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Alicia Dean (alicia_dean) Without Mercy

99 Cents

Without Mercy by Alicia Dean

How far will a mother go to protect her child?

When an apparently random bank robbery turns out to be a sinister plan, single mother China Beckett is thrust into a nightmare.

A group of mercenaries take over her life, threatening her young daughter and everyone they love. Each time China makes a mistake, someone dies. She’ll fight to the last breath to protect her child, but with no idea what move will be the wrong one, that might not be enough.

As the lives of China’s loved ones are jeopardized, she must take action, although she has no idea where to turn—and time is running out. But then, a startling truth is revealed and China discovers that the only person who can save them might be a ghost from the past.

*** Warning: Explicit language and graphic violence ***


“What?” China's knees weakened, and she lost her breath. “Lucy, I did not send a detective over to get her. I didn't send anyone. You let her go with a stranger? Without calling me?”
“Oh, my. I tried to call you, remember? He was a policeman. He had a badge.”
Chills raced over her skin. Why would the police pick up Emma?
“I need to call Miles and see what’s going on.”
“Is everything okay?”
“I—I don’t know. I’ll call you back.”
China’s fingers could barely function as she punched in Miles’ number. Before she completed the digits, the phone shrilled in her hand. She jumped and almost dropped it.
The caller ID showed her home number. Dear God. Who was at her house?
She jammed the answer button with her thumb. “Hello?”
“Miss Beckett.”
“Who is this?”
“You do not know me.” The voice was deep, heavily accented. Austrian? German? Swedish? “Emma is here with me. You must please come home now.”

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Susan Owens | 2 comments The Beginning Comes Quietly - The Dawning Series - Book One


The Beginning Comes Quietly by Susan J.P. Owens The Beginning Comes QuietlySusan J.P. Owens

Peyton Adams is plagued by visions of gruesome slayings. Cole Macleod learns a serial killer controls Peyton’s mind and body, and taunts the love of his life about her death. Will Peyton die before the he can catch the deranged maniac?

Heat Level Hot with Graphic Language and Violence

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Alicia Dean (alicia_dean) Death Notice - The Northland Crime Chronicles Book 1


Death Notice by Alicia Dean

A killer is using The Northland Chronicle to announce his victims. When Monroe Donovan, former crime reporter busted down to the obit desk by her boss and ex-lover, receives another obituary with a "wrong" future date, she sees a story.

Detective Lane Brody sees a suspect in Monroe, accusing her of hiding her connection between her ex-lover and the latest victim, while Monroe can't deny the attraction between herself and the unhappily married Detective. The same kind of attraction that landed her in obits.

Then Monroe walks in on her former lover and his girlfriend, half-naked and being held at knifepoint by the killer.

Now Monroe can only hope Detective Brody stops suspecting her and starts looking for her—before her name appears in the obits.

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Rolynn Anderson (rolynnanderson) | 2 comments Rolynn AndersonSwoon SWOON

“Don't miss SWOON by Rolynn Anderson! If you like an interesting cast of characters, a heavy dose of mystery and a lot of fabulous surprises, you'll be happily turning pages late into the night.ˮ
~ Brenda Novak, NYT and USA Bestselling Author of WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES

Her dead clients won’t rest in peace.

When the dead tell tales, Jan Solvang’s first reaction is to RUN! But then she gets caught up in their mysteries.
Jan’s a boutique funeral planner, new to risk, hired to bury a missing woman and memorialize an infamous man. Yet when she digs for clues to write their eulogies, she disturbs family secrets and unmasks killers.
Roman Keller, hard-driving documentary writer, is in complete control of his life and his stories, until he falls for Jan, a woman who trusts her dog, her faint-dreams, and her instincts more than she trusts him.

Can they make the sacrifices necessary to cement their relationship or will the mayhem caused by the dead ruin their second chance at love?

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Alicia Dean (alicia_dean) Death Offerings - The Northland Crime Chronicles Book 2


Death Offerings by Alicia Dean

Detective Lane Brody and Monroe Donovan, The Northland Chronicles' newest female crime reporter, are face-to-face with a chance for happiness. Then Brody's wife—incarcerated in a mental institution after murdering the man she took as a lover—begins to recover.

Now Monroe wants to put distance between herself and Brody, but Brody is under orders to keep Monroe close in order to nab the Penny Killer who leaves macabre gifts on his victims in Monroe's name.

As the body count rises and the Penny Killer grows more enamored with Monroe, Brody decides if he can't spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves, he'll gladly die to protect her.

