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Fate of House Lannister: Tyrion (Spolilers)

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Robin Riddle What do you all think is going to happen to Tyrion in the next books? Does anyone think he will pay up to The Second Son's after he gets back to Westeros (if he gets back to Westeros)? I heard theories that he might turn out to be like Tywin and since he was so bitter in ADWD I can't see why not; I hope not at least. I hope he finds himself again and lightens up a litter more.

Also I have not read his chapters from Winds of Winter so no spoilers please. : )

Mitali I don't think Tyrion's debt to the Second Sons will ever become an issue, because before it's due, Tyrion will already be dead (*sob*).

I simply don't see Tyrion surviving till the end of the series. He'll definitely survive till the climax of the last book (whatever it might be), but I think he'll die in the end. He might sacrifice his life for a greater cause (a bit unlikely, I think); or he might get killed fighting against the enemy (the Others or some human enemy); or he might succumb to the Grey Plague (I personally think this is most likely - his fall into the plague-infested water in ADWD is definitely a Chekhov's Gun waiting to go off).

I hope that Tyrion's arc over the two books involves him rediscovering his humanity and sense of humour, after losing them both in ADWD. I also hope that he discovers a greater purpose in life and ends his life doing the right thing. And more than anything, I hope he finds someone who loves him unconditionally - it doesn't have to be romantic love, any kind of love will do. He's unlikely to find Tysha again (GRRM doesn't write such sappy stuff) but I hope he finds out what her eventual fate was, and that it was a (reasonably) happy one.

Brooklyn Ann Alas, I am inclined to agree with you, Mitali.

If I wasn't busy wirth my own stuff, I'd write my own happy ending for Tyrion. He hasn't caught a break since Clash of Kings and that saddens me.

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