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From Heaven to Earth (The Faith of the Fallen #1)
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Sherrod Wall (wallflower48) | 1 comments Ages ago, Lucifer gave into love despite God's warnings and procreated with his consort, Annarae: the makings of the first celestial family. God banished pregnant Annarae and the rest of the female angel population to the depths of Hell. There they remain: playthings for the infernal.

Lucifer responded with revolution and found himself cast out as well. Heaven was preserved but not without consequence. God is dying, and Earth is left bereft of His will.

On our god-forsaken world, there is a city in New Mexico: Nuevas Cruces. Known as the enchantment capital of the world, Nuevas Cruces is a city humans share with demons, angels and generations of their half-breeds.

It is there God sends his only hope for survival: a seraph, the guardian of His Sanctuary in Heaven: Drean. Drean is a fearsome warrior but innocent in countenance and naïve of mankind's ways: weaknesses easily exploited by the demons and angels that hunt him in pursuit of nothing less than God's throne.

A novel of epic passion: From Heaven to Earth explores how desire drives angels and demons, how it changes them and how it defines them in a world bereft of God.

War will be fought. Innocence will be shed. Angel's wings will be severed to claim God's empty throne. Whether secured or destroyed, one thing is for sure: Heaven will never be heaven again.

Whether it is passion for romance, violence, duty, dance or just feeling alive; the characters in this angel paranormal romance would rather die than be denied their desires. Will any of them humble themselves and save their world? Or will a tyrant assume God's role, dooming Heaven and making a hell of Earth?

Normally 2.99. Grab it now for .99 for a limited time.

Meka♥books (book143er) Picked up a copy and placed on my TBR list. Sounds interesting.

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