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Lisa DeVore | 3 comments Beautiful Music


Beautiful Music by Lisa DeVore

Jena Shea's structured life as an attorney is shattered when she receives word her sister has been lost at sea. She leaves her Ohio home for Florida to look after her orphaned niece. Complications arise when she is forced to deal with Chase Reiss, the man who broke her heart a decade ago.

Chase plans on raising his brother's daughter, and Jena plans to return home with her niece. He suggests a compromise, but can she let the past go? Chase never stopped loving Jena, but she wants nothing to do with his rock star lifestyle. When a stalker threatens, Chase will do whatever it takes to protect her and his niece.

As danger draws closer, Jena finds security in Chase's arms, but the threats escalate. Time is running out, and Jena has to make a decision that might mean losing him forever.

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Alexa (alexa_grace) | 1 comments Profile of Evil

Profiler Carly Stone had seen her share of evil when she worked as a special agent for the FBI. But nothing prepared her for the vicious predator who lures preteen girls to their deaths through the Internet. The analysis Carly provides to law enforcement is truly a "profile of evil".

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Linda Trout (lindatrout) | 3 comments Last Hope Alaska

Linda Trout

Last Hope Alaska

Emily Redfern's ex-fiancé learned to kill on the back streets of New York. Now, she is his target. Broke, exhausted, and a step ahead of the man she once loved, she clings to one last hope: the wilds of Alaska. The quiet safety of her hide-a-way becomes addictive as she grows to care for the man who offers her refuge.
Released from prison after a wrongful conviction, native Alaskan Sam Tarkington is determined to regain his business, repair his reputation, and rebuild his life. But when he meets a desperate and vulnerable woman, guarding secrets of her own, she tugs at his heart. She's a distraction he can't afford. Sam must choose Emily or achieving his dreams.
Like Emily's life, the peacefulness of the wilderness is an illusion as danger lurks in the distance. Does Sam hold the key to her survival or will her past cost them everything?

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Linda Trout (lindatrout) | 3 comments Grave Secrets

Linda Trout

Grave Secrets

When Sara Adams' infant daughter is abducted, she moves heaven and earth to find her. But six months later, time is running out and Sara turns to the one man she shouldn't—insurance investigator Morgan Daniels. Dangerously attractive, he's a threat to more than just her heart, and if she isn't careful, he'll unearth secrets better left buried.

Proving Sara murdered her husband is Morgan's top priority. Helping her find her child is the perfect opportunity to get the proof he needs. But when he starts to think of her as a woman rather than a suspect, she slips under his armor. He can't trust her. Worse, he can't trust himself around her.

All evidence points to Sara as a murderer, but Morgan's gut tells him the evidence is wrong. Is his obsession with her blinding him to the facts? Or is the real murderer still out there…stalking Sara?

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Susan Coryell (susancoryell) | 2 comments A Red, Red Rose
Susan Coryell
20-year-old Ashby Overton travels to her family’s historic estate in southern Virginia to spend the summer, hoping to unearth her ancestral roots and the cause of a mysterious family rift. Overhome, an imposing mansion, is an idyllic setting for Ashby, the aspiring romance writer. From her first night in her room in the oldest wing Ashby feels an enfolding presence, a force she never sees, only feels. Candles light themselves, notes from an old lullaby fall from the ceiling, the radio tunes itself daily. And roses meant for Ashby appear in unlikely places—a symbol of love? Or something dark, deep and evil? The summer leads Ashby on a suspenseful, sometimes terrifying journey as she navigates centuries of family strife along the puzzling parameters of the spirit world.

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Judy (judy5cents) | 1 comments Sportsman's Bet by Judy Nichols

Sportsman's Bet

Who killed the meanest woman in Tobias, North Carolina? And what made her so mean?

Velma Saunders is found dead in the town's old bomb shelter. The only clue is a printout of a message from a Nigerian email scammer. It's up to Ian Dodge to figure it all out.

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Marilyn Baron | 5 comments Sixth Sense/Marilyn Baron
Reluctant psychic Katherine Crystal, dubbed "Crystal Ball Kate," is thrust into the national spotlight when she accurately predicts the death of a movie actor's young son in a private plane crash. Besieged by requests to use her powers to help others, she realizes why her parents had warned her never to let anyone know of her visions.

By-the-book Atlanta police detective Jack Hale harbors a deep-seated distrust of psychics and ignores Katherine's warnings when she calls to report her premonition. Jack is forced to partner with Kate, who uses her eerie sensitivity to evil to help him catch a serial killer in Sydney, Australia, but that's only the beginning of the story. Jack and Kate are drawn into the investigation of a mystery surrounding Kate's birth and find murder and romance among a secret society of psychics in the quaint seaside spiritualist community of Casa Spirito, Florida.

