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Please fill out the following form to have your character be champion. Anyone 14+ years old may apply.

Character Name:
Character Age:
Character's School:
Character Personality:
Character History:
Why Your Character Should Be Champion:
Your Activity Level:

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Character Name: Ethelind Corra
Character Age: 15
Character's School: Hogwarts
Character Personality:
She is arrogant and tends to think she is above everyone else. She is ambitious, wanting to become the Minister for Magic or Headmistress of Hogwarts one day. She is often snide, and she likes to keep her image as a stereotypical Slytherin girl, even though she is only truly like that in a couple ways. She does not particularly like muggles after what happened with Elyse, so she does not care to understand them and generally thinks that they have no effect on her and her life and that muggles (not muggle borns) have no place in the Magical World. She is very quiet, and she doesn't tend to talk unless someone speaks to her first. She sometimes regrets the way she has become, usually when she sees someone or something that reminds her of how she once was. However, she would not change who she is if she could. She is also a very closed person and has a defensive attitude. People usually regret speaking to her after she opens her mouth. She is very studious. She also has a bleak look on romance due to her parents' divorce and her father's parade of girlfriends.
Character History:
Her mother is the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and was originally named Dindrane Lestrange. Her father was named Wigmund Corra, and he was a Slytherin and had the usual prejudices. Both were pure-bloods and forced into an arranged marriage. Dindrane's parents were in Azkaban until around the time she started school, and they did not regain custody of her. Away from the old ways, Dindrane was placed into Ravenclaw despite being the daughter of a Black and a Lestrange and a cousin to the Malfoys. Dindrane realized after Nelth's birth that she did not love Wigmund and that she could not stand him, and thus divorced him. She remarried one Jonathan Newman, a halfblood, and had a son, Ambrosius Newman, by him. Wigmund had a parade of pure-blooded girlfriends including Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkington before settling down with Zoe Accrington. They had twins together, a boy and a girl, who are five. Zoe is currently pregnant with another girl, who will be named Regan.

Nelth is positive that if people knew she is the granddaughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and presumably Rodolphus Lestrange, they would joke about her being the next Voldemort due to her dislike of muggles.
Why Your Character Should Be Champion:
+Highly intelligent
+Superb dueler
+Devoted to her work
+Advanced knowledge in core subjects
+Wandless magic
Your Activity Level: Almost the entire time I'm home (most of the time)

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