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Winter ❄ (wintery) My Characters [Finished & Approved or Under Construction]:

☑ Katherine Ava Greene; Struggling Actress
☑ Kolton Christian Hale; Famous Singer
☐ Callia (Cala) Sloane Calister; Famous Socialite
☐ Stefan Will Spencer; Famous Manager
☐ Paige Lexington Falkner; Famous Actress/Ex-Child Star

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Winter ❄ (wintery) First Name: Katherine (Formerly Anna)
Middle Name: Ava
Last Name: Greene
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Job: Part Timer Waitress/Struggling Actress
Claim to Fame: To-be-famous Actress

Face Claim: Anya Podolko

Eye Colour: Forest Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown (Brunette)
Complexion: Pale White
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type: Tall, lean, and slender with only the slightest curves.

History: Katherine was born in a small town in North Dakota under the name of Anna Greene. And since she was young, she had always wanted to become an actress, not for the fame or fortune, but only because of her pure love and joy of acting. But she is sadly gifted with the traits of being awkward, clumsy, and not confident or charismatic in front of others, even though she has what it takes to make it big. Her motivation was when her grandmother told her to pursue her real dreams and what she really wanted to do, or else she'll regret it for the rest of her life when she was 18, and so has pushed off college, and moved to LA ever since. Reality though, has crushed and punched Katherine in the heart and gut multiple times by different agencies, directors, and producers. That she can't be an actress because she's not charismatic enough, she's not skinny enough, her name Anna Greene is too boring, that there are a million girls like her out there and etc, are the tons of reasons they have given her. So she wasn't confident and cool, but she could be when she's in character, and she went on diets to cut down a little weight. Her name Anna Greene is admittedly really boring, which could be solved by going to the courthouse, and changing her name to Katherine Greene. And even if there are a million girls like her out there, they probably don't have the gift to acting like she does, or has never practiced facial expressions and emotions for hours in front of the mirror like she has. Although right now you could see her frequently working hard as a part timer waitress in multiple restaurants and fast food chains to save up for rent, it's a guarantee she'll make it big, someday...

Personality: Determined, hard-working, and with the belief and hope of being a real actress are her most important qualities that defines Katherine Greene. So she's awkward, clumsy, and uncharismatic, that won't keep or stop her from pursuing her dreams in Hollywood. Katherine also can get down from all the rejections from the talent agencies, directors, producers and etc, but eventually cheers up after imagining herself being cast in a real movie. She actually doesn't have much friends either, except maybe for her roommate Lisa, a talented singer/song writer, that she's sharing the room with. Probably because she's socially awkward, even though she is really kind-hearted and down-to-earth, but then making it more easier for her to be manipulated and schemed against by other jealous aspiring actresses.

Positive Traits:
- Never giving up on her dream
- Down-to-earth
- Nice and kind
- Hard-working
- Positive and Optimistic in keeping hope
- Determination

Negative Traits:
- Awkward
- Clumsy
- A bit sensitive of negative comments
- Insecure
- Doesn't know exactly how to make friends
- Uncharismatic

Fatal Flaw: Awkwardness. Katherine really doesn't know the right things to say in certain situations since she was young. Often making it embarrassing for her and creating an awkward and weird atmosphere for others. This is actually one of the key factors to her being rejected countlessly by people of Hollywood, making it harder on her road to becoming an actress.

Biggest Secret: She doesn't exactly have any shocking big secret since she has led a pretty boring and normal life except for pursuing her dreams of being an actress. But she has never been asked out, or had a date with any guy, or a boyfriend before.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, Forever Alone, Hoping she'll be married by the time she's 30 after realizing her dream
Crushes: Some famous actors on a professional level, as she admires them for their talent and skill.

Other: Katherine looks good even without any makeup or hair products, but still uses them to boost her confidence.

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Winter ❄ (wintery) First Name: Kolton
Middle Name: Christian
Last Name: Hale
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Job: Singer/Songwriter/Model
Claim to Fame: Singer

Face Claim: Francisco Lachowski

Eye Colour: Hazel (light green)
Hair Colour: Dark Brown (Brunet)
Complexion: Tan
Height: 6' 1"
Body Type: Long, lean, and a bit muscular

History: Kolton was born and grew up in Michigan, USA with his regular Christian family, consisting of his Mother, Father, and Older Sister. In his Catholic Schools, he had always had friends and was pretty popular with people as he's very nice and kind to everybody. He played lots of basketball and was very good at it, but then realized that he doesn't want to be a professional player. Although he learns the piano due to his parent's encouragement, Kolton has never associated himself with music and being a singer. But when he went to a casting for models for a part time job when he was 15, he was discovered by a renowned agency. And so, he became a model at first, but the agency thought he would have a better future with singing rather than modeling, so Kolton had extensive vocal lessons to become a professional singer for a year. Kolton then grew a fondness over music from training, and learned the instrument of guitar on top of piano, had a much improved voice, and even wrote his own songs. When his debut album and single came out when he was 16, his single charted high on the Billboard Hot 100, and the album was certified platinum in the United States. All his next albums had the same or more success, with two grammies so far, and then Kolton Hale became a world wide star and is labeled as a "teen heartthrob". But with fame comes exposure, and Kolton is chased down every day by the media and paparazzi. It's almost impossible for him to have any privacy, and he soon grows paranoid over the presence of cameras when he's out.

