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Sirius and Tyler

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Hey! Okie is my thing! *gasps*

Idea One: A young girl's parents have recently passed away. She wants to go live with her grandmother, but the grandmother lives on the other side of the forest. The girl is sent to live with her uncle, who is constantly drunk. The girl endures two months of abuse from him before running away into the forest, hoping to find her grandmother. As night falls, she finds herself completely lost, and hunted by wolves. The guardian of the forest, a boy about her age, finds the girl running from the wolves, and saves her from them. He takes her to his home to care for her, and they slowly fall in love.

Idea Two: The genders in this one can be switched A great war between two kingdoms has just ended. To end the war, the kingdom Lorinea gave the Aurorian kingdom a group of their maids and servants to work in their palace. One of those gifts is a young and timid girl who has been taught her whole life to obey, no matter what. She is assigned to be the maid of the prince, who is quite rude to the Lorineans. The girl is not his first Lorineans maid, but all have requested to have a different job. But because of her upbringing, the girl endures the princes teasing. The prince eventually soften towards the girl after learning more about her, and the two fall in love.

Idea Three: A girl wakes up in a cell, not knowing how she got there, or who she even is. In the next cell over is a boy her age, who knows why she is there, and why is there, but refuses to tell the girl. Despite her frustration with him, they end up becoming friends, and falling in love. Although she keeps it to herself, the girl feels like everything that is happening has happened before. One day, she manages to convince the boy to tell her why she is there. He tells her that she is actually the ruler of a society, but there was an uprising, and her memory was erased, and she was imprisoned. Just as she learns this, she is taken away and her memory is wiped, like it was every time she finds out the truth. This time, the machine doesn't work, and when she wakes up, she remembers.

Idea Four: A vampire kidnaps a girl to use to feed on. Every night, he nearly drains her completely. However, his conversations with her before he feeds become longer, until one night he decides not to hurt her. His feedings become more gentle, and less drastic. Slowly, the two fall in love.

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sage | 493 comments Idea three definitely. That reminds me of a book I read.

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sage | 493 comments :<

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Crap sorry stupid notifications weren't working. And it's a mash up of many books.

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sage | 493 comments Okie, cool. Character Template or what?

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Name, age, and appearance... Is that okay?

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sage | 493 comments Straight :<

message 8: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ??

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sage | 493 comments Okay

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Oh...

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sage | 493 comments Would you like to be the girl or the boy?

message 12: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) I don't care

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sage | 493 comments Ookay. *~Making my person now~*

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sage | 493 comments *~ṉαṃε~* Quinton Porter
*~αģε~* 17

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Name: Tylia Pond

Age: 17


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sage | 493 comments So, wanna start?

message 17: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Sure.

Tylia is thrown back into her cell, unconscious. After she had learned the truth, she had to have her memory wiped again.

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sage | 493 comments ((Do you want it to have a lot of detail?))

message 19: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Not really. I mean, I would prefer movement and speaking, but I don't really care))

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sage | 493 comments Quinton was leaning against the wall, when he saw that Tylia had been placed back in her cell. Again. He covered his mouth to hide a smirk. He sat up a bit, ready to explain everything again.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia starts to wake, confusion flooding her eyes. She bolts up to sitting, looking around frantically. "Where am I?!"

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sage | 493 comments "Dungeon," He said inspecting his nails, an emotionless tone to his voice. The only light coming through the bars was the moon, and that just barely lit up the room. He could barely see Tylia's face, so he couldn't laugh at her odd expression this time.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) "Dungeon- Dungeon?! Why the hell am I in a dungeon?!" Tylia exclaims, glancing around wildly. "And... Who the hell am I?" She adds quietly.

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sage | 493 comments ((Does he know her name?))

message 25: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Yeah, since she was sort of an important person before the uprising.))

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sage | 493 comments "You're name is Tylia Pond," He answered, "Why you are here, I can't tell you." He said solemnly. "Not yet anyway, you just got back in your cell." He laughed, humor dripping from his voice.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia growls under her breath, annoyed as his laughing. "What does that have to do with anything?!"

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sage | 493 comments
Quinton smirked softly. "A lot, trust me, I'm helping you out." His mind started to wander as he began to talk mostly to himself but loud enough. "Too bad you got put in here," He said rubbing his chin. "You would've been..." His voice trailed off as he remembered. "Is that all you need to know or am I done here?" He said waving his mistake off quickly.

message 29: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) "I would have been what?!" She demands, glaring into the darkness.

