The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave, #2) The Infinite Sea question

Leah Heath Leah Nov 05, 2014 08:12PM
Who the heck thought the ending with Teacup was messed up? I know I did! What is Rick Yancey doing. What did all you guys think about teacup getting shot? Do you guys think teacup is really dead.

I think Teacup is dead. I was just so sad that Razor was used as a pawn for Vosch and that he died in the end.... I loved him and Ringer together :(

I believe Teacup is dead. Razor shot her because he thought that was the only way to save Ringer. Was it messed up? Well, war is messed up. It was completely shocking and horrifying, but at the same time the reasons for it happening were real. If anything, this just increases my respect for Rick Yancy.

I hate the ending, I can't wait for the next one. I am confused about Teacup.

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