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So, I have been going through this in my head and it just keeps bothering me to no ends. Corinne to me is the definition of mischievous little school girl stalking the school jock until he has no other option but to notice her. She's very believable with her little act with Gideon (And apparently people around her) but she has some serious mental problems. Do you think it was right of Gideon to cause a scene with Corinne's husband at the hospital at the end of EWY? I just don't know why he would unless he really felt a strong emotion OR SOMETHING to fight over something even remotely about Corinne! I think CAPTIVATED BY YOU will have something to do with Corrine trying to tear them apart, but my concern is now that Gideon and Eva are married it wont be as easy for Eva to "Run" as Gideon puts it. It'll be a long hard struggle for Eva and I just hope it wont come down to anything serious like Eva walking in on Gideon kissing Corinne (But I know deep down in my heart Ms. Day would never turn this even remotely into a cheating story)... (Yes, yes, I consider even KISSING cheating in a relationship) ... (And IK Eva kissed Brett! Stop judging me!) But back to the point at hand; I feel as though a big part of CBY will have to do with Corinne and her f*cked up-ness, but the question is how much? The last book EWY didn't have much angst and left our two lovers in a very comfortable place - so, call me an pessimist but I would think this one will have a good amount of teary eyed chapters. So, my friends, in regards to my ramblings, what are your opinions and thoughts on the situation? Will Corinne mess with Gideva's HEA for CBY? And why the heck did Gideon react to rashly in the hospital? Just because Giroux thought Corinne was prego's with Gideon's bundle of love? Why would Gideon instigate the fight then??

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i totally get what your saying,
one of my biggest concerns is cheating happening in the last two books because the pre - nup (that i hated) had divorce and cheating deals in it which red flaged me straight away

i worry about corrine and brett still be around, why are they there?

i worry if there is any chance that that baby was gideons's
(i think giroux attacked gideon in the hospital thinking the baby was gideon's and gideon just fought back .i think and hope his care for corrine is more guilt based than any form of love)

but i am more concerned about Deanna and anne's actions in this upcoming book

Angie Elle I think the author was trying to keep the prenup somewhat authentic. It's standard for all prenuptial agreements to include a cheating clause. I've ne ...more
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I know that Sylvia has said that Gideon made her cry alot in this book because of everything he has to go through. I definitely think Corrine will be a big part of his struggles because shes nuts. Sylvia also said that this book is like the darkness before the light for Gideon. I can't wait!

so personally i don't think that corinne's going to play as big of a role as you guys think. while i think that Gideon's reaction was strong at the hospital - he has been trying to say from day one that she needs to go back to her husband, and then having him there - well - no one wants to hear that they need to man up - especially a frenchman.

what i think will play the bigger role is Anne - i think that Dr Lucas and Anne have a lot more of a role - since she 'played' Cary in the end of EWY - i think that there's going t obe something there.

i also think that Brett will be a challenge, but not necessarily something that will come between then.

i'm really also curious about Christopher - i think that he's going to make trouble and i wonder too about Megumi - i feel like her 'michael' (i think that was his name) is quite mysterious and i'd like to know what her story is with him and who he really is.

so that's me - i just re-read all 3 books so that i'm caught up for the next one.

Could Gideon have been the father of Corinne's baby? I thought he hadn't slept with her in years. Did I miss something?

Shania No, you didn't. I had to think twice when I read that part of EWY too, but, yes, he hasn't slept with Corinne in years ...more
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