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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments No, there wasn't anything specific that I wanted.

I gotta run! Be back in... two hours? Bye!

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Hey! I'm back ;)

Yes, I'm sure :)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Is it okay if I copy and paste a character from another group?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Well... I took a lot out because it was a Camp Half Blood Role-Play, but it's good enough, I guess.

❅ {First Name} ❅ Irene
❅ {Middle Name} ❅ Camilla
❅ {Last Name} ❅ Runelle

❅ {Age} ❅ 16
❅ {DOB} ❅ December 15, 1997
❅ {Zodiac} ❅ Sagittarius

❅ {Gender} ❅ Female
❅ {Sexuality} ❅ Heterosexual

❅ {Appearance} ❅

❅ {Eyes} ❅ Stormy gray, like her mother
❅ {Hair} ❅ Long, silky, black and smooth.
❅ {Build} ❅ Skinny
❅ {Skin Tone} ❅ Pale
❅ {Height} ❅ 5' 10"
❅ {Weight} ❅ 156 lb.
❅ {Other} ❅ She has a dimple and high cheek bones, but rarely smiles.

❅ {Personality} ❅
↘ Manipulative
At first glance, Irene looks innocent and sweet, but she's anything but that. She isn't afraid to use you to get what she wants and manipulates people all the time.

↘ Competitive
Irene is extremely competitive. She likes to be the best in everything and refuses to be second best.

↘ Revengeful
Irene has a thirst to take revenge those who have inflicted wrong on her. And she can hold a grudge for a long--long time.

↘ Smart
Irene is intelligent, logical, and witty. Instead of panicking in bad situations, she accesses it and tries to find a logical way out of it.

↘ Hostile
Irene is not what you call an "easy to approach" kind of person. She might look easy to talk to, but once you try to communicate with her, she'll turn less than friendly. Don't take it personally, though, she's hostile to everyone new she meets! It takes a while for her to grow on someone.

↘ Kind
Despite her unfriendly first impressions, she's very kind and caring if you're close enough to her.

↘ Arrogant
Irene thinks she's better at everything at everyone. She can't help it. She can't help comparing herself to everyone, either.

↘ Insecure
Even though she hides her insecurities with her hostility and arrogance, it's still there. She's always insecure about her looks and feels a little awkward around boys even though she's a Hunter. She never cries in front of people.

↘ Closed-Off
Irene doesn't like to get close to people, with the exception of a few people. She hates touchy-feelings and prefers to look strong. She has few friends, but she is popular among Camp Half Blood. The reason for her seclusion from the rest of the world is her sister, who died when they were both trying to get to Camp.

↘ Tough
Irene doesn't have sensitive feelings and it's hard to upset her, although that doesn't mean she can't get upsetted. She rarely cries, but when she does, she cries to herself.

↘ Ambitious
Irene likes to dream big and she especially likes being leader or having power.

↘ Stubborn
Irene is extremely stubborn, especially when she doesn't get what she wants. She'll continuously pester someone until something goes her way, but she refrains from doing this. Even though she's arrogant, she doesn't like to make people think that she thinks the world revolves around her.

❅ {Strongest Assets} ❅
*Hand to hand combat
*Throwing knives
*Shooting with bow & arrow
*Fighting with knives/daggers

❅ {Weakest Assets} ❅
*Throwing spears
*Using a sword

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dany (elothwen) | 0 comments

