. Only when Michelene reaches Whit’s house does she realize she’d also been dancing with his twin, Holt.

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Whirlwind by Layla Chase

Whirlwind by Layla Chase

Unveiling tattoos with a stranger has never been so dangerous…or sexy.

Hosting her first booth at a national tattoo convention is nerve-racking enough for artist Senna Whitefeather. But then she runs into another Native American—one with a smoking hot and firm body—a man she soon realizes is following her. Appreciation for art takes on a new meaning when a challenge to unveil their tattoos escalates into a passionate encounter in the back of her booth. But will Senna’s brazen attitude of going after what she wants backfire?

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Naughty In Norway by Layla Chase

Naughty in Norway (Destination Pleasure #7) by Layla Chase

A job promotion temporarily relocates Texan Dissa Booth to Oslo, Norway where she treats herself to a weekend mountain trip. The athletic moves of her blond, blue-eyed Viking of a ski instructor, Rolf Torger, set her lustful thoughts racing. Dissa cuts loose and lets him know she’s interested in any moves he might make besides on the slopes. Will one night of sexy naughtiness be enough? Or does a chance exist for more?

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Dom Wars: Rounds 1, 2, 3Lucian Bane
Lucian Bane’s inner Dom is out of control and hungry for things he can’t name. When he signs up for Dom Wars, he meets Tara who is naive to the BDSM world. Her reckless dominance and puritan heart fascinate him. But when he discovers the pain in her past, it unleashes his true Dom within. This book set includes Rounds 1, 2, and 3
The first half of this 5 star rated series is free today Nov 7 and Saturday Nov 8, and Sun Nov 9:

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Setting Boundaries by Layla Chase

Setting Boundaries by Layla Chase

Widow Trixy Manville is desperate to save her cattle and turns to a neighbor with an offer—his pick of her best calves in exchange for water rights.

Garth Rutger negotiates for one night of hot, unforgettable sex from the woman he’s wanted for the past decade. A bit of humiliation might assuage his yearning. After her first refusal, he raises the stakes to a ménage that includes his brother. Will Trixy’s agreement lead her to a pact with the devil, or the sexual exploits she’s been craving?

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Layla Chase | 7 comments Night Prowler #1 in Altered States series by Layla Chase

Night Prowler (Altered States, #1) by Layla Chase


Tall, muscled and naked—that’s private investigator Zoia’s first sighting of her quarry, a missing soldier named Kol. The fact he’s pleasuring himself is even more intriguing but within minutes she becomes his prey. He stalks her, arousing every female instinct she possesses, and then claims her—carnally. When Zoia learns Kol is battling a situation he doesn’t understand, her need to help surfaces.Kol has holed up in his family’s cabin to learn the cause of his unsettling blackouts. The appearance of a vivacious nature photographer sets off his radar. Within minutes, Zoia invades his space—and her sweet body becomes his lifeline back from unexplained memory lapses. Can their growing attachment survive the discovery of his startling secret?

Book 2, Beast Within by Betty Hanawa
Book 3, Naked Prey by Myla Jackson
Book 4, Unleashing The Tigerby Delilah Devlin

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Carol Burnside (carol_burnside) | 7 comments Sunset Beach Sizzle (Tropical Heat, #1) by Carol Burnside Sunset Beach Sizzle by Carol Burnside only $2.99

When their intense attraction proves irresistible in a “strictly no fraternizing” law firm, divorce attorneys Julia and Cisco find a sweet recipe for relief: a week’s summer vacation on Oahu, sunny beaches and all the sex they can stand. But neither can predict the depth of feelings that grow from their increasingly sensual encounters. Cisco’s plans to leave the Denver firm for one closer to his hometown in Atlanta quickly throw him into a quandary. He’s falling in love and wants more, but will one week be enough time to convince Julia to give their relationship a chance?

