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((The upper banks of Zora's River, a river that flows from Zora Hall all the way to Lake Hylia. This is a role playing location.))

Upper Zora's River

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Geru stumbled through the portal and hit the ground with a dull thud. (I really need to start limiting the amount of magic I use in one go), he reminded himself, grimacing as pain coursed through his body trying to regenerate itself. He looked around, realising quickly that he was in Zora's domain. He retreated to a shadowy place among the rocks surrounding the area, and waited until his magic regenerated. As he sat there, he decided he would keep killing to a minimum, and use stealth instead. He thought to himself as he sat there. (Maybe I've been wrong to kill all this time. Maybe mortal life should be cherished more, since there is less of it. No, that's stupid. But it is a possibility... No!) Geru continued the mental conflict with himself, pondering over this new found idea.

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Enraged, he hit his head against a rock, each side trying to knock the other out of his mind. Realising that he was fully regenerated, he decided to save the conflict until later, neither harming or helping the humans, and return to castle town, hoping to avoid the two men he had encountered earlier. He switched to his invisible form, and put up a psychic barrier to stop anyone from sensing him like last time.

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"I found you. Little shit."

Horace stood at the base of the river, water still dripping from his armor.

"Now I'm going to tear you limb from limb."

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((Wait, what? He sure travels fast.))

'Oh, crap!' Geru quickly realised that he hadn't put up the barrier in time. 'Get off my back, will you?' he said, trying to dart away, still slightly too weak to use his magic. His inner quarrel was also still going on in the back of his mind. He ducked into a window of a nearby house hanging over the river, ((the one from twilight princess)), and hid behind one of many crates conveniently scattered across the room.

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((He used Farore's Wind. In the games, it could only be used in dungeons. But in this, it can be used anywhere, and none other than Horace has the legendary artifact.

P.S. I know. I've played Twilight Princess (and conquered it).))

Horace kicked the door open and growled. "Show yourself!"

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For the first time in his life, Geru was scared stiff. Was this what he had made all of those people feel? His inner quarrel was resolved. His head hung in shame, he got up, ready to accept his punishment.
'I have no right to ask this of you', Geru stated, turning to face Horace, 'but please, make it quick.'

((Don't worry, feel free to do away with him. I've wanted this opportunity for a while now. It'll give me a chance to slightly explain Geru's re-appearance over the ages.))

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Horace stopped. "What?"

Horace was confused. A monster so hellbent on destruction and divulging in the death of others was asking for a quick death? It puzzled him beyond comprehension. The sudden change in his behavior was so sudden, it almost scared him.

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'Look, do you want to kill me, or not?' Geru said, wishing the man would make up his mind. 'I've done some terrible things in my life, and I'm ready to face the consequences.'

((Ooh, do I sense a plot change? That'd be cool. I always saw Horace as blunt and unforgiving, but this works too! Geru may yet have a chance!))

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Now Horace understood. Something had clicked in this creature's mind, and triggered something amazing.

Horace brought his hand up and then slapped Geru.

"No, I'm not going to kill you, but I'm going to give you a warning. I'm not going to become just like Kovos. That's not me. I may seem cold and unforgiving, but I know when enough is enough."

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Geru wasn't ready for that. He slowly looked up silently.
'You really think I'm worth sparing?'

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((Okay, idea. What if Geru's shadow form, containing all of his evil, separates from him, and begins to wreak havoc. Then Geru gets the blame, etc, until it comes down to a decisive showdown between the two. Good idea? It'll help me make sense of his quick personality change.))

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“Everyone deserves a second chance. Only those who abuse that should be punished.”

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((Yeah, sure.))

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Geru then said two words he never thought he'd hear himself say.
'Thank you.' He dissapeared with a small flash.

((Methinks he's going to hyrule field. It's a good place to think.))

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Horace smiled. He just saved millions of lives without even noticing it. He felt really good.

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