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Be active.

**A photo does not count as an activity, only character interactions [such as paras] count.**

There will be an activity check every five days. If you have not been online for five days or more, a message will be sent to your account prompting you to either ask for a hiatus or that your just busy (we will allow a month of hiatus. If you wish it to be longer please message a mod and let us know). Please note that if you receive this notice more than three times, you will be asked to leave the RP.

You must be active with your first character for at least two weeks before picking up a secondary character.

Only ask for a hiatus if you’ve been active for two weeks or more.

Hiatuses are granted for active players who need a break, are dealing with real life issues, or are going on vacation, etc. Hiatuses cannot be granted if you have just started up a character of if you have been continuously inactive since just starting up your character (unless special circumstances apply; this will be left to admin discretion).

No god-modding unless you have permission from the roleplayer to do so. No meta-gaming either.

Godmodding is playing “God” with other characters, or controlling them despite them not being yours to control. Godmodding happens when one player says that another character does something in a para without that character’s player’s consent. If someone ever godmods your character, it is important to let them know, or consult your admin so that the game is fair for everyone.

Making decisions or creating actions in character with the use of prior knowledge that the player has out of character that the character would not posses. Choosing to do something with your character because of information you know that they do not. For example, giving your character knowledge that another character is in a secret relationship or hinting towards it in dialogue even though your character has no idea. It is vital that this is avoided in roleplaying so that plots and character development can happen fairly and accurately. If a player ever confronts you about your character knowing something they aren’t supposed to, it is important to be respectful of their plots and rescind the action or conversation.

No Out Of Character drama.
If you encounter any OOC problems, be sure to let one of the admins know and we’ll take care of the problem.

OOC drama is a big NO. Keep the drama in character, please don’t take anything seriously. We get that you might get attached to your character(s), but it’s a roleplay. Don’t take threats/hate/fights in character, to out of character. And please, don’t say ‘oh soandso makes me so mad’ or ‘ugh I hate soandso’ when talking about someone’s character because that’s just plain rude and you wouldn't like it if someone did that to your character(s), right?

Make sure large plots are checked by the admins first.

Any major plots — such as pregnancy, marriage, death, illness, becoming Enjolras and starting a revolution — MUST be discussed with us. If you are at all trigger by suicide or drugs or self-harm, then PLEASE let us know so that we can have a discussion with the other roleplayers so that they know to be very careful when posting anything related to that.

Spelling & Grammar.

Sure it’s okay to have the occasional typo but if it gets to the point where I can’t understand anything then no that’s not acceptable. Please try your best to maintain good spelling and punctuation with your paras and gif chats. You may not be the best writer but there’s always room to improve.


Talk to everyone! See a starter? Reply to it; what’s the worst that could happen? You posted a starter, but no one replied? Don’t worry! I’m sure there’s plenty of starters out there who people didn't quite reply to, either. It’s a chain; you get what you give. This one also applies for the mornings, when the topic is usually not as active because of the different timezones we all have. Just make sure to keep it going!

If you ever feel ignored, if you ever feel like you don’t belong, if you ever feel like your character doesn't quite get along with anyone, then please don’t worry. We’re always here, so you can talk to us about it. If it’s not roleplay-related and you just need someone to talk to? We’re always here and willing to listen to you and offer some support. Never be afraid to hit up our message box (whether it be the main or through our characters).

Para Role-play.

It is proven that paras help drive the plot of a roleplay. We encourage you to have at least one para going on each week and each para must be about two paragraphs [4 to 5 sentences] each. Please do not use one-liners as it is unfair to your partner to have to respond to a one-liner when they followed the rules.If written any other way it gets confusing. Journals and such may be written in 2nd or 1st but not paras.


Although this is a mature roleplay sex is not allowed in this group. Please keep it PG-13 for the kids! I really don't want to be reading detail on how your character banged some girl; if you do not follow that, then we will have to remove you from the group. Drug use on the other hand, is allowed. Just please don't get to carried away with it. You may not curse at your fellow members. If you do then you will be banned. But you can curse in the roleplay.

Triggers and Insults.

Another thing we’d like to discuss are insults that might be homophobic/sexist, because it must strictly be used IN CHARACTER and you can only use it once every blue moon, but only if your character is the type to use it. For example, if you were roleplaying as Clayton, it would be expected that he make comments like that every now and then to someone, but a sweet/kind character would never be caught saying such things. However, this DOES NOT mean we condone racial slurs (especially the n-word) so DO NOT use those AT ALL. Now, this doesn't mean that any of these words will be tolerated in the OOC post — far from it, actually. We won’t be afraid to discipline you if you’re caught using a homophobic/sexist/racist slur in the OOC (Out of character) posting, because you’re meant to be out of character and could really hurt someone’s feelings that way.

If you at all feel triggered or hurt by anything going on the posting, don’t be afraid to message us. We’ll have a talk with whoever might be upsetting you privately and resolve the issue as soon as possible; we’re here to make sure you feel safe and we’ll gladly change these rules at any time if you don’t wish to see this sort of stuff around here.

Leaving the group

If you feel at any time that you need to leave, then please message us and let us know that you’re leaving. You don’t have to tell us why if you’re not comfortable with doing so, but PLEASE message us if you really are dropping a character/characters so we can remove them from the thread. If you simply deactivate without any warning, then we’re left to figure out who you were and struggle with figuring everything out. If you switch your account out for a character in a new roleplay you joined, it makes you look bad and we have to awkwardly message you to ask who you were. Please, messaging us ahead of time will just make thing easier on everyone and will be much appreciated.

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