Julia has witnessed her share of ugly, bitter break-ups, including her parents’ marriage and her own with Cisco’s controlling older brother. She’s dismayed to discover Cisco has captured her heart with his optimism, charm and the hottest sex she’s ever known. She hides her feelings while Cisco uses his full arsenal of seductive tactics to make her see that what they’re experiencing together is rare and worth fighting for. With time running out, Julia must decide whether to take a chance on love and a risky career move, or play it safe and lose the man she loves.
- - -
“Cisco sounds like a dream of a guy!” Alberta, 4.5* review, Manic Readers
- - -
Sunset Beach Sizzle excerpt:

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Dom Wars Round 1 & 2 (Dom Wars, #1-2) by Lucian Bane

DomWars Round 1&2 by Lucian Bane is $3.49:

Lucian Bane’s inner Dom is out of control and hungry for things he can’t name. When he signs up for Dom Wars, he meets Tara who is naive to the BDSM world. Her reckless dominance and puritan heart fascinate him. But when he discovers the pain in her past, it unleashes his true Dom within.

Lucian and Tara make it to round two in the DOM WARS. The challenges now revolve around trust, and while Tara's inhibitions in the world of BDSM are slowly being crushed by Lucian's passion, her deep rooted fears become the real obstacle he must dominate.

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Dom Wars Round 3 & 4 (Dom Wars, #3-4) by Lucian Bane

DomWars Round 3&4 by Lucian Bane is $3.99:

Round three and four is all about Demon Domination for both Tara and Lucian. How far are they willing to go to stay in the game? How far is Lucian willing to go to win Tara for good?

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Dom Wars Round Six (Dom Wars, #6) by Lucian Bane

DomWars Round 6 by Lucian Bane is $2.99:

When Gladiator Inc, an adult toy company expands their market to familiarize the ‘vanilla’ world with the elements of BDSM, the result is a pay-per-view reality show with video feeds streamed live to subscribers. The show, Dom Wars, is a competition to determine the Top Dom that will become the spokesperson for the company.

The contestants all wear cameras to film every moment and angle of the competition, while they complete various challenges to determine who has ultimately Dominated various elements of themselves.

The hero and heroine of the series, Lucian Bane and Tara Reese, have barely made it into the Sixth and Final Round of Dom Wars. This week-long Survival Round will determine the Top Dom, once and for all.

The contestants are taken to an uninhabited island, where they will have to cross formidable jungle terrain. First Dom to reach the boat anchored on the other side of the island wins the million dollars and the title.

Seems simple. Except Lucian’s old adversary, the Sadist Jase Duff from Round One, has been tasked with making sure none of the five teams make it to the boat.
If he is successful, he wins the prize, only it's not money that Jase Duff cares about, its revenge on Lucian and Tara. And his sadistic need to inflict pain makes it game on.

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Dom Wars Round Five (Dom Wars, #5) by Lucian Bane

DomWars Round 5 by Lucian Bane is $2.99:

Dom Wars has reached Round 5, and Lucian, Tara, and Steve are prisoners of war owned by the current top Dom, known as the Preacher Dom. All they have to do is find the perfect pitch to sell Gladiator's dildos and ball clenchers to random vanilla businesses. Between Tara, Lucian and Steve, it's looking like an orgasmic circus of humiliation, bonding, and more self-discovery. But there's a catch. Their scores will buy their chances of survival in the next round. And Preacher Dom isn't about to let three cheating hooligans ruin his chances at the million.

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Linda Carroll-Bradd (linda_carroll-bradd) | 27 comments Heated Negotiation by Layla Chase
Heated Negotiation by Layla Chase

Eight years ago, Miranda Dexter broke her engagement to dark and sexy Ramon Constantino and headed out to conquer the world. Now, she goes by Pearl as a location scout for a small film production company, which is proving to be a lonely job. On assignment, Pearl returns to her hometown of Hawksville, Texas to negotiate permission to film on her ex-fiancé’s ranch. But she doesn’t count on the spark of attraction for her old flame.