five feet, ten inches; toned/curvy build; green eyes
| Veronica Eden "Ronnie" Raineri |
| Age 28 |
| She is the epitome of what one may call a "badass". After all of her military training, she's gained many personality traits that otherwise wouldn't be as prominent. She's extremely intelligent, both with books and on the street. Another word to describe that as is "clever", since she can usually crack codes and solve puzzles. She's got a silver tongue as well, and combined with her cleverness almost always does she have a witty remark or comment. So she's pretty fun at parties (if she had the time to go to one), with her superb jokes and good looks. But don't let any of this fool you- she doesn't take anyone's shit and will gladly shut you up. She's used to being a leader, and used to getting her ass kissed. Can you say arrogant? Anyway, she's a caring person as well. She has come to feel for those who are hurt, but if you are beyond help or worse- a zombie, then forget about it. She turns cold-hearted. And yes, she is not the forgiving type. Ronnie is adventurous, and although she shouldn't be because of her profession is very impatient, so she loves getting out there and actually doing what she was going to do. She's a perfectionist, which doesn't help her arrogance or impatience much, so have fun trying to get by her with half-ass work. And don't expect to get by easily- she loses her temper quick and it isn't very pretty when she gets angry. |
| Veronica was born and raised in Italy, but her family moved to Las Vegas when her father got what the family called "The Itch". He, surprisingly, won millions, and the family made a great deal of enemies after that. So when Veronica was 17 and graduated, some of her father's associates recommended her to a recruiter, due to her personality and overall nature and skill. She joined the Marines shortly after, eventually climbing the ranks and becoming a Gunnery Sergeant. She was preparing to go to Fort Greely for further training and action, but then the apocalypse started, so she never got the chance. The virus caught her eight sisters, four brothers, and her parents; however, Ronnie was too well prepared for it. She travels the Mojave and nearby places, killing every zombie she sees, still aiming to go to Alaska, where the virus probably hasn't made it. |

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments How do you want to start?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Alright, that sounds good.

What length would you prefer me to do?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Alright :) I might reply a little late. I'm switching back and forth from Goodreads and Youtube right now. Downloading music illegally.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments

The skies overhead were gray with large, ominous-looking clouds. The sun was desperately fighting against the thickly formed clouds, trying to find a thinner layer of clouds to shine its rays through. It was useless, though--the clouds were so thick that Irene could only make out a distinct, yellow outline of the sun. The weather was chilly, due to the lack of sunlight, but Irene doubted there would be a difference in the temperatures if the sun was out. The only thing that would change if the sun was out was the gloominess in the abandoned city. The dark clouds enveloped the entire abandoned city in a large gray shadow and made the entire place look unwelcoming, if it was even possible to make it look more cheerless. The city had been abandoned for a long time, ever since the zombie outbreak. Irene could tell that the city--New York, it was called, she believed--had once been very active and busy. She had been there once, after all. It was a long time ago that she visited, but she could remember most of her trip. She remembered was the city was busy, always bustling with people as they jostled through the crowds, trying to get to their destinations. She could clearly recall the large, looming buildings that lit up like Christmas trees every night even with her poor memory of her old life. She could visualize the glowing signs that flashed advertisements and other such things every few seconds. She could remember all the noises, like the cars as they rushed through the crowded streets. She could remember all the smells, all the sights... Nostalgia quickly enveloped Irene, filling her with a strange warmth mingled with sadness. Memories...

Now, as Irene looked out across what was left of the city, it looked nothing like the magnificent city it had once been before. It was just a desolate mass of land, filled with clumps of dead grass and half-collapsed buildings scattered across the land. Everything else was reduced to dust, just like the people there... Just like the people around the world, just like everywhere around the world. There wasn't much left of the human civilization. Irene was sure that a majority of the human population was wiped out or turned by the zombies. She, as far as she was concerned, was one of the "lucky ones" to have survived this long. Pain stabbed her for a few seconds when she realized how many people--how many women, how many men, how many children--died before her. How many people died thinking that the future would be bright... how many people died with false hope. Lies. Everything. The government took everything for themselves and left the rest of the people out to rot and die to the zombies. Words couldn't describe how angry Irene was, but there was nothing she could do. The fact that she couldn't do anything to help herself or the rest of the living population was aggravating... it was unbearable. It made her realize how tiny she was--how insignificant--against the zombies and the government and everything else...

