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message 1: by DJ =^^= (new)

DJ =^^= (debzee) | 63 comments Hi! I am from the USA but now I am with my fiance' in Dublin, Ireland. He is so heated about the Water Charges that are going on right now. He has been attending a lot of the protests and plans on attending the next one on Dec 10th...
I am still confused about why Ireland is so heated...since we pay for water in the USA. I have tried to talk to my fiance' about it but he gets so heated that it doesn't get very far. Can someone explain what is going on and why everyone is in uproar? I want to be able to understand and participate if it seems like the right thing.

message 2: by Caity, that crazy moderator (new)

Caity | 4434 comments Mod
I'm sorry- I don't know anything about it :/

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