One look at the woman who jilted him tells Ramon that Miranda—Pearl?—is still in his blood. Before he’ll sign away his permission, he demands one night of passion. His intention is to tease and tantalize Pearl with erotic sensation, yet remain aloof. And if that doesn't work...well, he banished her from his heart once, he can do it again. But does he really want to?

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments Wow what a Sale, 3 books for .99¢
Dom Wars Box Set 123 by Lucian Bane.

dom wars sale with dude 3

Go meet Lucian and Tara. Take the journey with this couple as they banter and find the love everyone strives for. D/s how I see it, enjoy.
"You remember what I promised to do to you love?"
She clasped her hands together and cleared her throat a little.
"Yep. I do." She scraped at her fingernails. "I do."
"Say it for me."
"I'd rather not."
"I'm the Dom tonight, love. That means you do as I say. And call me master. Unless of course you're ready to quit."
She shook her head while looking off to the right. "No. No quitting. Just… tell me what to do. Master."
I didn't know what ached more. My heart or my cock. "I want you to say it. Tell me what I'm going to do to you."
"Forced orgasm." She tossed the word out.
"Yes. Forced orgasm. I'm going to tie you up. And I'm going to worship every inch of your body. With my lips. My tongue. My fingers. And my cock.
Now, stand up. And undress for me. Slowly."
My detailed description had shaken her. Not as much as it had me. To say the words out loud got me so hard.
"Right now?"
"Right now." She hesitated briefly.
"Can I pay you extra to get out of this?"
"You forget I'm willing to pay to be able to do it." And that was still true.
"Fine." There was that anger she'd encased her pain in. The one I needed to crush. She stood and began to undress.
"Slower." She huffed and slowed down and I watched her ass come into view only to clench my eyes shut at seeing red welts. God damn. "Turn to me." I waited a few seconds and opened my eyes. She stood completely nude hands covering herself. I looked at her. "Can you guess what I'm going to tell you next?"
She took a deep breath and looked up with only her eyeballs then dropped her arms. "Very good. So very good. Now come here." I stood and waited for her to obey, my eyes locked on her breasts. The need to adore them took the strength from my legs.
She stopped before me, her gaze on my chest.
"Undress me now." She rolled her eyes slowly up to meet mine with a really look. She shook her head a little and began shoving my shirt up over my abs. I leaned a little so she could pull it over my head. "Get on your knees. And take off my pants." She dropped to her knees and did as I said, her movements still jerky and pissed. That was okay. For now. When all of my clothes were off I whispered, "Touch me."

Amazon Links
Dom Wars 123 Box Set

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Lucian Bane | 12 comments White Knight Dom Academy: The Beginning, a continuation of Dom Wars by bestselling author Lucian Bane is here and waiting for you.

WKDA cover

Lucian and Tara have survived the Dom Wars but can they survive reigning as Mr. and Mrs. Dildo USA?

Maybe they could if they weren't having to do it in Gramma's stuck up religious home-town. All they have to do is train vanilla couples in the art of Dominance and submission--and sell one of every item in Gladiator's adult-toy catalog within a certain time frame.

Not to fear, Steve comes to the rescue once again, only this time, he brings his wife who has addictions you would never guess.

And failing is not an option. If they're to collect all of their winnings, they must comply with these terms. But if they're going to keep the family name in tact and not get Gramma booted from her own home-town, they need to pull off their kink-heist without getting caught.

Let the games continue.

“Talk, man,” Lucian said. “I just need to know what she knows, it’s not a big deal. If she knows everything, we’ll trust her to keep quiet. Pay her even.”

Steve remained with that shocked look. “We’ll pay her whatever it cost. Jesus Christ, stop looking at me like everything is fucking doomed.”

He nodded slowly, walking in a daze till he sat in the small seat next to the door. “It is,” he whispered.

“What is what?”

“Doomed,” he whispered, staring into the air before him.

“Why, why should it be?”

