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As to be fair, all of the rooms for the selected are equally identical. Besides personal touches added to the room, you would not know the difference. This room holds a queen sized bed in the middle of the room. There are soft silk sheets and a mattress so soft that it feels like a cloud. Arranged on the bed, there are beautiful threaded pillows of all colors. As you look up, you notice the matching canopy falling gracefully from the ceiling the floor, all around the bed. Next to the bed, there is a small nightstand with a lamp and a few drawers to place personal belongings in. At the foot of the bed, there is a long trunk with pillows on it to serve as both a storage area and small couch.

On the opposite side of the room, there is a door leading to the bathroom. In the bathroom, there is a large bathtub in the ground. Arranged all across the shelves near the tub are many different types of soaps and shampoos, in many different scents. On the other wall of the bathroom is a large mirror in which you can try on different outfits, since the mirror in here is larger than the one in the room. In the corner of the bathroom, there is a toilet and sink next to it. Along with the tub, there is shower in the other corner, with towels next to it to dry off when you are done in the shower or bath.

Next to the bathroom door in the room is a large vanity table. Assorted makeup, jewelry, and other products are found on the top and inside the small drawers on either side of it. On top of the vanity table is another mirror, though it is smaller than the one in the bathroom. There are decorations of flowers and plants, even a bird here and there, around the mirror and vanity table. A small, plain chair sits in front of the vanity table, where you will sit as your maids prepare you for the day or special event happening.

On the other side of the vanity is a set of double doors. When you open it, you walk into a humongous walk-in closet, filled with your outfits. Currently, there are only around a dozen, but that number will grow the longer you are in the competition. Arranged on the floor are several pairs of shoes, all of which are high heels. Also in the closet are a few jackets, sweaters, and nightgowns hanging on the racks. There is also more jewlery and other luxeries found in drawers.

And last, but certainly not least, there is another set of double doors. As you open them, they reveal a large balcony high off the ground. The view is incredible, looking over the gardens, the field, or just a walkway. You are able to see the sunrise and sunset perfectly every day. Arranged on the balcony is a table with two chairs, perfect for if you ever want to eat outside, or just rest out there.

Enjoy your stay at the palace!

~Cassiopeia Ethel Cadbury
~Amity Fae
~Charlotte Maria Reese

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Anastasia swept into her room, eyes raking over the furniture. "I suppose it'll do," she muttered. She crossed to the vanity and smiled at the amount of make-up. She smiled at herself in the mirror, silently complimenting herself. She wouldn't' do it out loud of course, she wasn't that vain. After a careful observation of the clothes and jewelry, she nodded.Oh yes, this would do just fine until she became queen.

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