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Forgotten John Steinbeck story published after 70 years

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message 2: by Buck (new)

Buck (spectru) | 58 comments Thanks for that link, Mark. I'd love to read With Your Wings

Here is some copy from

The Strand's holiday issue will feature an unpublished story by John Steinbeck as well as fiction by Alexander McCall Smith, Max Allan Collins, Lyndsay Faye and an interview with Chelsea Cain.

Two year subscription including the current issue (with the Steinbeck story-9 Issues)
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One year subscription including the current issue (with the John Steinbeck story-5 Issues)
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Single issue: with the unpublished John Steinbeck story
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message 3: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Manus (cinderella1987) | 22 comments I stopped by the book store today and sat and read the story right there since it was so short. A lovely piece. Made my husband read after I did. Since he is military with a long family history of service he understood why it's such a fine piece. So much beauty in so little words.

message 4: by Buck (new)

Buck (spectru) | 58 comments My library doesn't have it, but they told me that if I fill out a request form, maybe they could get a copy. I have a book to return, so...

message 5: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Manus (cinderella1987) | 22 comments buck just go to Barnes and Nobel or Books-a-million and just find the magazine and read it there. its only two pages with big pictures so really a page.

message 6: by Buck (last edited Dec 16, 2014 07:25AM) (new)

Buck (spectru) | 58 comments My library got it for me, a photocopy - two pages including a photo of Steinbeck and a large illustration for the story. It's very short; inimitable Steinbeck. Too short to savor, before you know it it's done. If only most short stories were as good.

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