It didn't really matter anymore, though. Personally, she thought that everyone should accept that they were all going to die. We put up a good fight... Irene thought, but all we did was extend our expiration date. The zombies would get to us sooner or later. There wasn't a cure; there were too many to fight... Even if they did fight, and killed all the zombies--which was impossible--then what would the remains of the human civilization do? Start from the beginning again? Continuously reproduce? There was just no way. This was clearly the end, and the truth would hurt less once people started to accept that. They were just as stubborn as they were before the zombie apocalypse.

Irene shivered in her thin jacket, which didn't keep her warm very well. It was way too thin to keep the cold out, and it was too thin to keep her body warmth in. She rubbed her hands together and blew on them with her warm breath, trying to bring some warmth into. She knew it was important to do this, especially at night when the temperatures dropped seriously low. It was important to conserve heat, too. She glanced around her surroundings again, quietly scolding herself for risking so much. She was going to scavenge through the abandoned buildings for... anything, really. Anything usable. She was running out of supplies--fast. Clothes, food, all of that stuff. It was dangerous to be here. Irene couldn't be sure if it was completely empty or not... she hoped that it wouldn't be the latter. If it wasn't empty... and there were zombies inhabiting it... well, she was dead meat. She didn't have weapons. Even if she had weapons, it wouldn't be any use to her. She didn't know how to use any type of weapon, except for a gun... and she could barely use that effectively unless she was really close to the target. Like, really close. The only thing that got her so far was her wits, and that didn't really help her in situations like this.

Regret took over Irene as she rethought the possibilities of her ending up as a zombie... or a corpse. She bit her lip hesitantly, but thought firmly to herself: It's too late to go back. If she wasn't brave enough to do this, then... Well. She took a hesitant step forward from where she was standing, wincing as she put her left foot down, which still hadn't healed completely from the last time she twisted it. Another reason why this was a bad idea: She was injured. If something happened, she couldn't run. And then what would happen to her? But she couldn't wait for her foot to heal. Mustering more of her courage, Irene took a few more steps into the abandoned city, holding her breath as if everything would collapse onto her if she let it go.

Nevertheless, she took a deep breath and began walking deeper into the city without stopping. She was afraid that if she stopped, she wouldn't be able to start again. From behind her, Irene heard a crunch!, something similar to a person stepping on a clump of dead, dry grass. Horror spread over Irene--surely that was just her? Or her imagination getting the best of her. She froze. She wanted to move, but she couldn't. She was too afraid to.
Don't turn around. Don't turn around. Of course, she didn't listen to herself and turned around. A scream escaped her throat without her meaning to at the sight that greeted her. A zombie. A real live one. It was a good distance away, but the zombie could cover that much distance faster than Irene could with her injured leg.
Irene, you're such a fucking idiot, she cursed herself silently.

Irene was paralyzed, unable to move from the spot even though she knew she should.
Run. Just run! A voice in her head screamed orders at her, but she couldn't process them very well. Nothing in her entire life prepared her for this. Her logical side took over and she tried to calm herself, her eyes unmoving from the zombie, which stared straight back at her, its mouth gaped opened and its sunken, yellow eyes eying her face as if contemplating how to ruin it. Irene took a step backwards, trying not to alarm the zombie, but she ended up tripping over her own feet. Another scream came from her lips as she tried to scramble back up, but the zombie was provoked and was already beginning to come after her. Irene collapsed back down again and tried to crawl away desperately, but it was useless. There was no way she could get away... Irene watched in horror as the zombie advanced rapidly towards her.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments (view spoiler)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Wellllllllll. Do you want me to adjust it so it's in Las Vegas? I can do it because Las Vegas and New York are both busy cities.))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Two years is long, from Irene's perspective.))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((It's okay. I sort of made things up as I went along because I didn't have a lot of information.

Note: It's hard to type -_- I have three missing keys on my keyboard. All three are broken, so all that's left is the little ball thingy inside and I don't want to press it too hard or else it'll break and it'll be harder for me to get it fixed. Sorry if I reply late because lucky for me, the keys that are missing are my N, A, and U. >:())

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dany (elothwen) | 0 comments ((Do you still want to do this? Have to make sure before I reply))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((No, sorry.))

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