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Marilyn Baron | 5 comments Homecoming Homicides/Marilyn Baron $3.82
Professional crisis manager Philippa Tannenbaum is spokesperson for the law enforcement task force charged with solving a high-profile case. She never dreams her position as Homecoming Pageant Director and her second-place finish in the previous year's competition has placed her on a serial killer's hit list. Always a runner-up in life, she wants to finally come in first at finding the killer targeting the current crop of beauties.

Her friend Luke Slaughter, a Graysville city cop, shows up at Philippa's office, assigned to partner with her in solving the case and to protect her 24/7 for the duration. Unfortunately, he's also the man she hooked up with for a one-night stand when she broke up with her fiance. Working with her is going to be less than easy, for a number of reasons...

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Brian (brianrs) | 6 comments The Reluctant Killer by Robert Durrant


Already in one battle for his life, Mark Thorpe thinks he is back on track after contracting the HIV virus. Now on a trip to New York to celebrate he finds himself taken as a hostage by terrorists. They have no regard for human life and once more Mark finds his very existence threatened. has he got the strength for another fight for his life.

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Brian (brianrs) | 6 comments Jersey's Secret Assassin


Two brothers living on different islands, each being the only family the other has. So when one of them is found dead and the story the police comes up with is completely flawed, there is only one thing to do. Get to the bottom of the mystery yourself.

That is exactly what Frank Armstrong decides to do. But before he knows it, he is in a fast moving scenario of hired killers, assassins and terrorists set on triggering a world war 3.

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Chrys Fey (chrysfey) Hurricane Crimes


Amazon US:


*Hurricane Crimes is a short story.*

After her car breaks down, Beth Kennedy is forced to stay in Florida, the target of Hurricane Sabrina. She stocks up supplies, boards up windows, and hunkers down to wait out the storm, but her plan unravels when she witnesses a car accident. Risking her life, she braves the winds to save the driver. Just when she believes they are safe, she finds out the man she saved could possibly be more dangerous than the severe weather.

Donovan Goldwyn only wanted to hide from the police, but the hurricane shoved his car into a tree. Now he's trapped with a beautiful woman while the evidence that can prove his innocence to a brutal crime is out there for anyone to find.

As Hurricane Sabrina wreaks havoc, Beth has no other choice but to trust Donovan to stay alive. But will she survive, or will she become another hurricane crime?

Hurricane Crimes by Chrys Fey

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Chrys Fey (chrysfey) 30 Seconds


Amazon US:


When Officer Blake Herro agreed to go undercover in the Mob, he thought he understood the risks. But he's made mistakes and now an innocent woman has become their target. He's determined to protect her at all costs.

The Mob's death threat turns Dr. Dani Hart's life upside down, but there is one danger she doesn’t anticipate. As she's dodging bullets, she's falling in love with Blake. With danger all around them, will she and Blake survive and have a happy ending, or will the Mob make good on their threat?

30 Seconds by Chrys Fey

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M.J. Schiller (mjschiller) | 2 comments TRAPPED UNDER ICE

Although he is a wildly successful rock star, Chad Evans, the lead singer of Trapped Under Ice, is haunted by his past.

He tries to play his heart out on the stage; but he can never quite seem to leave it there.

Three years have passed since her husband’s death, but Beth’s life is still shadowed by sorrow.

Despite her grief, the lunch lady/writer is enjoying a Trapped Under Ice concert with her daughter, until they are attacked by two men in a stadium bathroom. When Chad and his bodyguard, Pete, come to their aid, an instant attraction sparks between Beth and the tall singer.

Will Chad and Beth be able to leave their pain behind them?

They come from completely different worlds. And just as the two seem to be able to work through their problems, someone starts sending Chad death threats. Will their story end before it even begins?

Or will their pasts keep them TRAPPED UNDER ICE?

Trapped Under Ice

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R.M. Gilmore (rmgilmore) | 1 comments 99 cents April 1st-30th (2.99 every other day of the year!)

The Scene (Dylan Hart Odyssey of The Occult, #1) by R.M. Gilmore
Book one in the occult bestselling Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult series.

WARNING: Excessive Sarcasm & Adult Language

Irreverent, twenty-something journalist, Dylan Hart, is not your average heroine. With a big butt and an even bigger mouth, she has her work cut out for her when she decides to cash-in on the blood-drained bodies of seven prostitutes scattered throughout southern California.

In an attempt to write her first bestselling novel and pay off her ever-growing student debt, Dylan begins the search for the culprit of the media-dubbed Vampire Massacres, diving head first into L.A.’s sanguinary ‘vampire’ subculture. Before long, Dylan finds herself tits deep in plastic fangs, velvet capes, and hooker corpses. Plastic or not, those fangs are razor sharp and out for blood, nosy journalist blood.