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sage | 493 comments Quinton rolled his eyes, a small smile forming on his face as he heard the irritation in her voice rise. "Nothing nothing," He chuckled. He stood up, getting closer to her cell. "What do you remember?" He asked.

message 31: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) "I remember nothing. But if you know anything, you better tell me!"

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sage | 493 comments Sighing, Quinton laid back against the wall of the cell. He shook his head softly. "Go to sleep, before the guards hear you. Probably in the morning?" He said, as he raised an innocent eyebrow.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia growls helplessly.

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sage | 493 comments Quinton winced as the thought of her not remembering him pounded in his head.


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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia eventually falls asleep. Hours later, when the meals are dropped off for the day, Tylia starts to wake.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Do you still want to do this?))

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sage | 493 comments ((... whoa))

As daylight slowly crept through the tiny cracks in the concrete, Quinton heard the small rustle of trays being pushed sluggishly through the bars of the cell. Quinton's head shot up to glance at Tylia, studying her for the first time since she was dragged away. A tiny smile crept on his face as he saw her awake. "Mmm, it's about time. I'm guessing you slept well?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Yep. Whoa.))

Tylia glared at him, fire in her eyes. "Unless you're going to tell me who the hell I am, and why I'm here, I'm not going to even... Acknowledge you!" She knew it was a lie the second she said it, for there was no one in any of the remaining cells. Annoyed at this, she turned away, towards the slop they called food.

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Quinton chuckled, examining the cracks in the ceiling for the millionth time. "Good morning to you too!" He sang, wondering why his mood was so light today. "Since I'm guessing there's no way of getting you out of this... 'isolation' I'll tell you." He turned to face the cell she was in, feeling as if this were blackmail.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia glanced over her shoulder at the man, the anger in her eyes gone and replaced by curiosity. He was a complete pain, but the chance to know what the heck was going on was too good to pass up.

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"I'm Quinton, by the way," He smirked, knowing that he wasn't really going to tell her anything. It was to risky, but he could always hang the information over her head. Looking at her, he could tell that she really wanted to know, so this could be fun. "So, what did you want to know again?" He asked, with a condescending tone.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia let out a growl, turning back around and facing the blank wall, completely silent. Insults ran though her head, and she clenched her fists angrily.

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((I'm going to sleep))

Quinton sighed, looking at the ground for a few seconds, before smiling again. He missed this more than anything, she was probably angry, but it made life brighter. "So is that all you wanted to know, or are we done here?" He repeated mockingly, wagging his finger.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Goodnight:) ))

Tylia growled again. "You know! Shut up!" She shouted over her shoulder, glaring. Whoever he was, he was insufferable.

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"Are you always angry? I was just trying to help." Quinton retorted, pretending to cry. Slowly sauntering over to the food, he picked up the spork. Being in the prison long, you learned that if you didn't eat the food, you'd suffer. He shoved some food in his mouth, closing his eyes in agony.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia hugged her knees to her chest, trying to block out the sounds of the man. She would have to give in to his foolishness sooner or later; though. He was the only one in this place, whether or not she liked it.

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((Not that I know what being in a prison is like... nope.))

Quinton could tell that she was trying to ignore him, just by the way that she huddled. She really didn't understand why he couldn't tell her. But of course if he told her why he couldn't tell her, then she would try to find out more about 'who she was' 'n all of that. It's always the girls. He shook his head violently, desperately trying to determine what he should say to make her feel better, or at least like him at all. This time he was to casual about the situation.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) ((Well, I've been to school. Does that count?))

Tylia glanced over her shoulder at Quinton before quickly averting her gaze and focusing back on the wall. If he wasn't going to tell her why she was there, she wasn't going to talk- not even if it was torture for herself.

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((Haha! It definitely does!))

Quinton smiled at Tylia when he saw her take a quick glimpse at him. As she turned around, his smile diminished as quickly as it had come. Quinton sighed, massaging his temples. "Listen, I'm sorry." He muttered, examining the surprisingly cracked ground.

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Natalie Rose (natalieerrose) Tylia scoffed, but it was weak. She turned and faced Quinton, staring at the floor as well. "I don't think you're sorry." She stated, frowning slightly.

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