Personality: Kolton is very friendly and nice, also adding on that he's pretty attractive and good at athletics, so clearly he is very popular in his Catholic Schools. He just seems to know the right topic of conversation when talking to anybody to make people happy, which he enjoys to do. Which also contributes to loving his job as being a singer and celebrity, as he could make others happy with his songs. Kolton is untrusting of strangers, and hates the media and paparazzi for constantly intruding upon his life and privacy. So it's hard for him to trust that people would get close to him not for his fame but for who he really is. He is actually very shy around girls that he likes, but doesn't have the courage to speak to them.

Positive Traits:
- Nice and kind
- Gentle and Sweet
- Friendly
- Loves his family
- Hard-working
- Popular
- Likes to make others happy

Negative Traits:
- Uneasy to trust unknown strangers
- Paranoid about media or paparazzi or cameras
- Can be a bit too serious
- Too nice and kind
- Demanding in his job

Fatal Flaw: Untrusting. It makes it extra hard for Kolton to bring new people into his life. As he can't really trust that people would get close to him for who he really is, not of his fame, or to get insider info on his private life and sell it to the tabloids. It has happened multiple times before, so it just takes a while for him to really accept someone else.

Biggest Secret: Kolton really hates the media and paparazzi, but pretends to be okay with the cameras and pictures for his image. He almost punched a paparazzi once for going too far, but didn't as his manager stopped him in time. This was never reported as the paparazzi was bribed and his camera's pictures deleted in the quick aftermath.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crushes: Skye Simmons :D

(view spoiler)
A medium sized black cross tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades
Other: Kolton is a faithful believer in Christianity since he was young.

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Hmmm. Kolton and Skye maybe?

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Winter ❄ (wintery) Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷTɪɴᴀᴛʜ Zᴀᴇʙᴀ~Iтѕ jυѕт вαd dreαмѕ, ѕweeтнeαrт, jυѕт вαd dreαмѕ~ wrote: "Hmmm. Kolton and Skye maybe?"

That would be cool, Kolton could totally crush on Skye but doesn't know what to do about it =)

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Winter ❄ wrote: "Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷTɪɴᴀᴛʜ Zᴀᴇʙᴀ~Iтѕ jυѕт вαd dreαмѕ, ѕweeтнeαrт, jυѕт вαd dreαмѕ~ wrote: "Hmmm. Kolton and Skye maybe?"

That would be cool, Kolton could totally crush on Skye but doesn't know what to do abou..."

xD Yay!

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Winter ❄ (wintery) [Under Construction]
First Name: Callia (Preferably Cala)
Middle Name: Sloane
Last Name: Calister
Nick Name: Cala, C
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Job: Socialite/Model/Actress/Singer
Claim to Fame: Famous for being famous

Face Claim: Cara Delevingne

Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Blonde
Complexion: Pale
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 105 lbs
Body Type: Tall, lean, and skinny

History: Cala was born into a wealthy family with her mother a socialite and her father a businessman whom bitterly divorced when she was 6 years old. And so Cala was often spoiled extravagantly and was indulged in her every whim from her parents to make her happy. She grew up in both New York and LA and had switched schools multiple times due to her disrespectful behavior. She started modeling when she was 16 years old by signing with a renowned modeling agency and had loved the work. But when she started to hang out with the wrong group of people in the New York scene, her partying had started to become regular headlines on tabloids, and Cala strted her love with fame. From this, she appeared on multiple magazine covers, played as lead roles in low rating movies, and released her own album. Her real break to fame came when she got her own Reality TV show where she shows off her privileges, money, partying, and good looks to the public. Since then, Cala Calister became a household name for becoming famous by being famous.

Personality: Cala is in short confident and knows how to use her looks to her advantage. She is often called a bitch from people who knows her by her self-centered and selfish traits either from simple talking to her, or by experience and taking it in the hard way. Cala has stolen her best friends' boyfriends not once, but multiple times due to jealousy and envy that their boyfriend is better than her ex or exes. Or she has either revealed her best friend's biggest secrets for entertainment to other friends or back-stabbing them. And of course, all her best friends had been very angry and mad at her, cussing her off and then resorting to bitch slapping, hair pulling and the such. So Cala often changes the spot of her best friend when she feels like it or has to, garnering even more attention and interest from the media to who her new bestie is and why she broke off with her last one.

Positive Traits:
- Outgoing
- Confident and Charming
- Fearless
- Bold
- Energetic
- Charismatic

Negative Traits:
- Self-Centered and Selfish
- Cold to people she thinks are beneath her
- Jealous and Envious
- Vain
- Back-stabbing
- Spoiled

Fatal Flaw: Drugs, Alcohol, and the Fame. Cala regularly abuses drugs and alcohol, and is addicted to being in the spotlight. These problems stem from her group of friends who are privileged like Cala, but also party hard, resulting in them all going to rehab multiple times. Cala too shares this experience, and it's not a secret to the public at all of how troubled Cala is. She also loves the fame and attention from the cameras and the public. Her family is exasperated at how high profile she is in the media, with all the paparazzi following on her relationships, lifestyle and legal issues. And Cala enjoys all of it, which can make the people close to her very angry.