With her best friend in tow, and two contrasting boy-babes at her heels, the crew is pulled into an all too real sanguinarian lifestyle and dragged them through a bloody good mystery. Horrible pun intended.

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Chrys Fey (chrysfey) Ghost of Death *short story* 99cents!

Ghost of Death by Chrys Fey

Tagline: Ghosts can solve murders, too.

Logline: Dead men may not talk, but dead girls do.


Jolie Montgomery, a twenty-one-year-old woman, wakes up in an alley next to her corpse. She has no memories of her murder or the night she died. She didn’t even see the killer’s face before he or she took her life. Wanting justice, Jolie seeks answers in the only way a ghost stalking the lead detective on the case.

Avrianna Heavenborn is determined to find the person responsible for a young woman’s death. She gets closer to the killer’s identity with every clue she uncovers, and Jolie is with her every step of the way.

But if they don’t solve her murder soon, Jolie will be an earth-bound spirit forever.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:



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Cathy (cathy_perkins) | 3 comments CYPHER by Cathy Perkins

Cypher by Cathy Perkins

~2015 HOLT Medallion Finalist ~

Cara Wainwright thinks life can’t get tougher when her mother's cancer becomes terminal—until she returns home from the hospital and finds a courtyard full of police officers and her houseguests dead.

Greenville, SC Detective David Morris, is unsure if Cara is the suspect or the intended murder victim. As he searches for insight into her family, their mounting secrets, and the conflicting evidence from multiple crimes, his attraction to Cara complicates his investigation. Is the lure need, manipulation—or real?

While David pursues forensic evidence, Cara pushes for answers about her father's possible involvement, for at the center of the mystery stands Cypher—the company her father built and will take any measures to defend.

When the assassin strikes again, Cara and David must trust each other and work together to stop the killer before he eliminates the entire Wainwright family. 





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Matt Abraham | 1 comments Free for KU members!!! 99 cents for everyone else!


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Chrys Fey (chrysfey) Lightning Crimes (Disaster Crimes #2.5) by Chrys Fey

Lightning Crimes


Length: Short Story (20 pages)
Series: Disaster Crimes Series
Genre: Romantic-Suspense

***Lightning Crimes is a teaser story set between Seismic Crimes and Tsunami Crimes.***


A freak lightning storm unleashes its energy on Central Florida. Bolts of lightning crash to the ground. Torrential rain soaks everything within seconds. And the power goes out, casting Beth and Donovan’s apartment into darkness. Beth is already on edge after receiving a menacing phone call several months ago, and this storm doesn’t help with her nerves.

Donovan tries to distract her from Mother Nature’s tantrum, but someone else has other plans. When they find the front door to their apartment wide open, they soon realize it isn’t an accident. Someone is in their apartment with them.

What crime can happen as fast as lightning?





Barnes & Noble:

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Kate Everward (kate_everward) | 2 comments Oracle's Hunt by A. Claire Everward
Oracle’s Hunt is 99c/99p in the UK and USA until Sunday night Pacific Time! A 5 star suspense novel.

A security-critical facility is destroyed to get to it and it is called Oracle.

That's all USFID investigator Donovan Pierce knows. And while he is told to find whoever perpetrated the deadly attack, and find them fast, he is also warned not to look for Oracle itself.

Lara Holsworth never expected Oracle to be in any danger. She would like nothing more than to keep it secret and Pierce away from it—and from her, but hiding is no longer an option.

With those who now know too much more determined than ever to destroy Oracle, will its protectors' cooperation be enough to keep it safe?

And if you want to know more about the author (and her sister – that’s me):

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Kate Everward (kate_everward) | 2 comments A secret that must never be revealed is threatened and time is running out for its protectors.

Oracle's Hunt is not only a suspense novel. It's suspense, thriller, mystery and more. It'll make you wonder...about what? Don't push it, you'll have to read because I won't be responsible for any spoilers ;) But for 99c/99p you can find out...

A security-critical facility is destroyed to get to it and it is called Oracle.

That's all USFID investigator Donovan Pierce knows. And while he is told to find whoever perpetrated the deadly attack, and find them fast, he is also warned not to look for Oracle itself.

Lara Holsworth never expected Oracle to be in any danger. She would like nothing more than to keep it secret and Pierce away from it—and from her, but hiding is no longer an option.

With those who now know too much more determined than ever to destroy Oracle, will its protectors' cooperation be enough to keep it safe?
Oracle's Hunt by A. Claire Everward

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