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Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
This topic is for those who have finished the book. Feel free to spoil away.

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
This was my second stab at reading this book, and I enjoyed it much more this time around. It starts of pretty dense, but gets easier (or at least more familiar) as things go on. There's a lot I could say about this book, but I thought I'd have fun ranking the stories.

1)The Scholar's Tale: This one just about broke my heart. So good,

2) The Detective's Tale: Good fun, although I didn't quite buy the romance elements.

3) The Priest's Tale: Creepy as hell.

4) The Soldier's Tale: Okay with some great icky touches.

5) The Consul's Tale: Boring, but needed info at the end.

6) The Poet's Tale: I HATE THE POET AND HIS TALE. (Although I'll take some of the background info it provides.)

All in all, it was great and I am going to go on to the next book. For those who hate multi-book stories, I would say that one could read this book as a stand alone. It's just some people on a journey telling the stories of why they are there. You can enjoy it for the individual stories if you don't care about what happens when you get to the journey's end.

Cheryl | 920 comments I should've heeded your "creepy as hell" warning, Adelaide. The Priest's Tale just freaked me out! It's like a Clive Barker-level of horror. I have read The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and I now wonder if she got her inspiration to write that book from The Priest's Tale. (Her book was written in 1996. Hyperion was written in 1989.) I hope the next tale isn't as creepy.

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
I'd say the next one is more gory than creepy. Each story has a vastly different flavor, as if the author was trying out different genres for fun.

Cheryl | 920 comments The Soldier's Tale surprised me. I thought it was going to be about him going on the pilgrimage to find his lost love, be reunited to her, and live happily ever after. Wrong! That was quite the shocking reveal at the end, wasn't it?

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
Uh yeah. Ew.

Cheryl | 920 comments I got through The Poet's Tale OK. He is a bit obnoxious, but I've seen more irritating characters than him in books. His tale was kind of boring. The Scholar's Tale was a bit of 50 First Dates meets Benjamin Button. (Of course, this book was published before these movies were made.) I thought both tales could've used a bit of editing, as I speed-read some passages in each. (The Later, Alligator refrain got a bit old for me. Too sweet for my taste. And no, I don't hate kids.) This is just my personal opinion, though. Maybe it was just hard for me to switch gears from the horror of first two tales?

Cheryl | 920 comments I finished The Detective's Tale. Cyberpunk, with a little Singularity/Terminator mythos thrown in. Looks like Lamia will be "The Mother of Our Salvation". It will be interesting to follow her story in tne next book of the series.

Cheryl | 920 comments I finished it! I actually read a book I was dreading and lived to tell the tale!

The Consul's Tale was boring but necessary, as Adelaide said in her post. I am glad I read this book. I did like it, for the most part. I wish it didn't end so abruptly, though. Maybe this book is really a prequell to the main action to come in book 2? I will be reading the second book in the series, mainly to find out about the Time Toombs and the Shrike.

I mean, what is the Shrike? The Consul's Tale hinted at at a Terminator-type of scenario, where perhaps it was created in the future and sent to the past to stop the TechnoCore. (Which is similar to the plot of The Terminator, if you think about it.) It's just a fascinating mystery to me - one I want to know more about.

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
Yeah, I love the mysteriousness of the Shrike. I don't think it would have been nearly so scary if we had a clear picture of it.

Sarah (sarahmott) | 362 comments Ha, loved this. I think it was a perfectly executed sci-fi take on Canterbury Tales. I thought it would be cool to think about who would direct each story if it were a TV mini-series:
1. The Priest's Tale - David Lynch
2. The Soldier's Tale - Maybe James Wan of Saw and Insidious
3. The Poet's Tale - Vincenzo Natali...his stuff really creeps me out.
4. The Scholar's Tale - hmmm...David Fincher. Definitely.
5. The Detective's Tale - Ridley Scott?
6. The Consul's Tale - Clint Eastwood

Cheryl | 920 comments Sarah, I had to look up Natali and Fincher. I think these are great suggestions. I see Fincher directed Benjamin Button, so he'd know a little something about Rachel's situation. David Lynch for The Priest's Tale - I don't know if I could watch something that scary!

Now I really want to see this filmed.

Adelaide Blair | 1043 comments Mod
I would watch that movie.

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