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Snape's hatred for Neville
J J Nov 05, 2014 05:38PM
I was recently going through a thread about Snape and somebody said that Snape probably hated Neville because Neville could have been the Chosen One. That would have allowed Lily to live, even if she was still married to James Potter (Personally, I think that if that was the case, Snape was hoping James would do something stupid and get himself killed). I think that this is a really plausible reason to explain the fact that Snape hates Neville so much. I'd love to hear your opinions, what do you think?

I didn't notice that Snape hated Neville any more than he hated the rest of the students. He was a miserable person by his own doing and it shows in the way he interacts with basically everyone.
The only one he had real resentment for was Harry because he represented everything he lost and because he looked like James. I don't think he gave that much thought to Neville after the fact.

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Chris G both are probably true. he was always reminded of lilly (as seen with his conversations with Dumbledore, as with his last words) but he must have also ...more
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That's an interesting theory. However, I honestly think it was because he was impatient with incompetance and really not good with kids. He wasn't exactly all that nice to the Slytherin students either. I vaguely recall him being sharp with Crab and Goyle a few times and even Draco. There was a lot I liked about Snape, but he really was a horrible teacher and probably never would have gotten the job if he didn't have such a key role in Dumbledore's plans.

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Snape was really nasty to non-Slytherin students in general, i don't think he particularly hated Neville. In moments where he was extra mean to him its more likely because a. He's Gryffindor and b. because Neville was friends with Harry

Neville in a potion's class was a disaster in the making. Didn't he explode a cauldron in his very first class?

That is a plausible reason.

I think the reason it seemed that Snape hated Neville so much was due to Neville's lack of confidence. He was scared to death of the man. And Snape wasn't one to change his behavior for the sake of someone else's feelings.

I think he hated Neville because he was an easy target to get his rage on, besides he, Harry, Hermione and Ron were the ones that always got into trouble.

Snap hated Neville because in the books, Neville could have been the chosen one which means that Lily could still have been alive.

It is an interesting theory, and it definitely made me think on it for a while. However, I do not think that he was particularly hard on Neville because of this. if anything, i think that Snape sees himself in Neville. A young boy that doesn't exactly fit in with his peers, is self conscious because of that and because he does not feel like he can have a lady friend to call his own, but is particularly good at a specific thing and has a great passion for it. He sees himself in Neville and pushes him the way he was pushed when he was young. As for Snape treating his students the way that he does, i feel like a lot of people have him all wrong. A lot of people say that Snape sees someone from his past in Harry, and it makes him bitter, cold and seemingly hateful. People assume this person to be James that he sees in Harry. His old rival coming back to haunt him even in death as some would say. Whoever might say this is correct about Snape seeing someone in Harry, but they are wrong when it comes to who he sees and why it makes him act the way he does. I believe that he sees Lilly in Harry, from the first time that he saw the boy during the Sorting Ceremony, to the last moment of his life. He sees Lilly in Harry's eyes and that tortures him inside. The love of his life, the woman he always had a place for in his heart, the one that he not only lost once to his childhood "rival" so to speak, but lost again a second time to the man that he was forced to work for, to murder for, and to eventually die for. He sees this woman in her son and it tears him apart on the inside. I cannot imagine the pain that this man went through throughout his childhood when he was being bullied, his young adult life when the one he loved was taken by another, and his adult life when he had to live with the guilt after her death. This is the reason that he was hard on his students (to put it lightly) and to be quite honest, who could blame him?

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