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Since there's a demon and witch involved I would like to throw in the witch trials and have your character be the one no one suspected. During the time she had summoned the prince of hell and ended up falling for him. The rule for him though is that he can only be contained in a body for the minimum of 36 years. They've known each other long enough for him to be able to make her immortal. This means that shes trapped at the age of 23 and has to move often to avoid questioning. Anyways I was hoping that eventually the prince of hell ends up in the body of John Wilkes Booth (he assassinated prisident Lincoln) what do you think?

❆||Basic Information||❆
{First Name}Dustin
{Middle Name}Dean
{Nickname}Dean, Dust
❆||Birth Information||❆
{Birth Parents}
{Birthday}October 31st
{Age}3,000 years old but in reality looks 26
❆||Relationship Information||❆
{Relationship Status}Single
❆||Species and Abilities||❆
~Sexual allure
~Superhuman Strength
~Superhuman Speed
~Fire magic
~Poison magic
His personality all depends on who he is around and how they treat him. He is very cunning(smart) and can be a trickster at times. He is normally cruel and cold hearted to others but only because he doesn't like them. If he were around women he is kind, protective, loving and seductive. That's if she can get past his coldness and break through his walls. Most girls aren't that willing so he stays that way and kills them most of the time.
~Witches (view spoiler)
~Death (view spoiler)
~Having to die every 36 years of being in a human body.
Dustin was born to Lilith and Lucifer. He grew up knowing that he was going to be king one day but his main mission in life was to find a love worth making his queen. He knew that this would take forever because most of the demons in hell were male at the time. As time went by women started to show up too but he didn't like any of them. That was when his father granted him access to the human world but on one condition. He would only have 36 years to find the one for him. He started to do it when he was a 100 years old and each time he failed so he stopped for the longest time and told himself that one day he would be summoned to the human world by a witch.
❆||Appearance and Description||❆

{Hair Color}Black
{Eye Color}Hazel

❆||Basic Information||❆

{First Name}Dayna
{Middle Name}Jean

"The dreams always come back. I'm only happy because he's always in them making me feel so safe"
❄||Birth Information||❄

{Birth Parents}Ryan and Janis Legret
{Birthday}February 14
{Birthplace} Salemn, Massachusetts

❄||Relationship Information||❄

{Relationship Status}Single

"The love,danger and curiosity that has been the highlight of the rest of me."
❄||Species and Abilities||❄

~Can see ghosts
~Knows about the supernatural but chooses to play stupid
~Read,Speak, and Write in English,French and Italian
~Summon Demons

❄||Appearance and Description||❄


{Hair Color}Sandy Blonde
{Eye Color}Greyish blue

"I will always be experimental and adventurous."

Dayna throughout her whole life has been a very adventurous girl who is never bored with how she lives her life. She's also very curious one always getting into things that she's not necessarily supposed to.
She is loving and very kind to others once they get to know her. But when she first meets people she is always shy and reserved. She knows how to talk to people unless she doesn't feel comfortable.
She is always aware of others emotions and is very empathetic. She is understanding and really loves and cares others who show her that she can trust them.
❥ Adventure
❥ Traveling
❥ Boys
❥ Cats
❥ Singing
❥ Dancing
❥ Making new friends
❧ Spiders
❧ Seeing Shadow People
❧ Crows
❧ Girls who are mean

"I can't be how you want me to be because that would just make me fake like everyone else."


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Dayna Jean Legret sighed as she stood in the moonlit clearing. She knew that she had trained her whole life for the moment that she would be able to summon a demon.She didn't know what to expect but she hoped that she wouldn't be caught doing the things she was doing.

She knew it was very sinful to be stark naked beneath her red hooded cloak but she had no choice in the matter. She needed to summon the demon because she knew that eventually the town people would really start to suspect her.

With that in mind she quickly drew the pentagram out with white sand. This was going to be the most important part of everything for her. She needed to know that she was going to be safe and sound. Hopefully this demon will be understanding enough to help me. I don't care about the price I have to pay. She thought as she set the elemental pieces where they needed to be placed.

She sighed feeling slightly nervous as she untied her fastened red cloak. She let it fall to the ground and took the ceremonial bell ready to ring it. She rung it three times as she said,"Demon of mine please come to assist me. I know of the price I may have to pay and understand that I will be in your debt." She placed the bell and felt as wind began to blow around her.

Is he coming? She wondered as she stood there staring at the center of the pentagram.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments It was another day in hell, the heat not bothering him for the heat from his father a lot worse. It was another day of people dying and entering the gates of hell being sent to work for the devilish things they have done. It was another day of just the same old thing yes he was the prince of hell and yes one day he would be king, however none of this seemed fun to him anymore. He was getting sick and tired of the same old things, he walked down the darken hall way towards his father's study. His father was always up to date with the magic that went on up above.

"Hello father?"
"Yes Dustin come in I have some matters I have to discuss with you. So please sit down"
Dustin soon sat down and as he sat down a girl walked in she had strawberry blonde hair her eyes were a goldish color. Was she doing drugs or were those natural.  He was off in his own world just wondering why she was here.

"Her little sister is a witch just like her. Her sister wants to bring her sister back to have her help. However because she just died there is a lot of paper work and other crap she has to go through. The bottom line is you'll be summoned in a week better get ready Dustin have a safe trip."
With that Dustin got up and the girl with the strawberry blonde hair sat down in front of the devil himself. Dustin was going back to the mortal world against his will. Now he had to deal with a witch that didn't know how to do magic probably.

-Week later in hell-

Dustin was fully ready, he told his mother he would see her again in 36 years. It was always hard for his mother she had a tender heart. This his father knew and sometimes he pushed his wife too far. Soon came the hour of being summoned, he soon  appeared to her of course he got his black wings back they helped With finding a body to take over a lot more quickly.
"You'll catch a cold if you don't cover up."

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Dayna looked at Dustin not expecting to see a male in her sister's place. She collapsed to the ground because of the amount of energy all of that had taken. When she fell to the ground her heart started to pound in her chest and she shook a bit. This went on for about two minutes and stopped.

Once she had gained composure back she looked up at him and shook her head as she slowly reached for her red hood. She wrapped it around herself as she looked him in the eyes and asked,"Where is my sister?" She knew that this demon must have known a thing or two because how else would he know to show up at this time.

She stood there waiting patiently for his answer and shivered a little because it was a bit cooler at this time of day.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments "Ah your sister right. She just got to hell a few days ago there is still a lot of paper work she has to go through. Considering she was an amazing witch my dad wants her to work in the castle for him. So in order to do that a lot of paper work and interviews are done and trust me gets annoying after awhile. However totally worth it, your sister didn't want to leave you hanging and because I didn't have anything better to do your stuck with me I hope that's okay hun."

Dustin walked over to her and put some of her hair behind her ear. She actually did it right this time. She must have learned from her sister now he's seen two amazing witches that he's seen in a long time. Dustin knew he would have to take care of her and protect her he just didn't know how to really he wasn't bad or a jerk just untrained really.

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Angel of Life (Placed in Gryffindor) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) | 6176 comments Hey

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