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A Bun in the Oven
Shania Shania Nov 06, 2014 10:17AM
It ticks me off when people just automatically assume that Eva and Gideon are going to have a baby and that will just some how magically make their relationship perfect - if not, a lot less f*cked up. No! It does not/will not make any of this better in slightest! It'll actually make it harder and a lot more work. This is a baby we're talking about, a living breathing tiny human that would be thrown unbidden into this unstable relationship between two people who - may I add - are only scratching the surface of their own relationship. And keep in mind, though most of it is unconditional love, a lot of it is based off of untrusting jealousy. They second guess their selves and each other way to much. (Don't get me wrong, that's expected in any new relationship. Especially under Gideon and Eva's circumstances)

They need to spend more time with each other and develop more as a couple. Learn more about their lovers and about themselves. I can not stress this enough!

Don't get me wrong, Gideon and Eva are my One True Pairing and The Crossfire series is the one of my favorite book series! This is why I am hoping this saga does not end with a bun in the oven and two sickeningly happy parents with in only a few months of knowing each other. They need more time! And this is why I hope Ms. Day does not go down the road most taken. It wouldn't sit well with me and I feel it would be just a generic ending - this series does NOT deserve that! These characters are so much more.

In fact, I wouldn't mind if it's just insinuated in the Epi of the fifth book that they have a family down the road and are happy, but not in the main plot. I just pray and hope that it will not come down to that. A baby doesn't always equal happiness in novels (I can tell you some favorite Saga's of mine that went down this road and it just ruined everything I ever thought good about the books) and if this series ends up like that then... well... that would be a cop-out, Ms. Day.

*End of Rant*

Any thoughts?

deleted member Nov 06, 2014 10:25AM   2 votes
i totally agree
i don't wont a baby story line yet
i want the hea in the end, baby and all

but not a whole book revolving around a baby, i would be bored by that

but that's just my opinion

I don't think there will be a baby, it doesn't seem fitting and I don't think the author would give them a baby right now. If there is one right now I probably would be so mad because I agree that they can't look after a baby... Well at least not right now, maybe in two - five years, but honestly I never even thought about the two of them having a baby... Stupid me, it is what everybody ends up writing basically. But I still don't think that they will have one in the next book. Probably in the epilogue of the last book.

:-) :-) :-)

i think that if there was to be a baby thrown in, at least at this point in the story then it would be WAY too much like FSOG - and i don't think that it's necessary to have that many comparisons.

i think that they have a troubled enough relationship that has quite enough going on for each of them solo that a baby would just be the final straw.

But what is a ultimate happy ever after mean anyway?. Its different with everyone some thing marriage some family wee little baby. But no one usually goes with the they are happy thing .

This story sorry to say can't have a HEA . It needs to be unpredictable or ultimate HEA because the characters relationship is just like that. The big issue is miscommunication and trust, sense of reliability.

I mean the characters are married but even then they haven't went passed the trust, sense of reliability issue and I understand life is not like that either but I just hope it doesn't get fucked up.

Doesn't anyone else find it weird he married I love U shit but soon as she came home , he kicks her out ?. Remember the hospital I know there were fights going on but if someone stuck in that they would want their partner not send them away in reliability since but nope its the opposite and why is it when Eva has some emotional issues to sort out conveniently cary has a problem or issues then Eva says I need to spend time with Cary for him but really she is the one benefitting. Cary is there for her to sort out her emotional issues and Gideon gets the golden shiny stars without emotional issues because Cary scrubbed them away. Whereas all Cary gets is alcohol, false pretence Eva is here for your problems. When she isn't Eva has never sorted anything out for Cary property.

deleted member Nov 10, 2014 02:11AM   0 votes
I love Gideon and Eva, but seriously they are one dysfunctional couple. They need to work out some serious issues together, and having a baby will in no way cement their relationship. SO no baby for not.

It would over complicate everything... hope no baby yet... :)

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