He sat silent until Lucian wanted to shake the answers out of him.
“Because…” he slowly looked at Lucian. “She’ll want in on it. All of it. Every bit of it. The classes. The money. Everything.” He listed them slowly, each seeming detrimental to him but Lucian still didn’t get why they would be.

“She’s your wife man. I don’t get the problem.”

He turned a wide horrified gaze on him, slowly shaking his head.
“She’s not a wife. She’s… something else. A demon I think,” he said, serious as shit. “Sent from a previous life to torment me for my grandfather’s past sins, maybe. I don’t know, I’ve asked God to show me so I can repent. She only plays like a wife. She spends all the money. She eats and diets non-stop. She spoils our son so that he hates me when I do what’s right for him.”

“What do you mean she’ll want a part of the classes?”

His eyes slowly grew wider with more horrific details. “She’s also a floozy. She reads these books. She doesn’t know that I know, but I’ve seen them and they’re full of sex. I am sure she sleeps with other men when I’m gone, with the way she carries on with me when I’m home.”

“Carries on with you?”

“When I am home,” he hissed. “She is a living, breathing, penis-raping-machine.”

Holy. Shit. Lucian spun around with his hands on his hips, biting his bottom lip to keep from laughing. “She’s like a sex machine.”

“Yesss,” he hissed, confounded. “I can barely walk when she’s done. I vomited once because she made me go so long. It’s demonic, Lucian. She’s not normal. She’s got the sex drive of Ursula. I’m so ashamed to say I’ve faked illnesses and gone to the doctor just to have a doctor’s excuse!” His final words hissed with incredulity. “All to prove to her I’m not lying and I’m not sleeping around on her. She’s a vagina with arms, and legs, and two faces. Do you know what it’s like to have your penis ridden by a two-hundred thirty pound woman?” He stood now, looking traumatized. “I'm being raped in my own home! By an angry, overbearing, dirty-talking behemoth!”

Amazon Links

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Hazel Hughes | 6 comments Please by Hazel Hughes

Please by Hazel Hughes - $2.99

Romance writer Elizabeth Holmes' novels may be hot, but her love life is tepid at best. Then she meets Sebastian Faulkner. The hot young actor is breaking into Hollywood with the film adaptation of her first novel, but what he really wants is to play the lead in her dirtiest fantasies. Though Elizabeth is tempted, she's not about to risk her comfortable life for one night of passion with a man who tattoos his conquests on his body, no matter how persuasive he is. But Sebastian wants more than one night. He won't be satisfied until he has Elizabeth's complete submission. And Sebastian always gets what he wants.

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Hazel Hughes | 6 comments Submit by Hazel Hughes

Submit: Giving in to Pleasure - $0.99

Leslie’s always kept her wicked leather fetish a secret. But today’s her thirtieth birthday, and she’s about to get a hard, leather-wrapped present that she will never forget.

Sassy lawyer Julie's business trips are usually as exciting as the decor in her room at the Holiday Inn, until the motel gym's personal-trainer and his hot cop friend teach her that when it comes to pleasure, two is definitely better than one.

In Celeste’s fantasies, she rides her sexy neighbor bareback like a wild stallion. But when he gets her alone, he shows her that her place is under him, begging for more.

Erotic shorts about strong, sophisticated women who learn that sometimes you have to give up control to give in to pleasure.

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Hazel Hughes | 6 comments Hot Shots Erotic Adventures with Athletes by Hazel Hughes

Hot Shots: Erotic Adventures with Athletes by Hazel Hughes - $0.99

Angel booked a villa at Sanctuary hoping to get away from it all. What she he wasn’t expecting was the hard-bodied Olympic swimmer in the bungalow across from hers offering to help her with her strokes.

When Sasha agrees to be Joachim da Silva’s English tutor, she’s only hoping to make a quick buck. But the sexy Brazilian football star has an entirely different lesson in mind.

Two runners meet in the pre-dawn park. She plans to tease him until the breaking point, but after twisting her ankle, she finds herself in his hands, literally.

Erotic shorts with men in sports.

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