Biggest Secret: Cala has recorded multiple sex tapes which surprisingly hasn't been leaked, yet.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crushes: None

Other: Cala smokes on a regular basis, not because she's addicted, but because she thinks it looks cool. She also abuses drugs and alcohol, and is known for her stints of DUI and court cases, and has gone to rehab multiple times from her court sentencings. Cala also has had many boyfriends and fiancés, but has never honestly loved any of them.

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Winter ❄ (wintery) [Under Construction]
First Name: Stefan
Middle Name: Will
Last Name: Spencer
Nick Name: Satan the Devil
Age: 34
Gender: Male

Job: Manager, PureTalent Management&Publicity
Claim to Fame: Manager

Face Claim: Will Chalker

Eye Colour: Ice Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Complexion: Pale
Height: 6' 2"
Body Type: Tall, strong, appears to be domineering, and a bit muscular

History: (At least 7 lines)
Personality: (At Least 5 lines)

Positive Traits:
- Intelligent
- Keen sense to talent

Negative Traits:
- Workaholic (doesn't really care about anything else)
- Stoic
- Silent
- Humorless
- Too serious and strict

Fatal Flaw:
Biggest Secret:

Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status:


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Winter ❄ (wintery) [Under Construction]
First Name: Paige
Middle Name: Lexington
Last Name: Falkner
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Job: Actress
Claim to Fame: Actress

Face Claim: Anya Summers

Eye Colour: Hazel (Greenish Gold)
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Complexion: Pale with a pink tinge
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type:

History: Paige was scouted by an agent when she was 10 years old, and has been in the industry since then. She was a child model for 2 years on various ads and acted as supporting characters in small productions. Until she had been cast as the main role of a very normal and nerdy girl in a sitcom on a popular children's network. The show was a major success and managed to run for 6 seasons in 4 years, winning various awards and had an excellent rating. Paige earned a name for herself in the industry from the show, and when the sitcom has ended, Paige wants to challenge herself to more characters and personalities in her career. But the public still only sees Paige as the sweet, normal, and nerdy girl from her sitcom, and so she's struggling with her transition from a child star to an adult actress. Although everybody still loves her, Paige is fearing that it won't be long where people won't like her anymore, now that she's older and taking on different roles. Although her family has been supporting her acting career all this time, such as moving to LA when she was 10, giving up on their jobs for her dream to manage and homeschool her, she feels they just can't truly understand or resolve her problems. Paige wants to leave from the protection of her parents to be fully mature by the time she's 18, and plans to go to college and find a new manager to replace her mom. But she hasn't told them any of her plans yet, as her parents will probably have a break down and would be really mad at her for thinking this way.

Positive Traits:
- Sweet and Cute
- Down-to-Earth
- Loveable
- Sympathetic and Kind-Hearted
- Easy to Approach

Negative Traits:
- Indecisive
- Over-emotional
- Can hold a grudge
- Timid
- Conservative

Fatal Flaw:
Biggest Secret: Her plans of being on her own and replacing her mother with another real manager. She doesn't want this revealed with her parents yet, as she doesn't know how she's going to say this to her parents.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crushes: None


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Winter ❄ (wintery) [Under Construction]
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:

Claim to Fame:

Face Claim:
Appearance: (No links, just photos)

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Body Type:

History: (At least 7 lines)
Personality: (At Least 5 lines)

Positive Traits:

Negative Traits:

Fatal Flaw:
Biggest Secret

Relationship Status:


message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Can we collab something with Stefan? XD

message 13: by Winter ❄ (new)

Winter ❄ (wintery) Course, which charrie do you have in mind? :D

message 14: by Morgan (new)

Morgan YAY. Well for my guys I have my FC's of Jonathan Keltz, Torrance Coombs, and Daniel Sharman Open ^-^ and no ideas for them yet.

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Winter ❄ (wintery) Well, Stefan could be their manager and maybe have a secret relationship with your charrie, the client at the same time. Oooooh scandalous. If you don't mind :P

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Morgan Haha sure ^^ I'll probably use Keltz or Sharman! Btw maybe my guy could just be arriving in LA and your guy used to be his older brothers best friend and he's already set up with a manager but Stefan personally requests him which he's a little wary and embarrassed about 'cause he used to have a crush on him??

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Winter ❄ (wintery) That would be really cool ^o^ I just need to get Stefan done. I think I'm going to set him up as a bit of a workaholic and stoic type of guy... AHH I'm going to have to get this done TT^TT

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Morgan Hehe workaholic always fun to distract those! Hopefully I'll have my guy up around the end of tomorrow or Tuesday, so there's no rush.

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Winter ❄ (wintery) Kay ^^

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