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The Borderlands are the lands over which the King and the nomadic tribes are fighting. The Borderlands contain numerous peasant villages and plains. Some of these villages have been razed and looted by both sides, and good medical supplies are not readily available. The people here often die in the battles and starve because their crops have been razed. The survivors are often downtrodden and wary of everyone. The people here often embrace the nomads, whom they see as liberation from these conditions.

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Jaköb Mcgahan (VarkisArturian) | 27 comments As a cold gust seeming to come as the mountains own icy breath, swept across the forest that morning, a man drew a hood up to keep out the chill. He walked at a rather fast pace constantly looking over his shoulder. He couldn't bring himself to believe that he had left the Citadel behind without a trace, someone would be looking for him. The things he had done had not been his choice, what was he supposed to do let his family die at the hands of those madmen because he wouldnt steal a few things? These thoughts raced through his head and he did not even notice the light rustling of branches overhead until it was too late. He heard a vile voice whisper words he could not understand and found that black hands rose from the ground itself and pulled him down and pinned him to the ground. A shirtless man dropped down from the trees in front of him, his long white hair covering his face. The mans body was covered in swirling patterns filled with strange symbols and runes. Despite his situation the man on the ground found himself wondering how the man could be running around with no shirt on in these snow capped mountains without dying. The man approached and stood over him gazing down. The thief's trembling lips parted just for a moment "Who..?" The strange man before him spoke only one word "Zuldarnak" Then he reached for the mans head, the thief unable to move due to the dark forces holding him down. Zulas hand clenched into a fist and the man felt a tremendous force pulling at his head and just as soon as he felt that, he felt no more, his life over as his head left his body and landed in the hand of this wild haired man. Zuldarnak slowly extended his fingers towards the bloody stump where the mans head once laid and the blood from his body slithered across the ground and then floated up and disappeared into the palm of his hand. The runes on his body dully glowing crimson as the last of it entered his body. He reached down and riffled through the mans belongings, relieving him of anything of value before lighting his body afire to destroy its remains, the wealthy merchant who hired him expected to see the head as proof, other than that he did now care, he hadn't even asked for the stolen items returned, though Zula figured the bounty on this man had been was more a matter of sending a message then him worrying for his wealth. Zula cared not, the money spent, and now he had two beautiful crystal and gold goblets set with a number of small gemstones. They would fetch a great price to the right buyer. He tucked them in the bag hanging from his belt behind him and started the long walk back towards the Citadel.

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